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Highlights from the Raptr Defiance Q&A

By on Apr 18, 2013 at 10:00 am, in Buzz  |  Comments: 2 comments


Defiance‘s Executive Producer Nathan “ennsta” Richardsson and Community Manager Lance “Myll_Erik” James took some time yesterday to hold a Q&A session with the Defiance community over on Raptr. You can read through the complete Q&A session (which is fairly long) or check out our quick highlights roundup below. A few new information tidbits were uncovered during the course of the interview. Keep reading to take a look!

Note: We’re just going to list a handful of the most interesting questions as well as their provided answers. Some questions have been paraphrased for quick reading. Both developers took turns in answering questions.

How much impact will the players have on the TV series? Is it simply going to be a matter of if X percent of players do Y event, then outcome Z in the TV show? Or will there be opportunities for players who like to RP to have a deeper, more significant impact on the show? Secondly, what’s the plan for the video game when the TV show is in between seasons? Will content releases lull, or are there plans to have events in the off-season that will crescendo into the next season?

Answer: The direct impact of an individual on the TV series is very limited. It’s simply impossible to pull off right now with current technology. That doesn’t mean individuals don’t end up in the show though, that happens. So yes, it’s both types of interaction. As a group, together or against each other and certain points where individuals can become part of the story. We have 5 DLCs planned between the TV seasons so we have quite a lot planned, we don’t enter a hiatus between seasons. In fact, we do the exact opposite. The world storyline is handed over to the game and the players, where events will be able to affect far more what happens in Season 2 of the game and the show. We’re an online game, we constantly expand and evolve.


What kind of content is planned during the show’s off seasons?

Answer: New species, game modes, maps, instances, vehicles, weapon types, new features and functionality, abilities, customization, power to the players, affecting and owning the world. And twerking.


What is the ultimate goal and dream the devs have for this game/series? If everything goes perfectly, what would the game be like in 1 year? 5 years? And beyond?

Answer: Good questions – we’ve already laid out some plans, but imagine a bigger better world with more things for both PvE and PvP.


Will there be some way for me to re-visit the old episode content that I’ve missed while I was away from home?

Answer: Some of it yes but as there have been so many requests to not disable the content, we might simply leave it in. In many cases, it isn’t disruptive to leave it in so we might do that.


Will Defiance be adding more Emotes? Even the ability to write custom emotes?

Answer: Not custom emotes, no but we will be adding more emotes :)


Will we be getting more Options for graphics higher and lower end machines?

Answer: Yes, they are on their way!


Will we see additional types of arkfalls like the ones shown in the TV show?

Answer: Yes, we have more arkfalls and new types of arkfalls in the works.


Will we see any social hub areas for just goofing around in?

Answer: Not yet but they are on the roadmap and planned.


Will there be any bikes or aircraft in the game, at a later point?

Answer: Not currently – but we have some interesting ideas.


1. Your EGO system and weapon system is unique and was wondering if you have plans to evolve this in time? Not just balance. 2. People new to this type of game may find the EBO system, weapon synergy and how weapons evolve to be a bit confusing. Are you planing to introduce online help or tutorials within the game?

Answer: 1. Absolutely (including new powers/perks). 2. There already are quite a few videos but yes, also more ingame help.


Will we be able to group with more than 3 friends in the future?

Answer: We’re working on our social features still and we hope so! Nothing confirmed yet though!

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Laura Hardgrave

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