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Tip of the Day: Episode 1 Pursuit Tips

By on Apr 16, 2013 at 9:00 am, in Buzz  |  Comments: 4 comments

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Along with last night’s premiere of the first episode of the Defiance television show, Trion removed the first prequel-of-sorts Episode Mission and added in a new “Episode” pursuits category. So far, both Episode 1 and Episode 2 pursuits are viewable and obtainable. The Episode 1 pursuits directly correspond with the Armistice holiday that is being celebrated in the city of Defiance during the first episode of the TV show (there are also random fireworks in-game!).

To complete the new Episode 1 pursuits, you’ll need to set 10 lights free, discover a set of new data recorders having to do with the forming of the Armistice, protect wandering Pilgrims throughout the game, and kill some enemies in San Francisco as well as turn 10 lights on. The lights are pretty easy to find around most of the Fast Travel areas, area entrance points, and supply vendors. You can use the same one more than once and they respawn pretty quickly.

The wandering Pilgrims are part of a new roadside event that was added yesterday. This new event can take place in many of the different roadside event locations, so it’s rather hard to pinpoint when it will occur. Your best best is to probably drive around in the general areas for each of the pursuits and hope you’ll run across the event. For the last bit in San Francisco, mutant grenadiers also count for the portion that requires you to kill mutant minigunners. If you’re having trouble finding some, check the Mutant District that’s located south of the overpass and kill off the first wave of mutants to get the minigunners to spawn.

Here are the locations for the Episode 1 data recorders:

1. “Senator Gray and the Armistice” – Located at South Radio Tower, which is in the southern area of Mount Tam. Check the first map in the image below. The actual recorder’s on the second level of the tower, next to a computer.
2. “Ara Shondu the High Council Aide” – Located at Shondu’s Consulate, right next to the Von Bach Industries vendor.
3. “Final Draft” – Located at The Crater, on a table next to Cass, who hangs out behind the bar and vendor area.
4. “Senator Gray’s Resignation” – Located at Sutro Tower which is in the central area of San Francisco. Check the second map (the waypoint) in the image below for an approximate location.

south tower

Stay tuned for a few Episode 2 pursuit hints tomorrow. Also, keep in mind that like the first Episode Mission, this content will only stay in the game temporarily as the episodes continue to air. The goal here seems to be to keep the timelines of both the game world and TV show world consistent with one another. So get ‘em done soon if you’re one of those “grab ALL the achievements and/or pursuits!” types of gamers.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

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