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Mage Healing… Challenge Accepted!

By on Apr 30, 2013 at 9:00 am, in Article, Guides, Mage Corner, RIFT  |  Comments: 16 comments

chloro guide header 2

So you want to join the ranks of Mage healing.  I won’t kid you, it’s a tough job that’s made even more tough by only having a couple direct healing spells.  While you could be a good dungeon healer you will likely play a support healer in raids.  This isn’t a knock against Mage healers, we are very good at pumping out group heals, but keeping a tank up during massive pulse damage can be tricky with little to no margin for error.

So with all the challenges that a Mage has to overcome when healing what spec makes it easier and how can a Mage go from being a good healer to a great one?  Well, most of the time you will find that those Mages who are good at healing know all the fights like the back of their hand and, more importantly, they know how to manage their cooldowns and time their direct healing abilities properly.  While the timing and management of cooldowns are an art form that will take a fair bit of practice to master we can take a look at how you might want to spec out your Mage souls, what macros to have available, and a general rotation of some spells.
Not surprisingly, the primary soul for Mage healing is the Chloromancer so that is where you will spend the majority of your points.  From there it’s a matter of where to spend the remaining 15 points.  For this build the supporting souls will be the Harbinger and Archon (7 Harbinger / 61 Chloromancer / 8 Archon). Click on the image below to bring up the full-size version of the tree.


Alternatively, you can check out the build at 


The Buffs
There are 7 buffs that are important to maintain as a Mage healer.  Most of them are hour long buffs, but three of them are five minute buffs that need to be refreshed in order to keep the benefits going.  One important thing to keep in mind when you are casting your buffs is that Synthesis will overwrite Lifegiving Veil with the lesser Lifebound Veil so after casting Synthesis you should cast Lifegiving Veil.
Living Aegis        Mage armor which boosts healing and damage (1 hour buff)
Living Energy     Decreases ability costs by 5% for the raid
Synthesis            Typically cast on the tank to increase healing they receive (1 hour buff)
Lifegiving Veil    Provides group healing when damage spells are used  (1 hour buff)
Searing Vitality  Boosts Mage endurance by 14 per stack and autostacks to 5  (5 minute buff)
Ashen Defense   Boosts Mage armor and increases physical damage to target by 5%  (1 hour buff / 5 minute debuff)
Shared Vigor      Increases raid endurance by 70  (5 minute buff)

The Macros

Ruin (aka spam macro)
#show corrosive spores
cast ruin
cast corrosive spores
cast Vile Spores

#show Cleansing Rush
cast Cleansing Rush

#show nature's cleansing
cast @mouseoverui nature's cleansing
cast @group01 nature's cleansing
cast @group02 nature's cleansing
cast @group03 nature's cleansing
cast @group04 nature's cleansing
cast @group05 nature's cleansing
cast @group06 nature's cleansing
cast @group07 nature's cleansing
cast @group08 nature's cleansing
cast @group09 nature's cleansing
cast @group10 nature's cleansing
cast @group11 nature's cleansing
cast @group12 nature's cleansing
cast @group13 nature's cleansing
cast @group14 nature's cleansing
cast @group15 nature's cleansing
cast @group16 nature's cleansing
cast @group17 nature's cleansing
cast @group18 nature's cleansing
cast @group19 nature's cleansing
cast @group20 nature's cleansing

#show Soul Tether
shout Getting %t
cast Soul Tether

Abilities and Button Layout
The spells that will be most important to you will vary based on your role in the group or raid.  If you are tank healing then you need to make sure Bloom, Essence Surge, Resurgence, Natural Healing, and Healing Torrent are easily available since those are your direct healing abilities.  The spells have been listed in order of their cast time, but keep an eye on the cooldowns too since most of them have at least a 10 second cooldown.  If you are group healing you really only have two direct group healing abilities to supplement your damage/cast-time related healing that occurs.  Those two abilities are Natural Splendor and Flourish.  No matter what role you are playing when you don’t need to bump up your healing output with direct healing spells you should be using your damaging and debuff abilities to ensure a steady flow of healing procs are occurring. 

