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Mage Guide: A DPS Spec for Dungeons and Raids

By on Apr 11, 2013 at 11:20 am, in Article, Guides, RIFT  |  Comments: 12 comments

Mage Fire2

I’ve been working on a DPS spec for level 60 dungeons.  The one found below has moderate mobility and very good DPS without having to worry about controlling a pet.  I never like to quote DPS numbers because it varies by equipment, mob/encounter type, etc. but for those that are interested I can usually get at least 7K sustained DPS in an expert level 60 dungeon against a boss with a fair bit of movement mechanics.

Please post up your questions and comments on this build.  I won’t pretend to have all the answers so if you see something that might work a bit better in the rotation, point distribution, or anything else then speak up. The only way we will all learn to get the most out of our class is if we share ideas, macros, and tactics.

Pyromancer Build
61 Pyro / 7 Harb / 8 Archon

Soul Configuration
My goal with this configuration was to maximize my Spell Power and damage. The best way to do that with any soul configuration is to use Harbinger as one of your souls and drop 5 points into Eldritch Knowledge to get the 10% Spell Power increase. For my Mage that means a boost of about 340 Spell Power. I also chose Archon to boost damage by 5% with five points in Soul Fire and three points in Pillaging Stones to get the Wisdom and Intellect boost during combat.

Ok, enough about the numbers. I don’t want to make this a math class so let’s get on to the good stuff and talk about the buffs.  For this build there are five buffs that should be used.  Most last one hour, but there is one that lasts five minutes so you can either cast it occasionally or drop it completely from your buffs.  The buffs that I run are Glyphs of Power, Pyromancer’s Aegis, Flaring Intellect (Intellect buff for the raid), Lightening Blade, and Shared Vigor (Endurance buff for the raid).  If you have others in your group that are buffing for Endurance, or any other stat, be sure you compare notes on who is casting what before you start running the dungeon or raid.  As a rule of thumb no two buffs for the same stat will stack and it would be a nuisance to overwrite an hour long buff from another player with a 5 minute one. That would add another thing for you to keep track of in your rotation and we should try to avoid needlessly overcomplicating rotations.

You’ll notice on each of the macros listed I have placed Fireball at the end.  This is because occasionally during battles it will get so heated that it is easy to be pressing the wrong button.  Rather than build a macro with only cooldown based spells I added Fireball to the end of each one so that in those events where everything is on cooldown I am still doing damage till I realize “duh I’m on the wrong key”.  Another benefit of this is that most of the casts before Fireball are instant casts so once you start the 2 second cast of Fireball you know that you’re done with that macro and can move to the next.

Your spam macro will be the one I labeled “FB Prime”.  Notice that there’s an interrupt in there (Scorch) which I tossed in for our fight with Jultharin.  Yes, you don’t really have control over when the interrupt is popped, but if you are not on interrupt duty it’s kind of nice to have it in there just in case.  Plus, it’s only a 10 second cool down.  If you want more control of interrupts or you are on interrupt duty then pull scorch out of the “FB Prime” macro.  I usually run my “FB Prime” macro without Scorch included so that I have more control over the interrupt. Whether or not you leave Scorch in your macro is up to you, but don’t forget that you have a backup interrupt called Flashfire at your disposal as well.

FB Prime

#show Countdown
cast Prime
cast Flame Bolt
cast Countdown
cast Scorch
cast Fireball


#show Fulminate
cast Fulminate
cast Fireball


#show Withering Flames
cast Withering Flames
cast Fireball


#show Fusillade
cast [notactive] Internalize Charge
cast Fusillade
cast Fireball



Primary Bar
1) Searing Vitality
2) Pillaging Stone
3) FB Prime
4) Fulmin8
5) WF
6) Fusillade
7) Cinder Burst
8) Flame Volley
9) Inferno
0) Internalize Charge
-) Fire Storm
=) Backdraft

Secondary Bar
(left to right with numbering just for reference)
1) Burning Shield
2) Heat Wave
3 Extinguish
3) Scorch
4) Flashfire
5) Target Macro (macro content changes depending on dungeon)
6) Break Free
7) Flicker

Rotation on this build can be as simple or as complex as you want.  How complex you go will directly impact how much DPS you put out, but even an “easy rotation” will do respectable DPS.  A few things to note before we go on, you should only use Heat Wave when all of your big macros are on cooldown (Primary spell bar macros 4, 5, 6, and 8 as well as your Extinguish).  This will maximize your potential for DPS while not wasting Heat Wave since it has a 2 minute cooldown.  Also, the whole goal of a Pyro mage is to make the best use of your Combust stacks as possible.  I tried to make this rotation take that into account so that you do not have to think about refreshing or keeping up Combust since there are so many other things going on in a level 60 dungeon.

