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5/31 Live Stream Roundup & PTS Mount Preview

By on Jun 1, 2013 at 10:15 am, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 18 comments

rex live stream and premium mount preview

During yesterday’s RIFT live stream, the Trion team answered a whole bunch of questions from the community and Elrar showed off a few of the Loyalty rewards we’ll be seeing when RIFT goes free-to-play beginning June 12th. Thanks to the F2P Item Store making its debut on the PTS yesterday evening, players are able to test out the goods themselves by purchasing Credits ahead of time and figuring out which wardrobe items, dimension items, mounts, and other goodies are on their must-have lists. The best part, of course, is the fact that purchasing Credits now gives players a bonus on their returned Credits when the system goes live.

Besides the new mounts obtainable when unlocking Loyalty tiers and the Ice Strider reward mount, there are quite a few new mounts in the Item Store labeled “Premium” mounts as well as an alternate version of one (previewed above). There are also Premium pets! We have a preview for you today of those mounts and pets and of the new items Elrar showed off during yesterday’s live stream. As always, we’ll be sharing a few new bits of information revealed in the live stream as well.

First off, here are some random F2P updates that were revealed during the live stream:

  • Elrar noted that the costumes currently previewing on the PTS may not all be available on June 12th. Some will be made available at a later date as part of special promotions, etc. This may hold true for other items as well. It also, of course, holds true for prices. Not everything’s final just yet.
  • Veteran rewards will be sticking around, but will be rewarded starting on June 12th for being a Patron for X months. This means that the Veteran rewards won’t be purchasable in the Item Store.
  • Spending Plat in the store won’t increase Loyalty.
  • Deeps’ Supply Crates have a chance to reward relic runes that are the same runes that can be crafted.
  • Most of us may end up with a Loyalty tier or two unlocked when the shift to F2P occurs.
  • When you purchase a gender/race change (these cost Credits only), you get a free appearance customization.
  • A new Patron reward is being added! Patrons will be receiving a special weekly reward. The reward hasn’t been disclosed yet, but it sounds like it may be something semi-random.
  • Daglar kind of hinted (or teased?) about healing Rogues maybe appearing in 3.0.


Now, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? Screenshots ahoy!

hat n hotty

Elrar previewed a few of the items from the Loyalty tiers that are still very much a work in progress. While he wasn’t sure what the Treasure Map or the Friend to All items are that display in the fourth orange tier, he did show off the Stylish Bowler hat from the first green tier and the pet owl named Hotty who’s in the second blue tier. Also shown was the Trove of Loyalty pack that’s in the blue tier. To the left is a preview of the Royal Crown and Royal Purple Cape from the Trove of Loyalty. Above is a cute lil’ Hotty and the Stylish Bowler.

He also showed us the Edge of Infinity dimension and mentioned that the team will be allowing a few of RIFT’s brightest dimensioneers to get their hands on the new dimensions ahead of time in order to see what magic they can work into them.

One thing Elrar always loves to show off are new mounts. He showed us both the Loyal Armored War Horse Bridle that’s one of the rewards for the first green Loyalty tier and The Nightmare, who is all the way in the fifth red tier. In the picture below, you can see what the Loyal Armored War Horse looks like (on the left) as well as The Nightmare, who also happens to leave behind a pretty cool green trail of smoke when he gallops (on the right):

green tier horsenightmare

One awesome thing about the Loyalty tier mounts is that they all run at 110% run speed. They’re also available to all characters on the same account, similar to every other Loyalty reward (including consumables, dimension keys, etc.).


Next up, let’s talk Premium mounts. In the “Mounts” section of the RIFT Item Store, the very top section is labeled “Premium.” These mounts are all new for our version of RIFT 2.3. These new premium mounts are all 60% run speed and scale to our fastest mount. They’re also only purchasable per-character. Here’s a preview along with the current prices (which are still subject to change). As always, click on the smaller images to bring up the full-size screenshots:

premium mounts 1

From the left to the right above:

Stolen Eldritch Steed – 1000 Credits
Shaper Beast – 1000 Credits (Elrar also showed him off a bit during the live stream)
Black Valmera – 1000 Credits
Black Riding Tiger – 1000 Credits

premium mounts 2

From the left to the right above:

Bounding Devourer – 1000 Credits
Riding Behemoth – 1000 Credits
Armored Black Tiger – 1500 Credits

The Ki Rin mounts are also making their debut in our shards in RIFT 2.3. They originally were part of a special Chinese RIFT promotion. The Emerald Ki Rin can be purchased from the Premium mounts section of the Item Store for 1000 Credits. Here’s what he looks like in-game:

emerald ki rin

Pretty impressive, no? His cousin, the Amethyst Ki Rin is also quite gorgeous:

blue ki rin

The Amethyst Ki Rin is only obtainable in Deeps’ Supply Crates. Interestingly enough, there were originally a couple other versions of the Ki Rin mount as well. Will we get these eventually in future promotions? Possibly!

Finally, the Ice Strider mount is currently previewing on the PTS as well. This is the mount that owners of the Storm Chaser (Storm Legion + 1-year sub) edition will be getting. Players can currently grab it on the PTS for a couple gold merely for testing purposes. On live, it will cost 1500 Credits for those who do not have it. Here’s what it looks like:

ice strider


Last but not least, there are new, adorable corgis. And other pets. They’re all… pretty freakin’ adorable and cost 800 Credits apiece. Pictured from left to right below are Taffy, Wiinie, and Panther Kitten:

pets 1

And here are Kirby and Trembler:

pets 2

C’mon, everyone say “awwwwww” with me now. So, what are you most excited to get your hands on?

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

Laura is the Editor-in-Chief for Junkies Nation. When she's not writing long editorials or fighting apostrophe errors, she enjoys exploring multiple MMORPGs, getting inspiration for more long editorials, distracting big snarly things for her friends, and writing LGBT science fiction/fantasy.
  • Joe Velazquez

    AWWWW!!! :p

    • Laura Hardgrave

      Why, thank you. It’s the smallest things that make me happy. :D

  • Malcolm Swoboda

    I think Friend to All is meant to allow you to summon anyone to you, as though you have Ascend-a-Friend with them (maybe with cooldown). So basically a cool summon to any-single-one to anywhere.

    I forget what Treasure Map is :S

  • Y8

    so good, i like some cute picture at the end of the text, whether can I take it for my pets?

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  • minecraft

    Ice Strider reward mount, there are quite a few new mounts in the Item
    Store labeled “Premium” mounts as well as an alternate version of one
    (previewed above). There are also Premium pets! We have a preview for
    you today of those mounts and pets and of the new items Elrar showed off
    during yesterday’s live stream. As always, we’ll be sharing a few new
    bits of information revealed in the live stream as well

  • Mike Lamere

    are the store mounts good for all characters or just one?

    • Laura Hardgrave

      Just one sadly, although the Loyalty mounts are good for all of your characters. I keep hoping Trion will add a few cross-character mounts in the store that cost more than the normal mounts. I’d buy some of those in a heartbeat.

  • ryditya909

    is there more status for mounts