If you find yourself in moments where you really need to bump up the heals per second (HPS) then be sure you use Entropic Veil to boost your healing by 16%.  If your tank is still taking massive damage then pop your Symbiosis on him/her and if that still doesn’t get you through things you can pop Natural Conversion, but leave the healing pots as a last resort.  Wild Growth is another nice HPS boost that also increases damage to your enemy by 10%.  The only catch is that both Wild Growth and Entropic Veil are charge consumers so you’ll need to watch your charge to make sure you get the most out of those abilities.  As with most mage healing spells you should always be conscious of the cooldowns, but that’s especially true on your big HPS boosting abilities as they can help get you out of a sticky situation. 

I would suggest setting up your button bar to look similar to what is listed below.

 Primary Bar

  1. Wild Growth
  2. Radiant Spores
  3. Ruin macro
  4. Withering Vine
  5. Nature’s Touch
  6. Void Life
  7. Nature’s Fury
  8. Entropic Veil
  9. Natural Splendor
  10. Flourish
  11. GClean
  12. Clean 

The secondary action bar could be set up in the following order so that between your primary and secondary bars you have all of your healing abilities readily available no matter what role (group or tank healing) you are playing.

 Secondary Bar

  1. Symbiosis
  2. Natural Conversion
  3. Bloom
  4. Essence Surge
  5. Resurgence
  6. Natural Healing
  7. Healing Torrent
  8. Searing Vitality
  9. Ashen Defense
  10. Shared Vigor
  11. BRez macro

chloro guide title

Healing rotations are difficult to nail down because, unlike DPS roles, the rotation on your healing is cadenced by the damage your group or tank is taking and varies by encounter.  However, the basic rotation for your spells should be similar to what is included in this guide and as additional healing is required you can use the various direct healing abilities to supplement the HPS.

Before any boss fight starts be sure that you have a full charge available to you.  This can be done by casting Bloom, Resurgence, Natural Healing, and Healing Torrent till your charge is full.  Having a full charge before a fight starts gives you the option to cast Wild Growth or Entropic Veil early on in the fight if HPS boosts are required.

Once an encounter starts the rotation should roughly flow as listed below, but you should modify this based on the damage being taken by your group or the tank.

  • Searing Vitality (remember this is a 5 minute buff)
  • Ashen Defense  (lasts for 5 minutes, but could be dropped based on melee in your group)
  • Shared Vigor  (another 5 minute buff)
  • Radiant Spores
  • Ruin macro (cast three times)
  • Withering Vine
  • Nature’s Touch
  • Void Life
  • Repeat the rotation starting at Radiant Spores or throw in Nature’s Fury IF the tank has agro on all the nearby mobs and immediate healing isn’t required

The Ruin macro was built to be somewhat like a spammable macro, but as a healer do not get caught up in spamming abilities or your group will wipe and you’ll become “that healer”.

Healing as a Mage can definitely be challenging, but once you get used to the souls and figure out how to get the most out of your abilities in different scenarios you will quickly come to enjoy the class.  Good luck with the class!  One last thing, be sure to run Empyrean Core till you get the Spent Heavy Omniparticle Emitter that drops of Prince Kaliban since it will boost your HPS with its chance to heal nearby allies.




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  • Pubh

    You have no fucking clue what you are talking about.

    • Beef

      Probably the best part of this guide are the cleanse and Brez macros, other than that…..shithouse.

  • Artur Biesiadowski

    important thing to keep in mind when you are casting your buffs is that
    Synthesis will overwrite Lifegiving Veil with the lesser Lifebound Veil
    so after casting Synthesis you should cast Lifegiving Veil.”

    I have stopped playing Rift some time ago, but isn’t it a bit wrong? Why cast Synthesis then in first place?

    Have you actually done top level raids a lot? Or is it based on healing in random dungeons with overgeared tanks?