Another tidbit of information, the “Fulmin8″ macro only becomes available when your charge meter is at or near 100% (since Fulminate consumes 100 charge) and of course Fulminate has to be off cool down which is 45 seconds.  Sadly we cannot turn on Internalize Charge before we cast Fulminate because doing so would drop our charge below the 100 required to cast Fulminate.  However, it is easy to build up a charge so be sure to look for other opportunities to use Internalize Charge to boost your DPS output.

You want to try to always keep your Searing Vitality and Pillaging Stone buffs up and don’t forget about the Shared Vigor either.  All of these last 5 minutes and you must be in combat to refresh the Searing Vitality and Pillaging Stone.  If you have trouble keeping track of the time left on your buffs then I would highly recommend using the add-on called KaruulAlert.  It allows you to customize alerts for different events and is invaluable in keeping track of when opportunities proc or how much time is left on certain buffs.  If you decide to use Karuul to monitor abilities you can import the text below into Karuul in order to get a baseline set of alerts for Cinder Burst, Pillaging Stones, and Searing Vitality.

Karuul Alert Monitors


OK, so let’s talk about the rotation.  The basic rotation goes as follows:

  1. Searing Vitality
  2. Pillaging Stones – cast 5 times to get the maximum stack
  3. FB Prime macro – cast until Fireball begins to cast
  4. Fulmin8 macro – if you have enough charge, if not then cast when charge is available
  5. Flame Volley
  6. FB macro – spam till charge is built back up
  7. WF macro – once charge is above 50%
  8. FB macro – a couple more times to build a little charge
  9. Fusillade macro
  10. Extinguish
  11. FB macro spam – to get your 5 fireball instant casts in
  12. Heat Wave – to reset cooldowns
  13. Repeat the rotation – skip Searing Vitality and Pillaging Stones unless they are close to expiring

As the enemy gets below 30% you should toss Inferno into the mix and if the instant cast Cinder Burst opportunity proc is available then use it.  However, you should NEVER cast Cinder Burst any other time because the cast time is far too long and you will likely die from ground AOE before you get the spell off.

Don’t forget that if you get snared or slowed you have both Break Free and Flicker to help you out. Be careful using Flicker since you don’t want to appear right in the middle of some mob or in front of a boss that cleaves.

Finally, you have the end of the primary spell bar (0, -, and =) which will give you a modest AOE ability without having to switch specs.  Be sure to hit Internalize Charge (IC) before you cast an AOE. While you are channeling your AOE you can hit Internalize Charge again to turn off IC and save your charge.  The cool thing about this approach is that if IC is on when you begin your AOE cast your whole cast will realize the benefit of the IC boost even if you turn IC off after you begin the AOE cast/channel.




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  • Samuel Serafim

    Very nice. This guide helps a lot when a soul had considerable changes.

  • PhaseBurn

    Can’t wait to try this on my mage! Thanks so much!

  • Malcolm Swoboda

    Might be…years til I try a mage again (main is Rogue, new Guardian alt is Cleric), but if I do, I’ll try to remember this :)

  • Not_IonCannon

    7K sustained DPS! Thank god someone posted a spec and guide showing us how to hit 7k DPS.

    • Samuel Serafim

      7K seens very low.

      • Not_IonCannon

        It is low. Next time I’ll include [sarcasm] [/sarcasm] tags when I mock the author about a spec he uses to pull 7k DPS in Heroics.

        • Samuel Serafim

          Lol. I hadnt tested but 61 pyro seens impossible to make only 7k.

  • alltoreup21

    Fulmin8? Really?

    Go Lock and blow this out of the water with better target switching, more mobility, and an easier rotation.