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A Tour of the New In-Game Store

By on Jun 21, 2013 at 2:19 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 10 comments


It’s been just over a week since RIFT went free-to-play, and so far it seems servers are packed with new and returning players.

The biggest feature change to the game is probably the new cash shop interface, which not only sells REX and currency items but has also become the unified vendor system for the entire game. Individual NPC vendors use this new shop system, and items that players used to have to travel around the game world to browse, like pets, are all listed in one location. Loyalty, the new veteran system, is also entirely contained in the shop.

Clearly it’s a huge addition to the game. Want to learn more about the new in-game store features?¬†We’ve made a short video guide to the new interface for you below.

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  • George Lolas

    I find that the store in Rift is one of the best and fair (if not THE best) in F2P market. Thanks for this nice video tour :)

  • Elizabeth Gossett

    I love the “sell grey items” button on the store’s pages. So convenient!

  • Minecraft Games

    How good this article is! I like it. I will share with my
    friends. I hope that many people also have hobby the same as me.

  • RebelNine

    Really nice feature of the game and thank you for the article – as a returning player its helped me get up to speed!

  • friv 2

    This great game for those who love adventure.