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Kervik Talks Arbiter Tanking and Pet Synergy

By on Jul 11, 2013 at 9:00 am, in Buzz, RIFT  |  Comments: 6 comments

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Thanks to some early datamining regarding the new souls coming in RIFT 3.0, curious players have seen hints about how Trion will bring Mage (Arbiter) tanks, Warrior (Liberator) and Rogue (Physician) healers, and Cleric (Crusader) supporters to life in RIFT. Our official class forums are filled with feedback and suggestions for the class developers which is pretty great to see at this somewhat-early stage of development.

Kervik took the time yesterday to say a few words regarding a couple of the questions Mages had regarding the Arbiter, which is the tanking Mage soul. Specifically, he talked about how the Arbiter will tank with the help of a special pet:

Originally posted by Kervik (Source)

As I’ve been reminded several times I promised to at least shed a little more light on the Arbiter soul. Keep in mind this is essentially a pre-alpha version of the soul. Anything and everything about it can, and in many cases probably will, still be changed before it goes live.

Regarding gear for the new soul, there is going to be new tanking gear available that you’ll most likely want to gather for use with the soul. There aren’t any buffs or talents in the soul tree that award toughness. The soul also uses Deflect instead of Block, so you’ll be looking for gear and runes to match.

As many of you have noted, the pet is essentially at the center of the soul’s ability to tank. In its current form the pet functions as basically as a partial absorb shield, meaning it intercepts a percentage of the damage you take. The main difference from an actual absorb shield is the pet’s health can be returned in parts, while an absorb needs to be reapplied. The pet also intercepts a portion of the healing you receive to help in keeping it alive. The pet itself has no abilities and doesn’t even have the standard pet control bar. It follows you around, keeps you buffed and soaks up damage.

I’m working with this soul to make Charge a bit more interesting while tanking, but details will have to wait.

Interesting! What do you Mage players feel about the idea of tanking with a permanent-yet-not-controllable pet?

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

Laura is the Editor-in-Chief for Junkies Nation. When she's not writing long editorials or fighting apostrophe errors, she enjoys exploring multiple MMORPGs, getting inspiration for more long editorials, distracting big snarly things for her friends, and writing LGBT science fiction/fantasy.
  • Lord Omedon

    Lost me at juggling charge while tanking. If that’s implemented wrong, it will make mage tanks seem too complicated to be reliable.

  • Faithkills

    Curious what the pet actually is. I kinda miss my old flappy from EQ.

  • Lentils

    Physician? Oh my… I can’t help but guffaw at the hilarious abilities that that might entail… “Poultice,” “Band-Aid,” “Flu Shot,” etc. He’d have a series of melee-range heals involving a syringe, I suppose?

    But it would be a welcome addition for sure, as the Tactician’s heals are barely noticeable and the Bard calling is still rather meh.

    A Mage tank is also a piquant prospect… it’s hard enough playing as a rogue, so I’m guessing this is intended to be a challenge calling, to be paired with Chloro and Harb. Trion does a fine job keeping us on the edges of our seats. Cheers!

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  • Kizi 10

    It is the sharing of Kervik interesting.

  • yepi 10

    I will miss and share for my friends