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Carnival of the Ascended 2013 Guide

By on Mar 8, 2013 at 3:25 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 11 comments

carnival guide title

This year’s Carnival of the Ascended is now well underway. We have games to enjoy, spacebars to wear out, and plenty of currency to collect. There has been a few new additions this year as well as some pretty hefty changes from last year’s Carnival of the Ascended. This guide will go over all of the reward vendors, carnival games, and the current activities, repeatable quests, and regular quests associated with the first two phases of the world event that marks RIFT’s second anniversary celebration.

Note: Since the event’s in progress, this guide is still a work in progress. I’ll update it as the next phases roll on out. If you notice we’re missing anything, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below!


Carnival of the Ascended Schedule of Events
carnival guide wheel of fate

Phase 0

Carnival of the Ascended starts off in Phase 0, where Sanctum, Meridian, and the dock area of Tempest Bay begin to undergo preparations for the upcoming festivities. Dragon Pinatas begin to spawn all over Telara, including most Storm Legion zones. Dragon Pinatas generally drop anywhere from 15-30 Glass Beads when they’re not grey to your level. This number varies on your character’s level and your level of contribution. By tagging a pinata right before it’s finished off, you’ll get considerably less Glass Beads.

The scaling of health on the pinatas is based on how many players are in the zone. If you’re specifically hunting pinatas in Storm Legion zones, it might be advisable to avoid Ashora when there are a lot of Great Hunts going on. Pinatas can also drop pets, wardrobe items, and other goodies from past world events. The most popular rare items seem to be items that were a part of the events no longer in the game as well as from Fae Yule.

Also at this time, the Carnival Candy RIFT Mobile app becomes available. The mobile app allows players to collect Glass Beads and the same rare pets and wardrobe items that appear in Dragon Pinatas. There are no mount drops on either loot table.

For a third source of Glass Beads and rare goodies from past world events, rifts, invasions, and zone events (including Storm Legion content) are also a solid source of these items beginning at this point.

Phase 1

In Phase 1 of Carnival of the Ascended, factions will begin to build giant floats celebrating the mighty dragons that the Ascended have defeated. Players can assist the float-building tasks by completing crafting dailies for their faction. Carnival game booths and vendors become available in Meridian, Sanctum, and the dock area of Tempest Bay. There are portals in Tempest Bay that take players to Sanctum/Meridian for easy access. The alternate Codex Warfront that’s called Wheel of Fate also becomes available. For more information on the various achievements for Wheel of Fate, check out our Carnival of the Ascended achievement preview.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, the Carnival of the Ascended parades kick off around Telara. New quests and daily quests become available.

More information on other phases coming soon.


Carnival of the Ascended Vendor Rewards

carnival guide vendors

As with all fun celebrations, the Carnival of the Ascended brings plenty of fun items with it for players to collect and enjoy. Among the new items added to 2013’s carnival reward table are dimension items, an anniversary cloak, a third mount, and new companion pets and planar masks. There’s also a new achievement for acquiring every carnival mask.

Now, some basic info on currencies. There are three currencies for Carnival of the Ascended this year: Glass Beads, Prize Tickets, and Auroral Doubloons. Glass Beads are what is found out in the wild in dynamic content, Dragon Pinatas, and from the mobile app and certain dailies. Prize Tickets are prizes from taking part in carnival games. Auroral Doubloons are a special, new reward for completing the weekly quest. The currencies, including Auroral Doubloons, are not account-wide. Each currency has different items it can be used for.

The large majority of reward vendors are still located in Sanctum and Meridian. There are some in Tempest Bay as well, but since all of the important vendors can be found in the faction capital cities, it’s probably a good idea to do most of your shopping there. The daily quests and weekly quests are also obtainable in Sanctum/Meridian. Here is a complete list of what each of the vendors sell, along with prices, vendor locations, and some item previews.

Shady Goods Vendor
Found in both Sanctum/Meridian and Tempest Bay.

Vanity weapons:

  • Riot Torch [1h] – 200 Glass Beads
  • Sharpened Scythe [2h] – 200 Glass Beads
  • Broken Bottle [1h] – 200 Glass Beads
  • Sharpened Pitchfork [2h] – 200 Glass Beads
  • Sharpened Saw [1h] – 200 Glass Beads
  • Calling-based level 12-50 blue/epic 1h and 2h stat weapons in the form of scythes and torches – 500-2500 Glass Beads

carnival guide shady goods dim

Dimension items:

  • Sloped String of Carnival Lights (pictured above in 1st square) – 175 Glass Beads
  • Straight String of Carnival Lights – 175 Glass Beads
  • Short String of Carnival Lights – (pictured above in 2nd square)) 175 Glass Beads
  • Carnival Lantern (pictured above in 3rd square) – 25 Glass Beads
  • Note: With all the above items, the lights only turn on at night.

