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F2P Live Stream Highlights – New Patron Bonuses

By on May 18, 2013 at 10:30 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 14 comments

f2p live stream title

The RIFT portion of yesterday’s Trion Friday live stream extravaganza was, unsurprisingly, focused on RIFT’s big move to a free-to-play system beginning on June 12th. Daglar joined Simon and Elrar and explained how some of the systems will work in greater detail as well as updated the RIFT community on some promising changes to the current Patron reward system. The team has been listening to all of our feedback and has made a few changes that, overall, make being a RIFT veteran a little more appealing.

Elrar also showed off the in-game shop in its current state and let Daglar talk a little bit about the different categories of items, the Loyalty tiers, and a whole lot more. To catch a replay of the live stream, you can see it here. Alternatively, keep reading to see our detailed highlights roundup.

Let’s dig right in and talk about the new information Daglar discussed regarding Patron bonuses, veteran rewards, and Storm Chaser edition purchasers:

  • Veteran players will be receiving a one-time stipend of Credits based on how long total they have been subscribed for in the past. This amount hasn’t been disclosed yet. They’ll also be receiving a one-time stipend of 7000 Loyalty per month of past subscription time.
  • Patron subscribers will receive Loyalty every month as well as access to daily stackable boosts. These boosts will stack up to 7 much like how the current Expert dungeon dailies stack.
  • Patrons also receive priority when it comes to any possible login queues.
  • Patron subscribers will be getting a discount on all items in the in-game store. Daglar said the team is looking for this to at least represent a 10% discount (possibly up to 15%).
  • The Patron pass also, of course, grants players the summon-able banker, guild banker, trainer, etc.
  • A monthly Credit stipend for Patrons is still currently not being considered.
  • Trion will be giving anyone who purchased the one-year subscription Storm Chaser edition of Storm Legion $50 worth of Credits in the store. This decision was made directly based off player feedback. This is in addition to everything else we’ll be getting.
  • Players with an annual or six-month subscription or a subscription that currently extends far past the June 12th date will be receiving a one-time bonus of Credits as well. The exact numbers and details for these bonuses aren’t known yet.
  • All players who purchased Storm Chaser editions or hold a one-year or six-month subscription will also be receiving a special Ice Raptor mount for free.
  • Trion’s Customer Service department is now willing to uphold refunds from up to 30 days of purchase (was 14 days).


Item Store Details

When the in-game store goes onto the PTS for player testing, the Credit system will actually be the same system that will be used on live. This means that players will be able to buy credits and have them transfer over to live servers. Daglar also mentioned that there will some kind of multiplier bonus for players who choose to do this. Dendrome and all of its content should be on the PTS next week.

f2p live stream main screen

The front page of the item store (see above– click to enlarge) will feature recommended items that look at your character’s stats, etc. as well as the standard featured items section and claim items section. The multicolored orbs on the top that we guessed might be connected to Loyalty tiers are exactly that. This section wasn’t finished during the stream, but players will be given certain mounts and items for reaching certain Loyalty tiers. There are also in-between Loyalty levels where small rewards like Experience vials are handed out. Rewards such as mounts work across every character made.

f2p live stream loyalty tier

  • Loyalty is earned through buying items in the shop, purchasing Credits, past subscription time, and current Patron subscription time.
  • Patron Passes will be available in 3-day, 15-day, and 30-day units.
  • Some store items can either be purchased with Credits or Plat (or currency marks or Valor). Other items are restricted to just Credits.
  • Players will be able to use the store to gift certain items to other players.
  • There will be two new bag slots added. Veteran players will have to purchase these if they would like them, but ideally our stipend should be able to cover that.
  • We’ll be able to purchase additional role slots and have up to 20 total. These will be purchasable with Credits or Plat. The new role slots, again, will have to be purchased by veteran players. Wardrobe slots have also been extended out to 20 total and will be purchasable in the same fashion.

Transfiguration Baubles are the new weapon appearance customization item coming in RIFT 2.3. They will work kind of similar to Guild Wars 2‘s appearance customization where you essentially use the item, select both the weapon you want to use and the weapon you want to customize it to within the frame that pops up, and your weapon will gain the appearance of the other. Both weapons still remain in you inventory.

f2p live stream gear tab

As far as gear in the item store goes, there is a way to see which gear is an upgrade for your character as well as a way to buy gear that doesn’t cost Credits. You can’t currently purchase anything above dungeon gear with Credits. In future tiers, this may change, but we will never see top-tier items purchasable for Credits, at least. In the interface is a handy currency counter that lets you see all of your raid/dungeon currencies. You’re able to conveniently purchase raid/dungeon gear requiring marks using the shop interface.

Now, the prices on these mark-purchased items are noticeably higher than in the current game. Trion is adding a multiplier to all mark currencies, currency bonuses, and the costs of raid/dungeon currency items in order to give the new currency/mark boosts more of an effect. The multiplier they used is even with current rewards and requirements, which means we won’t see a negative difference whatsoever. Things will cost more, but we’ll also be receiving more as rewards. Our current marks will also be affected by this multiplier when 2.3 goes live.

The shop has Supply Crates, which contain gear that’s completely randomized. While there’s a chance for the crates to contain blue items and above, the items are still not equal to raid pieces at all. There will also be some new runes in these boxes.

Rank 7 PvP gear is available for Credits (or Favor), but you still need the PvP rank in order to purchase it. Rank 8 gear is not available for Credits and is in the store for convenience only, much like raid gear.

f2p live stream mount tab

Past world event mounts (at least some of them) are available for purchase in the store through event currency or Credits. Past world event goodies such as pets, food items, and other baubles will also be available.

