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Trion Offers WIP Preview of the RIFT Item Store

By on May 17, 2013 at 9:00 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 12 comments

item store first look

Yesterday, Trion released a screenshot of how the in-game RIFT item shop currently looks, even though it’s still a work in progress. The screenshot tells us a few interesting things, however, and it also lets us preview a few of the items that will be available for purchase when our free-to-play system goes live. Thanks to the currencies and prices on-screen, we’re also able to take a stab at how much things may cost in real-time dollars. A pretty dapper top hat and accompanying outfit are also previewable to the side of the screenshot.

Keep reading to take a peek!

Here’s the full screenshot (click on the image to bring up the full-size version):

item store first look full

First off, the overall look of the item shop– unless it changes quite a bit, of course– seems to rather simple in design, which is a good sign, in my opinion. It fits with the original RIFT UI quite nicely. We’re not sure what the bar and colored orbs on the top of the window represent yet. They may be tied to some type of Loyalty rank or set of tiers. The items listed are fairly standard for most cash shops, and overall, seem decent.

It also features a “Sell Grey Items” button on the very bottom, which should mean that players will be able to sell grey items anywhere in-game, since item shops tend to be accessible everywhere. This is a pretty decent design if you ask me. It not only makes life easier for us while we’re out in the world, but it also gives players a reason to open up the item shop. While selling grey items, players may also see a cool cosmetic item to purchase. Presumably, that’s the intent behind the addition.

Either way, I’d take a feature like that over the standard use of massive shop ads everywhere in-game any day. Speaking of which, Daglar mentioned on the forums yesterday that huge in-game ads are not something the team is considering, which is definitely a step in the right direction.

We can also garner a likely pricing system for how much Credits may cost us through this screenshot. The top item listed is a 30-day Patron Pass, which is essentially one month of a subscription. We know that the subscription fee isn’t changing, so we can equate that pass to costing $15. Since it costs 2400 Credits, we can do a little math and come up with a figure of 160 Credits for $1.00. This figure may change, of course, but looking at the prices on the other items in the shop, it seems about right.

The intact preview tab is nice to see, and the previewed outfit isn’t too bad shabby either. Top hats are always in season. Elrar also showed us this lovely outfit on a female model that’s kind of an awesome mix of typical fantasy wardrobe and something a little more steampunk:

gotchic female store look

While the jury’s still out for many players on how they feel about RIFT‘s F2P move overall, it’s great to see an early preview of the in-game shop and begin to see what direction Trion is taking the model.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

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