  • I_Actually_Play_A_Mage

    Ok this is a terrible guide for a couple reasons.

    1. In the first Paragraph you say Chloros cant tank heal well in the first paragraph. They tank heal exceptionally well, I feel confident to say you probably just suck.

    2. Your spec is garbage man should look like this (there is NO reason to have points in Archon!):

    3. Lifebound veil is not a ‘lesser veil’ its a tank healing veil and casting lifegiving veil will over write synthesis. You don’t even understand the basics of the class.

    4. You over emphasize the use of direct healing spells when 99.99% of your heals will come from your life damage done converted into veil healing.

    Stop writing guides you know nothing about!

  • Gwyn

    Yeah, I don’t think you really have a clue what you’re doing. I main tank heal on a regular basis in Storm Legion raids and it would take me far too long to enumerate all the things wrong with this guide. If you are looking to learn to chloro heal, I would not recommend this guide

  • PhaseBurn

    I found this guide fascinating…

    I had no idea that somebody could mis-understand how to play a Chloromancer this much. You, sir, are “that healer”.

  • Tramtrist

    Lifegiving veil is for raid healing. Synthesis + lifebound veil is for single-target tank healing. Chloros can do either one quite well in a raid. The author can’t tank heal in a raid because he is using lifegiving veil. Doh!

    As a chloro, you’ll use almost no direct heals. Just about all of your healing comes from the healing your veils generate while nuking the boss. That healing, from the veils, will get people’s health up faster than a direct heal. The only time you’ll use a direct heal is when a single player stumbles into the AoE and drops near 0 health, or you’re raid healing and you see the tank dip low and drop a Bloom on him to help out. If you’re trying to heal with mostly direct heal spells, you’re doing it wrong.

    Don’t bother with putting Archon in your build, and don’t bother with keeping up with those annoying Archon buffs. Put the points into Pyro instead for the crit buff.

    I tend to spam Void Life or Vile Spores, then hit Corrosive Spores and Ruin on damage spikes. Use Nature’s Touch on five stacks when it’s instant-cast, or save it for damage spikes as well. Hit Flourish on AoE damage. You can use Nature’s Fury if mobs are grouped, but I’m not convinced it’s worth the cast time. Natural Splendor doesn’t seem to heal better than a Void Life so I never use it. I never use Natural Healing or the other long-cast single-target heal either because they suck; they are only good for topping people off out of combat. And finally, i keep Natural Splendor and Withering Vines up on the boss because they do some decent incidental healing and are worth the GCD to cast them in slow moments.

  • Mandoris

    Well, kudos to the author for putting themselves out there any trying to tackle the topic, even if from reading the comics it isn’t the best spec. It definitely got me thinking, and I liked the macros. And kudos for those making constructive improvements. What would you guys say is a “great” spec/rotation? I’m just about to hit 60 mage and would like to heal dungeons, but haven’t done it since… well, over a year ago at any rate. :)

    • Mandoris

      comics = comments :)

  • Greg Ledwon

    WOW, whoever wrote this guide REALLY botched this. I think the person who wrote this article is “that healer” hope a real chloro revises this though so we dont have a whole bunch of new derp chloros running around

  • jonno

    Wow, is it possible to disagree with someones guide without insulting them personally?

  • kizi friv

    Beautiful skill and a great map, I likes

  • Tukini

    Thank you for the guide as a fresh 60 it has given me somthing to look at for healing, if others have constructive things to offer please give me links so I can look at those guides as well. Thank you

  • D V

    It’s my understanding that Synthesis works with Lifebound Veil for best single-target healing, and Lifegiving Veil is intended for better group healing. Therefore, unless I’m missing something, the following statement,

    “Synthesis will overwrite Lifegiving Veil with the lesser Lifebound Veil so after casting Synthesis you should cast Lifegiving Veil”

    appears to be fail.

    • Tzel

      Yeah perfect point casting lifegiving veil would just cancel Synthesis anyways making it useless stupid statement