  • Yellow Horse Figurine – 175 Glass Beads
  • Blue Horse Figurine – 175 Glass Beads
  • Green Horse Figurine (pictured above in 4th square) – 175 Glass Beads
  • Red Horse Figurine – 175 Glass Beads

Chef de Cuisine:
Found in Tempest Bay only.

  • Alo’s Amazing Popped Corn – 5 Prize Tickets
  • Alo’s Amazing S’mores – 5 Prize Tickets
  • Alo’s Amazing Pumpkin Curry – 5 Prize Tickets
  • Alo’s Amazing Honeyed Ham – 5 Prize Tickets
  • Alo’s Amazing Venison Jerky – 5 Prize Tickets
  • Alo’s Amazing Vegan Souffle – 5 Prize Tickets

Carnival Food
Found in Meridian/Sanctum only.

  • Corn Dog, Soft Pretzel, Funnel Cake, Caramel Apple, Cotton Candy, Watermelon Slush, Deep Fried Cream Filled Cake, Deep Fried Butter, Deep Fried Pickle, Turducken, or Chocolate Covered Scorpion – 1 Prize Ticket each & come with 5 charges
  • Alo’s Amazing Popped Corn – 5 Prize Tickets

Event Title Merchant
Found in Meridian/Sanctum only. Gives the following titles in parenthesis.

  • Writ of the Parade Maker (“the Parade Maker”), Writ of the Celebrator (“the Celebrator”), Writ of the Peacekeeper (“the Peacekeeper”), Writ of the Rabble Rouser (“the Rabble-Rouser”), Writ of the Warmonger (“the Warmonger”), Writ of the Planar Defender (“the Planar Defender”) – 1 Glass Bead each

Carnival Prizes:
Found in Meridian/Sanctum as well as Tempest Bay.

  • Dragon balloon companion pets – 250 Prize Tickets each –
    Choices include: Regulos Balloon, Crucia Balloon, Akylios Balloon, Greenscale Balloon, Laethys Balloon, Maelforge Balloon
  • Box of Random Artifacts – 150 Prize Tickets
  • 2 Year Birthday Cake (gives 20 Endurance for an hour) – 10 Prize Tickets
  • Dimension floats – 400 Prize Tickets each –
    Choices include: Regulos Float, Crucia Float, Akylios Float, Greenscale Float, Laethys Float, Maelforge Float
  • Balloon-totting Fluffy companion pets – 500 Prize Tickets and 25k Favor each –
    Choices include: Angry Fluffy (Maelforge), Wet Fluffy (Akylios), Rampant Fluffy (Greenscale), Greedy Fluffy (Laethys), Dead Fluffy (Regulos), Breezy Fluffy (Crucia)
  • Magician’s Kit – 500 Glass Beads (makes your head explode on a 20 second cooldown – pictured above)

Ascended Goods
Found in Meridian/Sanctum only.

  • Aurora, Tindrel, and Nebula – 3 Auroral Doubloons each (mounts are account-wide before learned)
  • Second Anniversary Cape (pictured to the right) – 25 Glass Beads
  • Valmera Cub – 50 Glass Beads
  • Wind-Up Pony – 50 Glass Beads
  • Anniversary Confetti – 125 Glass Beads
  • Guardian Fireworks – 250 Glass Beads
  • Defiant Fireworks – 250 Glass Beads
  • Elemental masks – 250 Prize Tickets for Air, Life, and Earth. 150 Glass Beads for Planar, Death, Fire, and Water. For previews of the masks, scroll down a bit in this article.
  • Update 3/14: The achievement for these masks is currently bugged, and does not always reward credit for masks obtained last year. The achievement is currently worth no achievement points since it’s bugged.

Dimension items (pictured below – click image to enlarge):

  • Carnival Pennant – 175 Glass Beads
  • Carnival Banner Arch – 275 Glass Beads
  • Carnival Banner on Posts – 275 Glass Beads
  • Race Pennant – 175 Glass Beads
  • Pageant Runaway – 1000 Glass Beads

carnival guide ascended goods dim

Found in Meridian/Sanctum only.

  • Glass Bead – 5 Prize Tickets
  • Prize Ticket – 50 Glass Beads


Carnival of the Ascended Games

carnival guide games

Games, games, games. What would a carnival be without games? All of the following games are repeatable, meaning you can do them over and over and over and… well, you get the idea.

