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Moonshade Pools Dimension Preview

By on Mar 15, 2013 at 2:10 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 2 comments

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The winners of Trion’s recent Joy of Dimensions contest were awarded one very cool reward– an early key to the new Moonshade Highlands dimension currently in development. This dimension, which is being called Moonshade Pools, will most likely be released in 2.3. It was held back from being released in 2.2 due to the lack of structural buildings inside the dimension. During the course of the Joy of Dimensions live stream series, dimension fans requested some of the tiny hovels found elsewhere in Moonshade Highlands. These hovels haven’t made it into the Moonshade Pools dimension the contest winners are now able to enjoy, but they’ll be there when RIFT 2.3 goes live.

For now, the empty Moonshade Pools dimension is currently up for public preview on the Deepwood shard. If you’d like to take a peek, simply search for “Moonshade Pools.” Keep reading to see a screenshot preview of the empty dimension as well as some information Faratha shared on the forums regarding item limits and the general size of the dimension.

Click on any of the following images to see the full-size versions:

Moonshade Pools is a rather large dimension. It contains the full snaking waterfall and a small area at the very bottom of it as well as the two levels of riverbeds. It doesn’t include the moss-covered building visible on a couple of the screenshots. One other cool aspect about Moonshade Pools is that the random lightning effects in Moonshade Highlands are part of the natural sky effects. Hammerknell is also visible from the distance.

Here is what Faratha added to the forum thread where Moonshade Pools is currently being discussed.

Originally posted by Faratha (Source)

Moonshade Pools is a Large personal dimension like Shoreward Island, Stone Flask Tavern, and Vengeful Sky.

Their item limits and level costs:

Level 1: 300 plat gives you the key and an item limit of 250
Level 2: 30 more plat for an item limit of 375
Level 3: 90 more plat for an item limit of 750
Level 4: 180 more plat for an item limit of 1000

That’s right– Moonshade Pools will have a maximum item limit of 1000 items. Dimension enthusiasts, get your bag space ready! Special thanks to our Joy of Dimensions winners for showing off the not-quite-final versions of this gorgeous dimension.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

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  • Nericu

    Now they just need to add banks and crafting benches to the dimensions and they would be actually worth paying that much plat for…..

  • Jesse Jacobs

    Japanese hot spring dimension(s), here we come