Race changes, faction changes, name changes, guild name changes, and gender changes will all be available in the store. As Daglar mentioned on the forums, races and factions won’t be tied together when you make changes, which means that a Bahmi can be a Guardian, etc.

For F2P players, they will have to purchase all class slots and bag/bank slots separately for each character. Veteran players– which is essentially anyone who has purchased RIFT and has subscribed at one time– will keep everything they currently have as far as bag/bank slots and character slots across all characters. All players will either have to purchase Storm Legion (before free-to-play launches) or purchase the Storm Legion souls in order to play as those souls. Additional character slots won’t be added to the item store in 2.3, but that’s something the team is hoping to add.

For dimension lovers, there will be a couple of new keys to purchase from the store as well as a couple of keys only available through Loyalty tiers. There are some new dimension items, of course, as well as boxes that contain varieties of items. Trion is also working on letting players have more than one active dimension in the future.

Miscellaneous Tidbits

One of the new dimensions will be an area of Hailol, which is Atrophinius’ personal party town of sorts, which Elrar also previewed a bit for us. The Life plane will be taking on a new, friendlier approach in 2.3, which both explains this dimension’s origin and some of the interesting additions we previewed during the Dendrome live stream a couple weeks ago.

RIFT 2.3 will be bringing players a new set of Twisted Artifacts in Dendrome including the largest set of artifacts RIFT has seen thus far. Simon also briefly touched on the fact that players have been a little disappointed with Storm Legion‘s lack of achievement rewards and artifact achievement rewards and says that 2.3 will be bringing us a better taste of what we’ve been missing. From the sounds of it, there’s going to be a pretty awesome-looking cape rewarded from the achievement to hunt down every single rare mob in all of RIFT.

More random tidbits:

  • Old-world RIFT cities will feature new guide NPCs that will help new players. Eventually, this is the goal for Storm Legion cities as well.
  • As far as PvP goes, we’re going to be seeing a new season at some point. The team is not happy with Conquest decay, overall, and wants to eventually change how it works.
  • More macro slots and some improvements to the Auction House are being looked at for the future.
  • The new souls Daglar hinted at a while ago won’t be added until 3.0.
  • If you’re a fan of this lovely outfit, Elrar previewed it in action and also showed off the back side. He also hinted about some kind of jester outfit existing in the shop.

Next week we’ll find out more about the REX and Loyalty systems during Trion’s live stream.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

Laura is the Editor-in-Chief for Junkies Nation. When she's not writing long editorials or fighting apostrophe errors, she enjoys exploring multiple MMORPGs, getting inspiration for more long editorials, distracting big snarly things for her friends, and writing LGBT science fiction/fantasy.
  • Joseph Pianta

    A monthly Credit stipend for Patrons is still currently not being considered. It is? This is the ONE thing we can’t understand why they wouldn’t give this first. My understanding is most other ‘hybrid’ systems do this. I don’t know I’ve always paid a sub for my MMOs. Thats why I joined RIFT after leaving WoW after 4 + years instead of joining GW2 or Star Wars or LoTR MMOs…

    • Randeth Corinth

      I agree. It really feels like a cash crab by offering a subscription that doesn’t include a credit stipend. No matter how often they say “subscriptions aren’t needed” they are still offering them so they need to have value. Though it occurred to me they may be doing this until enough people drop their subs and go cash shop then they’ll remove the option altogether once they are far enough out to avoid lawsuits.

    • Tony

      This is the one thing I don’t get either. They’ve been giving more information and overall I’ve been fairly happy with what I’ve been hearing… but this? It just seems nonsensical.

      I don’t see why a new player who can get so much for nothing would be interested in $15 for small buffs like these. I don’t see why an involved player, who might have a maxed out alt, would care about these buffs. And I don’t see why someone like me, who has been plodding along slowly and having fun with the actual content, would care about these buffs either.

      I just don’t see the value in it. I’d rather take my money and buy stuff as I need it… and in my case, I might rarely, if ever spend $15 a month on any of it. Perhaps that’s their goal — it does create a new “plan” for a player like me that, maybe, would be offset by all of the new players and people who spend more.

      But I’d be a lot more willing to spend $15 if I got those buffs and a credit allotment. That’s the only way I could see them guaranteed to make any consistent money off of me. Just seems odd.

    • hardy83

      I’m going to wait and see about this.
      Also to be fair, patrons are getting at least a 10% discount. Something ToR and LotRO don’t do with their subscribers I believe.

  • Samuel Serafim

    Patron, i hate this name. Remeber all my bad past playing Allods, the most Pay 2 win game. OMG.

  • Darek Khort

    Thanks for the write-up. Quite detailed and love the screenshots. :D
    The alternative payment via platinum on those two dimension items seems awfully high in cost unless they look reallly good. Then again, I guess they have to make it a high cost to encourage us to pay with Credits instead.

    As for the purchaseable gear; I’m going to take a wait-and-see approach. Some of the dungeon gear isn’t even BiS for pre-raid gear (mainly the ones with spell crit/physical crit). I see the “green arrow” next to the gear might indicate you can buy the upgraded versions of the dungeon gear. I don’t consider that Pay2Win (although others might); but my judgment may be swayed depending on how they go about introducing higher tier gear into the cash shop once the raid tier increases.

    • hardy83

      The green arrow indicates that it’s “better” than what you currently have equipped.
      Though the devs stated that it may not be BiS, but just better statistically.