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Cleric Guide: Inquisitor Ranged DPS

By on Jul 16, 2013 at 12:00 pm, in Article, Cleric, Guides, RIFT  |  Comments: 10 comments

guide cleric ranged dps

When it comes to pure damage-dealing (DPS) options on a Cleric, there are currently only a few viable options if you really want the most bang for your buck when it comes to raids and other endgame group content. This spec– the 61 Inquisitor / 15 Defiler / 0 Justicar spec– is currently one of them. This is a ranged caster spec. It can also be used while leveling, but solid gear may be needed once you get to Storm Legion content since mobs tend to hit quite a bit harder. It’s not an ideal spec for survivability, but it can do most solo jobs such as rep farming, etc., in a pinch, especially if your gear is decent.

Note: This guide is based off a guide originally found on the official RIFT forums and written by Ahov.


The Spec:

inq ranged dps tree

61 Inquisitor / 15 Defiler / 0 Justicar

Role: Ranged DPS
Level Ranges: 1-60
Content Use: Leveling, Farming, Leveling Dungeons, Raids, 5-man Experts (see note above)



Armor of Awakening, Spiritual Scrutiny, Shroud of Agony, Perseverance, Rage Blight, and Blighted Greed (applied on tank).



Main spam macro:

#show Sanction Heretic
cast Sanction Heretic
cast bolt of retribution
cast aggressive renewal
cast bolt of judgment
cast marrow harvest

Cooldown BoD:

#show Fanaticism
cast fanaticism
cast bolt of depravity

Instant cast macro (for target switches, etc.):

#show Aggressive Renewal
cast Aggressive Renewal
cast Bolt of Judgment

Other important skills:

Scourge, Vex, Soul Drain, Confound, Purge, Radical Coalescence, Judicial Privilege, Bolt of Depravity, Circle of Oblivion, and Bolt of Retribution (only used during cooldowns).


Rotations and Priorities:

Normal Priorities (single target):

1. Scourge
2. Vex
3. 5-stack Bolt of Depravity
4. Sanction Heretic
5. Bolt of Retribution

1, 2, and 3 will be manually cast. After that, you can begin your main spam macro.

Cooldown Priorities:

During raids, you’ll want to maximize your damage during powerful raid cooldowns such as Flaring Power. To do this, here’s how:

Cooldown BoD macro –> Nysyr’s Rebuke –> 1x Main spam macro –> BoD (Radical Coalescence) –> Cooldown BoD macro –> Nysyr’s Rebuke

Don’t forget about your damage-over-time (DoT) abilities during this part! Refresh Vex/Scourge if need be, and don’t forget to use Bolt of Retribution manually once Sanctum Heretic is already applied. After this, go back into your normal rotation.

Fanaticism is only ever used on a Bolt of Depravity before Nysyr’s Rebuke. If using Crit pots, make sure to use them after the Cooldown BoD macro.

Area of Effect (AoE) Priorities:

Prioritize Soul Drain when AoEing, since it’s your best AoE ability by far. Essentially, anytime there are multiple targets close to your main target, hit Soul Drain. Other than that, make sure to apply your DoTs to multiple enemies whenever possible. Make sure to toss in Nysyr’s Rebuke.

If there are around five enemies and Soul Drain is on cooldown, Circle of Oblivion can be used. It’s not the best damage, but with large groups of quick-dying mobs, it will probably be your best bet when paired with Soul Drain.


Situational Abilities and Tips:

Judicial Privilege is your run speed increase that heals you when you are hit. You can either save this for boss mechanics that require movement or use it for emergencies.

Harsh Discipline is a damaging channel that also heals you. If Judicial Privilege is down and your healers are dead, use this to survive a tiny bit longer.

If you find yourself ever needing to throw out some group healing in an emergency, Loathsome Restoration can be used to try and turn a few deaths into a win.

Confound is your ranged interrupt ability. In general, caster DPS are usually backup interrupters and not primary, since melee DPS can interrupt without having to stop their main abilities. Always have this ability handy, however, since interrupts are an important part of raiding in RIFT.

