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Elrar Previews Defiance Hellbug and Raptr Pets

By on Apr 13, 2013 at 11:10 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 4 comments

thunderdome stream title

During Trion’s Friday live stream extravaganza yesterday, Elrar and UnloadedUT hosted a second Dimensional Thunderdome event that took place in the new Moonshade Pools dimension on the PTS. Dimensional Thunderdome is, well, pretty awesome, and definitely worth the watch if you missed the live stream. Dimension-building experts facing off on teams to see who can build the coolest random-object-in-a-hat? Entertainment at its RIFTiest.

One highlight of the show was Elrar stealthily throwing in a preview of a new vanity pet coming to RIFT. Raptr users will immediately recognize the little guy who’s previewed above in the title image. Yep, that’s the Raptr raptor! Now, if you’re unfamiliar with Raptr, it’s this nifty gaming site and software that’s free and can be used to connect with other gamers, share screenshots, news, etc., and track your gaming time. Raptr often pairs up with game companies like Trion to give away in-game goodies and promotions as a reward for being a member of Raptr.

In the past, Trion’s given out Raptr RIFT rewards such as the Smithy goggles and even a few copies of Storm Legion. It sounds like this little guy is going to also be a Raptr reward in the near future. Elrar didn’t offer out any specifics during the live stream, but he mentioned we’d hear more about the Raptr promotion in the coming weeks. And yes, before you ask, the little guy is named Raptr. I… think I want a whole herd of them suddenly.

Another highlight of the live stream was getting to see our RIFT dimensioneers come up with cool designs for Hellbugs like this one:

dimension thunderdome hellbug

Elrar conveniently used that opportunity to sneak in this little guy:

hellbug pet

That’s a preview of the Hellbug pet we’ll be gaining access to in the near future. He’s actually fairly large as vanity pets go, and his running animation is pretty adorable. Well, for a Hellbug, anyway. Here’s what these baddies look like in Defiance, by the way, if you haven’t checked out Trion’s recently-released MMOTPS yet.

Elrar didn’t disclose many details about what will be required to grab the Hellbug pet, but there is a new achievement on live shards that suggests we’ll also be seeing Hellbug and Defiance-inspired rifts and enemies. Presumably, the pet, rifts, achievement, and aforementioned Hellbug mount will be connected. The following achievement can be found in the Planes –> Fire achievement section:


Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

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  • Malcolm Swoboda

    Hate to say this, but Rift would be better with a pet battle system than WoW.

    My Lv 10 Hellbug uses Swipe!