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Dev Tracker: F2P Token Boosts and BoA Items

By on May 24, 2013 at 9:20 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 5 comments

greater token tablet

Thanks to the recent release of the RIFT free-to-play store on the PTS, players made the discovery earlier this week that Greater Token Tablets were being sold in the Boosts category of the store that gave players a 100% bonus to currency marks– including top-tier raid marks– from all sources for two hours. Quite a large stir was caused on the forums after this discovery, and the Trion team was quick to reduce that 100% bonus down to 80% as well as look into making further adjustments to the tablets. Daglar announced the main adjustment yesterday: None of the Token Tablet boosts will now apply to Frozen Eclipse Stones. Good news all around.

Daglar also had a few words to share with the raiding community regarding the F2P changes. Keep reading to take a look at his post as well as a handful of other interesting posts.

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

I’d also like to take a moment and talk about raiders, token tablets, and reality for monetizing RIFT.

Raiding is an important part of RIFT. Its a part of RIFT that I wish more people got to experience. I don’t want to achieve that by nerfing the content or any thing like that. I want to bring more people into the game that enjoy it and naturally want to try out that portion of the game.

There is no master tin-foil hat plan to try to super monetize the raiders in RIFT. I’m being straight up like I always try to be. If trying to /force/ raiders into paying large amounts of money were part of any plan, it would be a failing plan because to be honest guys – raiders are not in the majority.

Aspirational content like raiding is important to RIFT – that’s why we’ve continued to invest in it – and will continue to invest in it. Even if you are not a raider, I know quite a few people imagine that they could be on the bleeding edge, or would like to be on the bleeding edge. I removed the token tablet affecting top tier for a few reasons.

1. Raiders are a smaller group and I don’t want to super target them with a bonus.
2. Having it affect the top tier is skirting the edge about what I feel is acceptable.
3. For all the aspirational folks out there that can see themselves in the shoes of raiders – I don’t want you to have the perception that to take part in that section of the game you are going to be forced into buying something.

Now with all of that said, the patron perma bonus (not the daily ones), will affect the top tier of tokens. The value of that bonus is not game breaking – and really does not change the game from where every raider in RIFT sits today.

RIFT doesn’t win the race by trying to be exploitative of any given group – yes it has to make money to continue getting updates and I know everyone out there understands that.

In the PTS forum we found out about a few improvements that are currently being made to the shop. We also found out that many items will be becoming Bind on Account in 2.3.

Regarding costume items in the RIFT Store:

Originally posted by Archonix (Source)

The Jester and Gothic sets are tintable.

All costume armor will also be Bind on Account soon.

Regarding Storm Legion rep Bind on Pickup reputation items:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

I’m currently making all of the Storm Legion rep items that were bind on pickup, Bind on Account. Every last one of them.

Additionally, a pet preview tab is currently being worked on for the Item Store. The team is also working on a way to scale down the size of the store’s UI frame. The UI resizing option will be coming after the release of patch 2.3.

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Laura Hardgrave

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