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Tips and Tricks: Weapon guide Part II (Legendary tips)

By on Apr 12, 2013 at 9:00 am, in News  |  Comments: 15 comments

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Ok Junkies, you asked for more so here you go! More weapon info and tips to help you out in Defiance. Thank you for your comments and input and I hope this helps. Let’s start off slow with some basics and work our way up to how to get  those legendary items and what the difference is between regular and epic loot. Sound good!? Hope so.

Item color chart



Loot is classified in this order from least to greatest in rarity. Loot includes weapons, shields, grenades and mods.  Below is a breakdown of the weapon colors and what to expect with each.

White — (Basic) –(250 Salvage) These items are everywhere! They are the most dropped item from enemies. (usually has less mod slots available and no bonuses, sometimes you’ll find versions that can’t be modded)

 Green — (Decent) – (500 Salvage) Very common at vendors, these are slightly above white items (has the same stats as its white counterpart, plus one small bonus like x0.90 reload)

Blue – (Better) – (750 Salvage) Not too hard to get and still available at vendors (has a stronger or better bonus than green items, but stats are still the same)

Purple – (Great) — (1,000 Salvage) Much harder to get then the other items, these can be purchased from the faction vendors using reputation points, they are a great reward for completing the reputation challenges(EGO 250 needed for contracts, see other weapon guide for company vendor loacations)  Purple items can also be found in the lockboxes, tier 3 has a really good chance for them. Purple items come with a synergy bonus and two other weapon modifiers. (varies)

Orange – (Best) – (1,250 Salvage) Highly unlikely! (1% chance) These items and especially weapons are legendary, they come with several mods already equipped and can still be upgraded with four more mods. Tier 4 lock boxes supposedly have the best chance for these items (Trion), but don’t get discouraged with the lockboxes, the chances of receiving an Orange item are extremely small.  Orange items come with a synergy bonus and three other various modifiers.

Note: Investing in Tier 3 (24keys) lockboxes has a great yield of rare items and is cost effective over Tier 4 (64 keys). The chances of an orange are very rare, but they are there.

Personal Note: If you really want to enhance your odds of rare items, invest in the Loot boosts. With a group of four people all having “Group Loot boost” on, as well as having “Clan Loot boost” and “Individual Loot boost,” your chances are greatly increased. Also keep an eye on your EGO upgrades, they’re several that increase your chances of loot drops. Stack all these things up and you’ll be swimming in Orange…

Weapon Tips Part II

Weapons come in tons of different forms and all have various stats on them, but your EGO rating doesn’t directly affect the damage of them — weapons level 1 will have the same damage as a level 689. The big difference in weapons at a higher level is the bonus they receive once their XP bar has been filled. At higher EGO, levels there’s also a better chance of getting stronger bonuses (once maxed in XP). Since higher damage is usually what is sought after, rely on the colors. The rarer the weapon, the more bonuses that type of weapon will have on it, including DMG percentage upgrades. Weapons gain their XP by the amount of damage they do, that’s why their XP bars are so large.

As far as the BMG is concerned, it has one difference in terms of its experience gains. BMG’s allow XP gain from healing allies, so if your outnumbered, try backing up and letting your buddies get some action while you heal them and level your weapong. Finally, a great trick if your eager to power level your weapons is to use the “Overcharge” EGO Power. By utilizing this power, you increase damage output, which in turn builds weapon XP faster. Also, if you’re using explosive weapons you can add one of the small perks to your main power called “Pinata” thsy will give you a higher loot chance (+3% maxed) on explosive kills. These two tactics combine to give you a great upper hand in leveling and loot drops. It’s important to note that melee does not gain XP for your weapon at this time, so use those weapons!  

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Back to grinding on Defiance now, gathering more info for my loyal followers!! Til’ next time Junkies!

  • Speshal K

    Are there orange level mods as well? Also, how worthwhile do you think it would be to wait to get full orange mods for an orange gun?

    • Gamer7

      I personally have not seen one but I see no reason for them not to exist, all the other items/mods follow color suit.
      I wouldn’t hold out at all. Slap some good mods on your orange while you wait forever for better ones. I would always keep an eye out for good mods now for when you do find your favorite weapon in orange (good Suns)

      • Gamer7

        Good syns*

  • TheredTopHatGangster

    I want an orange shotgun I’d pay well

    • nif

      i got one Nifinit is gamer tag wil swap for 32 key cards

  • Yay!

    i got an orange magnum on the 3rd day :) get 1kill on 99`s if headshot :)

  • tbp ecoxsniper

    i got a orange grenade fragnova in lock box

  • Gamer7

    Quick tip: if your totally dying to get an orange and your having no luck with the lock boxes, try the forums. There’s a huge Defiance sub market for buying and selling oranges. Be careful and check the stats though, don’t get ripped off PBA deceptive weapon, they usually start at 35-40k scrip and jump up depending on the demand.

  • Shreddi

    Thank you very much. So when making room in inventory we should throw out/sell the white lower level first? Thanks again. imo the level/color system is a mess. I have lower level whites doing more dps then higher level of color.

  • Steve Mount

    hit a 216 lego out of a green lokbox it was a its called the frc assault carbine. got it max xp plus the three attachments the thing is still bad ass compared to 689 blue gear

  • TheDoctorRJ

    Anyone trying to sell me a org sniper or assault rifle?

  • TheDoctorRJ

    In game name is