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Tips and Tricks: Vendors

By on Apr 5, 2013 at 6:33 pm, in Article, News  |  Comments: 2 comments

mod vendorHey Junkies! We’ve accumulated some great information on vendors — including those that are HIDDEN!

Hidden Vendors

Hidden/triggered vendors are located throughout the Defiance game, while traveling be sure to keep an eye out for lonely shacks and strange abandoned areas. Chances are if there are enemies around an area and they don’t seem like the usual random bunch on the roads or if they look like they’re guarding something, they are, so go and investigate these derelict buildings and long dirt roads. Exploring does pay off. Hidden vendors have triggers that must be activated before the merchant will appear on the map. Successfully killing enemies around a building in the middle of nowhere is normally how they become activated. So once again, shoot strange enemies and explore strange areas. Why all this, you ask? Are they worth it? Well, it just so happens that these hidden vendors sell three specials simultaneously (on sale items) and unique rollers and quads. They also usually have decent colored gear, but it’s all up to the luck of the draw. 

Watch this quick video from one of the favorite Defiance gurus. He’ll guide you to a few locales, but there are more hiding out there, Junkies. If you find one, let us know!

Company Vendors and Rep

Vendors throughout Defiance have various companies linked to them like VBI, Tool-works, or Soleptor. These  merchants, unlike the common vendors needing scrip to pay for their goods, require you to have reputation in order to buy their items. If you want a good rapport with these groups, you’ll need to fulfill contracts. To find your contracts, go to the multiple menu select screen (not character menu) and take a look at your “Goals/Pursuits.” This category will show you what tasks you’ll have to complete in order to get the reputation needed to shop at these vendors. These Contracts are time sensitive, so they are an active updating quest list so to speak. Expect contracts to be due anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days from their acceptance. When you notice your screen start taking inventory of enemy items like chain, medicine or other strange things, don’t be scared — it just means a contract is active and you’re fulfilling it by killing the enemies.

Gather these rep points and choose a vendor. Company vendors are usually located next to a regular vendor so look at the game map, and if there are two vendors next to each other, zoom down on them and they will have a company name appear when the cursor goes over the vendor icon.  If it isn’t company owned, it will just say merchant. Note that company vendors are mainly in the “Marin” area of your map. The map will tell you what area you’re browsing in the top left corner of the map display. The Echelon company is your multi-player vendor; this merchant truck is loaded with goodies, but they make you earn it. Look at the bottom of your contract list to see Echelon’s reward requirements. These usually have actions like play 5 times on a certain PvP map or get 10 head shots. If your not quite ready for PvP but you want to try, check our previous Tip/Tricks out for PvP ideas. 

Ok, good talk! Now get back out there and game on. Be sure to check back with us junkies…Like us, Share us, ReTweet us!

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