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How Will Free-to-Play Affect Dimensions?

By on May 23, 2013 at 9:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 3 comments

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Faratha shared an informative summary on the forums yesterday of how exactly dimensions will be affected when RIFT‘s transition to free-to-play takes place on June 12th. The super-short summary is that dimension enthusiasts will be getting a lot more goodies to have fun with. One look at the RIFT Store on the PTS confirms this. There are a ton of new dimension items (and some achievements finally!). Thankfully, almost all of the dimension items in the store are purchasable with Credits or Plat.

Keep reading to take a look at Faratha’s full post.

Originally posted by Faratha (Source)

Fellow dimensioneers, we have a ton of dimension awesomeness coming your way!

I’ll give some details on the things Elrar mentioned in Friday’s live stream, and more.

Higher Item Limits
Yes, it’s true! Each dimension now has a fifth tier that doubles the existing maximum item limit of that dimension. This comes with a price tag that varies based on the dimension.

Four New Dimensions
Hailol – One word: Pink!
Temple of the Abandoned – This is a jungle-infused rotunda with stained-glass windows… and a peaceful place to return to after partying it up in Hailol.
Edge of Infinity – I’m proud to announce our first dimension in outer space! These are Crucia’s platforms above Telara. Edge of Infinity is granted at the Purple Tier of Loyalty.
Endless Eclipse - And this one is our first dimension in another plane: Regulos’ terraces in the Plane of Death. Endless Eclipse is granted at the Red Tier of Loyalty.

We’re introducing buildings with interiors as dimension objects in 2.3. You may visit the new building vendor in Tempest Bay, or you can find Buildings under Dimensions in the Rift Store. So – if you want to live in a bogling hut or shimmersand dome in your dimension, now you can.

Modular Building Pieces
Are you finding it tedious (and item-limit-consuming) to build your dimension house board-by-board? Me too! We now have pre-made walls, stairs, doors, floors, roofs, and windows that you can use to build your dream mansion. You can find them under Dimensions –> Building Blocks in the Rift Store.

Hundreds of New Items
We’re introducing hundreds of new dimension items including fences, garden walls, magitech items, mushrooms that create clearings, Hailol floral trees, household items, and decorations. Browse the store to your heart’s content!

We’ve added new dimension achievements you can earn by owning dimensions and by placing dimension items.

Lock Boxes
Want a chance at getting some really cool dimension items? Looking for a ‘grab bag’ that offers dimension items for er* than you’d pay for them individually? Dimension item lock boxes grant three or more dimension items with at least one item of uncommon rarity.

*It usually works out this way, but it is a random box!

Don’t Stress
The vast majority of new dimension items are available for platinum as well as Credits.

To keep an eye on the discussion surrounding free-to-play and dimensioneering, check out the this forum thread.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

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  • Tony

    “”Higher Item Limits Yes, it’s true! Each dimension now has a fifth tier that doubles the existing maximum item limit of that dimension. This comes with a price tag that varies based on the dimension.”

    This one throws me off. Price in what? I think they need to start being ridiculously clear about that sort of stuff now. Does anyone know if this is a credits only thing?