Note: These are the current games. There may be more added in later phases.

New to 2013 – Memory Match
Found in Tempest Bay only. Pictured above.
Match the colored orbs 0/5 – 5 Prize Tickets

Balloon Stomp
Found in Meridian/Sanctum and Tempest Bay, but capital cities usually provide a higher chance of finding a raid group.
Pop Balloons 0/30 – 1 Prize Ticket

Ring Toss
Found in Meridian/Sanctum and Tempest Bay.
Toss the ring on the seacap 0/8 – 2 Prize Ticket

Mini Mounts Racing
Found in Meridian/Sanctum and Tempest Bay.
Win the mini horse race – 4 Prize Tickets

A weird old lady will also tell you your fortune if you click her shiny orb. This one’s free and doesn’t reward you with anything.


Carnival of the Ascended Quests and Dailies

carnival guide quests

Tales of the Ascended [Daily]
Obtained in Meridian/Sanctum.
This is a level 50 quest from last year that takes you to Shimmersand and asks you to defeat a special theatrical raid rift of sorts. The reward is 10 Prize Tickets and a random box with an artifact and some Glass Beads. I was able to solo it at level 60 with crappy gear, but the last fight did take a while.

Crafting-Specific Dailies
Obtained in Sanctum/Meridian.
These are what help your faction build the parade floats. Each crafting profession is a little different. Materials drop off mobs and nodes of all levels. These grant 25 Glass Beads apiece.

Visit the Floats
Obtained in Sanctum/Meridian.
One-time quest starter to get you to visit the float-building headquarters outside of your faction city.

Carouse at the Carnival [Daily]
Obtained in Sanctum/Meridian.
Participate in 3 Carnival Games 0/3
Rewards you with a Prize Ticket.

Clean House at the Carnival [Weekly]
Obtained in Sanctum/Meridian.
Win 50 Carnival Games 0/50
This gives you a Auroral Doubloon, which is the new currency needed for the three mounts. Yes, this is a different doubloon than the ones from last year’s Carnival of the Ascended. The doubloons aren’t account-wide, but the mounts are. This means that technically you can grab all three mounts this year by doing the weekly on three characters and sending the mounts to your main. Note: You’ll have to be level 10 or higher to get the weekly.


Update 3/13/13: Trion adjusted the rewards for most of the carnival games in today’s RIFT 2.2 Hotfix #3. The rewards listed in this guide have been updated. For quick Prize Ticket farming, there definitely seems to be more options now thanks to the slight, but helpful boost. Balloon Stomp wasn’t adjusted, but still remains the quickest way to earn Prize Tickets if you’re in a decently sized group. Otherwise, the other games that saw adjustments aren’t as bad options as they used to be. The Mini Mounts Racing game in particular seems to have grown in popularity.

Stay tuned for further updates as the event continues!

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

Laura is the Editor-in-Chief for Junkies Nation. When she's not writing long editorials or fighting apostrophe errors, she enjoys exploring multiple MMORPGs, getting inspiration for more long editorials, distracting big snarly things for her friends, and writing LGBT science fiction/fantasy.
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  • Brett Bazaar

    Is it me or do the masks seem really overpriced?

  • Krysan

    If your checking this, could you please tell me how you got this information? i just wanted to make sure that the mounts are account bound when you purchase them and not soulbound, before you “collect” them i mean

    • Laura Hardgrave

      I’m sure, yeah. The mounts from last year worked exactly like this, and other items like companion pets work exactly the same way (I’m always mailing pets back and forth between alts). As long as you don’t “learn” or “collect” the item, it can be sent to another character on the same shard/account.

  • Varius

    Guide should be:
    “Get ready to spend your $15 this month grinding hours upon hours of your life jumping up and down in one place with like-minded individuals instead of actually having fun. Make sure to encourage others to join in so Trion knows how much fun you guys are having and will re-introduce the same games/prices/payouts next year as well!”

  • Morrigan Roth

    The prices for some of these items are ridiculous. I’ve been playing since launch and am no stranger to rep grinds, token grinds etc… but this is getting silly. This is supposed to be a “yay, Trion!” event, not a mindless lesson in repetition. Disappointed.

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  • TehGBear

    To buy the Nebula Trindrel or Aurora mounts go to the Rift Store: Special Events Tab and there they are 900 little green diamonds (credits) each and the oooolala omg so awesome Castle Fortune is 1700. Also you can buy them with the Auroral Doubloons you get from the weekly quest the mounts are 3 of these coins each. The Dreamy Castle Fortune is 3 coins and 200 glass beads.