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A Guide to MODs and Modding

By on Apr 4, 2013 at 3:35 am, in Article  |  Comments: 14 comments


Craving for more, Junkies? You want an edge over your enemies you say? Well this may just be the thing for you, a quick “How To” on adding MODs to your weapon. This guide will get you pointed, excuse me…your weapon, pointed in the right direction to becoming a Modded monster.

Basic Modern Loot Chart:  Gray= Junk White= Common Green= Uncommon  Blue= Rare Purple= Epic Orange= Legendary

Here’s some basic tips to begin with that might help later on. One good tip is NEVER Mod a white weapon(bad move). White weapons are called common for a reason, Modding this basic weapon is a waste of time, scrip and a lot of Ark Salvage (the green currency). Ark Salvage is worth holding onto until you’re a higher EGO level. Later on, once you understand how to Mod weapons proficiently you’ll regret not having more of this currency readily available. Don’t worry too much about collecting it though, there is plenty to gain from adventuring.

Saving Mods for later weapons like purples or higher is a great idea, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from adding some minor Mods to their current favorite weapons. Let’s put it this way, want big bad toys? You’ll need a lot of the green stuff to make it happen, we’re talking 10k+. Another quick comment about Ark Salvage, if you have an over abundance of junk in your inventory and need space, don’t delete it! Instead turn it into Salvage, every little bit counts in the long run. The steps below will show you how to break it down.

On a side note, be sure you don’t have the weapon you want modded actually equipped, the game requires it to be available with all your other items in your inventory. Also don’t get frustrated, some weapons can’t be modded, and a lot of the real modding takes place at higher EGO levels. As you level up, more options become available regarding the Salvage Matrix, like being able to add Mod slots and later being able to have multiple weapons getting slotted at one time, which saves time when really getting into high level Modding. Later on in Defiance, expect to have plenty of salvage to work with, and if more is needed, consider buying a Loot or Salvage Boost from the online store.

Let’s start at step one — “How To Mod”

Once you hit EGO level 100 (the minimum to be able to modify weapons), go to your in game Character Menu — it’s the one where your always tinkering with weapons, vehicles, etc. Select the tab to the right of it called “Salvage Matrix”; this is your work station for all that is powerful! Once inside, you’ll notice a few things immediately — there are six option boxes, some of these will or won’t appear once you’ve selected an item to work on. Your first box will tell you to select an “Item” to modify. The next option is “Breakdown”; this selection is used to turn unused weapons into Ark Salvage. After that is “Attach Mods”, if your weapon has slots already on it for a specific mod and you own the Mod that can go there then you would select this and the game will then bring up the results for adding it to your item.

Next is the “Remove Mods” option, which is rather self explanatory — If you don’t like a equipped mod, this feature will clear the space to make room for a better one. The menu will guide you through the process and show you exactly what will happen when you select “Remove”.  The next option is “Retrieve Mods”. This option will completely remove all mods on the selected item and return them to your inventory so they can be used on another item. Last, we have “Add Mod Slots”. This is where your Ark Salvage plays a big role.  If you have a weapon that has no modification slots, selecting this option will add a slot to the weapon. This process will cost some Ark Salvage, and the slot it opens will be completely random. Because of this, it is best to make the slot, then buy the desired mod for that slot.

Each time you put a slot onto a weapon, there is a ten minute wait period for it to be built, so either bring a good backup weapon around with you or find an activity (or wait) that doesn’t involve combat — time trials are a good option.

Mod Stats 

A mod’s stats can be found above the regular item stats and the stats achieved from leveling up your weapon. Certain mods, like the ones called “Synergy Mods,” bring extra bonuses if you pair them together on to an item. You’ll find Synergy Mods in lock boxes or as a reputation reward from certain companies like VBI. Make sure they have the same name though in order to receive the extra bonuses they give. Synergy Mods are not too common and usually require some hunting in order to find matching sets, but they will give you anywhere from one to four additional bonuses for grouping them up properly. Synergy Mods are highly recommended for more advanced missions, as they bring the most bang for your buck. Buying one here and there and slowly collecting the right matching set(s) is the best plan in the long run, so stick to it.

Mods also have a level to them. You’ll notice it in the names, represented by a roman numeral “I, II, III.” This level system informs you of their potential strength over lesser mods. It is also recommend that you look for certain magazine mods that give elemental effects. You’ll notice these by their distinctive colored icon below the actual inventory weapon picture, but we’ll cover more details about that soon in our weapons guide.

Combine all of these tips and you’ll be more than ready to take on the mightiest monsters the developers can throw at us. Good luck Ark Hunters!


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  • RedAyngel

    Hi, thanks for your awesome guides and articles. Quick question, is
    it generally better to sell items for scrip, or break them down for
    green salvage currency? Whats harder to get / more useful later in the

    • Roewan

      It really depends on what you need. Scrip can be used for purchasing things from vendors, so if you’re looking to buy a new vehicle or weapon and have all the mods you need at the moment, sell it and rack up the scrip. If you don’t have the mods you’re looking for, and/or are planning on improving your current/future weapon(s), break them down for the salvage currency.

      • RedAyngel

        Thanks for the advice!

        • Gamer7

          Anytime :)

    • Roewan

      And I’m very glad you’re enjoying the site and finding the guides useful :)

  • Gamer7

    I personally sift through gear at the vendor religiously, I keep good possible backup weapons and then I sell anything worth around 500 scrip, anything under I turn into salvage. This system has worked great for me, I have over 30k salvage on me most of the time, more than enough to mod comfortably. As far as later on down the road, you’ll make lots of money selling items and gathering salvage just by playing normal. The scrip will really flow later on when you sell better weapons to vendors and salvage also increases on the better weapons, the game has a good balance. Thanks for the question, love helping my junkies! #Gamer7 “sent from my phone, pardon errors lol”

  • Gamer7

    I hope that helped, if not feel free to ask me more, I’m always toll’n ;)

  • Sean Boutcher

    One thing that seems to be an issue with allot of beginners is how to add mod slots, I currently have an ego rating of 77, my inventory is full of mods but I can’t add any mods, I don’t even have the option to add mod slots, yes I made sure they were unequipped, I heard you have to be a certain rating, or your weapon has to be a certain level but no one has an answer for that I think that should be the first thing too address in a beginners guide for mods. I want too continue doing side quests and stuff but that would mean selling all those mods I got to create space kinda stupid thing, or there should be some storage unit like most mmos have so this sorta thing doesn’t happen.

    • Gamer7

      You start modding at lvl 100. Sorry I didn’t respond to you sooner. If you need any advice from us, just shout on our most recent articles if you want to, that’s usually where I troll ;)

    • Gamer7

      If you don’t mind buying in game currency “bits” you can purchase the inventory increase at the in game store. The inventory does fill up fast, I bought two increases for myself, it helped a lot.