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Negative WildStar Review Causes Commotion

By on Jun 13, 2013 at 10:30 am, in Buzz, WildStar  |  Comments: 7 comments


The gaming press has been trying WildStar all week long at the E3 convention, and while Carbine didn’t bring anything new to show they’ve still gotten a lot of attention. So far most of it has been good attention, like supposedly being in the running for Ten Ton Hammer’s E3 Best in Show award. Not everyone, though, has had such a favorable response.

On Wednesday, MMO news site Massively published a hands-on report titled “Not so Wild about WildStar”. In the article author Andrew Ross complains about the very restricted trial at the E3 booth and the awkward control scheme. He also expresses disappointment that the quest system doesn’t deviate much from standard MMOs, saying of the game that “I thought I was playing World of Warcraft with Guild Wars 2’s combat with bad controls”. To be fair Ross also has some nice things to say about WildStar, including a comment that his spellslinger character “had style” and shot spells from her gun, but generally his tone is one of disappointment.

The article has prompted a strong outraged response in the Massively comments, ranging from reasonable critiques of the contents to insults about the author’s intelligence. Even Troy “Aether” Hewitt, WildStar community manager, felt compelled to step in. Hewitt commented that the folks at WildStar welcome honest criticism and requested that Massively commenters “elevate the discussion beyond dividing ourselves into camps that devolve into defaming each other’s mothers.”

One thing is certain — everyone who tries WildStar seems to have a strong opinion about it, one way or the other.

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  • Drapetomania

    And I see people criticizing aspects of the game from other E3 videos that just came out. People reacted that way because it really was a poor article–judging a game, a demo, because he couldn’t get used to the keybindings. It’s one thing to trash a game because you don’t like the content, it’s quite another to trash it over and over again with the main criticism was keybindings. We’re all gamers, we know that a new game sometimes takes time to adjust to the button or key configurations. It’s a game where the details are tight and people are eagerly awaiting news about it, and then this guy somes out with an article that doesn’t talk about almost anything he saw in that game other than complaints about how he didn’t like the default key configuration. People were hoping for substance–positive or negative–and he just pretty posted an E3 impression only slightly better than an average youtube comment in terms of quality.

    • tehdef

      You know nothing Snow.

      Seriously, don’t be stupid. When someone sits down to play a game, and they can’t figure it out, they end up getting frustrated. They stop. Not every player knows about keybinds. Lots of players are just 40 year old moms or dads, and sometimes they have trouble with things. Some players are 11 or 12 year old kids, who don’t really know to access keybinds. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and his entire experience was dulled by bad keybinds. That -IS- valid feedback. In fact, it’s IMPORTANT feedback. He couldn’t experience the things that he might have liked about the game, simply because he wasn’t able to play it.

      Not everyone is an MMO nerd. Don’t think about yourself. In fact, most of the people who keep MMO’s pumping are the casuals because they end up spending more money, because there are just more of them. Narrow points of view are silly.

      • Wrekh

        Not all games are for everyone and we shouldn’t force our opinion on others. As I may really enjoy playing Wildstar I don’t want people ruining game for that don’t like it, but still play it and poison atmosphere for everyone else.
        Also constructive criticism is good and it’s positive for a game.

      • Drapetomania

        Except the writer of the article was a self-described “seasoned MMO veteran,” or something to that effect. And from what I understand, WildStar’s default keybindings were not outrageously out-of-the-ordinary. I believe the biggest deviation is how the right-mouse button is used.

        You’re absolutely right that his experience was dulled by the keybinds, and that’s definitely worth mentioning in an impression. However, he doesn’t actually talk much about the actual content of the game. I don’t know why I need to repeat myself on this, I think what I wrote was perfectly clear. Essentially saying, “I didn’t like the game, the keybindings on this beta demo sucked.” isn’t going to go over well to people that really want to read information about the content of the game.

      • Randall Nickerson

        The point is that the original article didn’t really provide much _new_ information about the gameplay experience. What I came away with was:

        1. The demo doesn’t show any mechanics we haven’t seen in other games on the market. That doesn’t mean that the game itself won’t but it is a bit disappointing as I was hoping to see something new at this point.

        2. The path quests might not be all I was hoping – but it’s a bit unclear. At one point the author states that his Explorer path quests had him out killing stuff. That could be disappointing if those were actually Explorer path quests, but they might been _class_ quests instead. I don’t know if there is a difference, but there’s not a lot of information in the article about this point.

        Concerning the controls I got the feeling that the demo keybindings just didn’t work for the author and, since he couldn’t change them for the demo, he decided that he wasn’t going to really like them at that point. I’ll be interested in hearing other people talk about the controls, but this article didn’t persuade me that they will be problematic at all.