If your current encounter is melee-friendly, you can think about standing in melee range. Shroud of Agony is decent passive DPS. Alternatively, if a fight is really melee-friendly, you can always try a 61-point Shaman DPS build, since you’ll gain a little more DPS that way.

In terms of itemization, you should prioritize Crit Power gear over Spell Power gear of the same tier. Your critical rate in this build at level 60 should be around 40% or more, even on a lesser-geared character.


Notes and Sources:

This guide is based off a guide originally found on the official RIFT forums and written by Ahov. We’ll do our best to provide updates here, but if you need quicker guide updates and/or answers to specific questions, make sure to check out the original source thread! Also, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section if you notice something needs to be updated and/or something that’s incorrect.

Special thanks to Ahov.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

Laura is the Editor-in-Chief for Junkies Nation. When she's not writing long editorials or fighting apostrophe errors, she enjoys exploring multiple MMORPGs, getting inspiration for more long editorials, distracting big snarly things for her friends, and writing LGBT science fiction/fantasy.
  • Beeatch

    One minor change to this and you can survive all but the worst pulls even at level 60 tier 1 gear (or what ever dungeon stuff is :))

    This drops the level 61 damage buff, but you gain foul growth as a healing spell which saved my life many times.

    • Varius

      I would not recommend this.

      Your 61-pt ability is HUGE when it comes to an increase in your dps.

      Not only that, but Radical Coalescence also resets Judicial Privilege so you can gain 10% hp per unique damaging hit for 5 hits (or 50% of your hp) on you off-GCD and gives you a 50% runspeed buff to get out of whatever mechanic was hurting you. Not only that but you already have Loathsome Restoration to cover any small heals you would need outside of Judicial Privilege and Stellar Healing Tonics.

      Foul Growth requires Loathsome Restoration to trigger (in that build) or when it your Foul Growth stack times out. It is definitely not worth it. If 2x Judicial Privilege + Stellar Healing Tonic + Loathsome Restoration is not enough to keep you alive – then either pay more attention to the mechanics of the fight, get a better healer, or get a better tank. Or perhaps it is the low dps that is causing the issue, in which case in all situations you should be in 61inq.

      Timed right, Radical Coalescence can also allow you to interrupt and purge twice in quick succession should the need arise.

  • Deyo

    Why Justicar though, and not cabalist? You get 0 point spammable Aoe and maybe better point distribution then the situational 10% buff at full health (Too stingy to check ingame :))

  • Xantic

    If you don’t have the SL souls, is there a good alternative to Defiler?

  • Ulyaoth

    The 5 points in defiler for 10% more dmg at 90%+ HP is garbage. You lose this benefit so fast it’s not worth taking. If your SP is high, go Sentinel for 10% SP (you’ll also get Healing Breath and HP Buff, always helpfull); if it’s not high go Cabalist or Druid for +5% dmg. Cabalist if you want a on the move instant AoE or Druid if you want the shield (good in combination with Judicial Priviledge: absorb some dmg, get 10% HP back and a sick speed buff).

  • Skillit_JD

    The macros have both Bolt of Ret and Bolt of Judge – why would you ever use judge if you have ret – also the way macros work in this game your first macro would never get past the 2nd spell (you would just be casting bolt of ret over and over).
    Something more like this i think
    #show Bolt of Retribution
    cast Sanction Heretic
    cast Fanaticism
    cast aggressive renewal
    cast Purge
    cast Bolt of Retribution

    • Allahila

      The reason for the macro having BoR and BoJ is movement, it is not intended to spam BoJ as your main filler. That’s the reason aggressive renewal is in there as well, you can’t stop and cast BoR when you have to run for your life. Marrow harvest is there as well because is what you should cast when you are not facing your target and running. With all respect, your macro makes no sense, fanatism should never be casted before a filler, is a waste of CD. Fanatism should be always casted before BoD only if Nysyr’s if going to be cast afterwards. Purge should never be in a macro, you don’t want to purge a target that doesn’t need to be purged and then having it on Cd when you actually need it.