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Lodestone Version 2 Launched!

By on Jun 19, 2013 at 7:43 pm, in Article, FFXIV, News  |  Comments: 1 comment

FFXIV Title 16

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! It’s official, yesterday Square-Enix launched the Lodestone version 2.0 and from an initial perusal, it’s a pretty comprehensive and handy social tool, mixed with an item database, crossed with official news site. All in all, it’s pretty darn impressive! While not an innovation by any stretch, it is none the less, an incredibly handy tool for players to showcase their characters, share blogs posts with the community at large and check the item database all in one place.

The latest version of the Lodestone is just further proof that SE is going the extra mile, trying to connect to their community and provide every amenity possible for new and returning players alike! With further innovations to the Lodestone to come in the future and more and more players catching the positive buzz that’s accumulating about FFXIV:ARR, the community is going to grow rapidly, and the tools provided to the community here will only prove to be a good thing!

The character profile layout should prove familiar to anyone who has played recent MMO that have online profiles such as Wow’s Armory or Aion’s character DB, as you can see below:

Just a cat and his gear
I believe that one thing many long time MMO vets can attest to is that a game can have all the content you could ever want, but without a real community, any environment will get stale eventually. It was true in the days of EQ and FFXI just as it is now. The heroes and villains of each respective server made the experiences we had on them memorable, and with the Lodestone, those individuals have a powerful tool at their disposal to inspire, share or just socialize with like-minded folk in a public forum. Personally, I’d love to see another Fansy the Bard crop up on the Lodestone!

Feel free to follow my adventures in Eorzea here and check out the Lodestone for yourself! Additionally, be one the lookout for our comprehensive Gladiator guide sometime this weekend!




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