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Cleric Guide: Solo Druid – Melee Leveling

By on Jul 16, 2013 at 2:00 pm, in Article, Cleric, Guides, RIFT  |  Comments: 6 comments

Guide cleric leveling melee

When solo leveling a Cleric, it’s usually best to use a build that mixes together decent damage-per-second (DPS) along with great survivability options that give you plenty of options for taking on tough mobs or groups of mobs. One of the best solo leveling builds is currently Druid mixed with a bit of Justicar and Shaman. The following build is one such example of this combination– the 50 Druid / 16 Justicar / 10 Shaman. Now, leveling builds are generally a little more fluid when it comes to personal choice. There are a lot of other awesome leveling builds out there, so feel free to use this build as a loose guide.

This build focuses on melee combat and uses the Druid tanking Satyr to take the brunt of the damage you’ll run into. Besides leveling, this build is pretty awesome for farming dynamic content, quests, and dailies at level 60. It does okay during dungeons while leveling, but you’ll probably want to to switch to a pure DPS spec for doing 5-man dungeons and other group content at level 60.

Note: This guide is based off a guide originally found on the official RIFT forums and written by TheGrinnz.


The Spec:

druid solo leveling tree

50 Druid / 16 Justicar / 10 Shaman

Role: Melee Solo Leveling
Level Ranges: 1-60
Content Use: Leveling, Farming, Leveling Dungeons

Since this is a leveling spec, here are some suggested progression paths for learning abilities while gaining levels:

Level 10
Level 20
Level 30
Level 40
Level 50
Level 60



Fury of the Fae, Aid of the Forest, and Spirit of Upheaval when available. Vengeance of the Winter Storm from Shaman. Righteous Mandate on the tank or your pet when available.

For soloing, use the Satyr Protector (and Greater Satyr Protector, when available). You can also use the Faerie Seer or Faerie Healer to provide more support for party members, but this means you will be taking the damage yourself, which is fine on single or small groups of lower level enemies. Put your Righteous Mandate on whichever pet you use.



Main single target spam macro:

Note: Make sure to leave out abilities you haven’t learned yet while leveling. Alternatively, putting “//” in front of the word “cast” in a macro will skip that skill.

#show Combined Effort
cast Combined Effort
cast Massive Blow
cast Bolt of Radiance
cast Strike of Judgment
cast Crushing Force
cast Shield of Oak

Note: Crushing Force is normally used separately, it is only in the macro for disconnects. Shield of Oak is off GCD so it will be used between attacks whenever it’s up.

Other important skills:

Natural Dedication
Thorns of Ire
Eruption of Life
Crushing Force
Lightning Hammer
Hammer of Duty
Even Justice
Fae Step
Hidden Path
Strength of the Fae



Single Target:

First, always make sure your Satyr Protector’s AoE damage ability (Satyr Sweep) is deactivated when engaging a single target. He will spam it if it is activated, and it does much less damage to a single target. You can activate or deactivate it by right-clicking it on the pet ability bar.

In a group with a tank, use the Satyr Destroyer or Faerie Seer instead, and use Spirit of Asphodel if you have it.

The basic priority is as follows:

Natural Dedication –> Thorns of Ire –> Fae Step into melee –> Combined Effort (from spam macro) –> Eruption of Life –> Crushing Force –> Lightning Hammer –> spam macro

Prioritize Combined Effort above all. Refresh Eruption of Life when it falls off, and maintain the Crushing Force and Lightning Hammer DoTs if you have them. Use Hammer of Duty when you get to 4 convictions. Finally, make sure to refresh Thorns of Ire and Natural Dedication when they drop if the fight lasts that long.

When you have Cloak of Leaves (level 41), Combined Effort will stun the enemy when you first use it, giving your pet a chance to teleport in and take aggro. Before then you may want to throw a Bolt of Radiance after applying Thorns of Ire to give your pet another GCD before teleporting in to use Combined Effort. Your abilities and especially Bolt of Radiance/Strike of Judgment will heal your pet, doubly with Righteous Mandate applied.

Area of Effect (AoE):

This is where the build really shines. First, make sure your Satyr Protector’s Satyr Sweep is activated because this is your primary source of AoE damage. By itself it doesn’t do much, but it hits 10 targets and procs Spirit of Upheaval on each target. This means Spirit of Upheaval will hit 50 times if there are 10 targets.

In a group use the Faerie Seer, and activate Fae Dispersion. The Seer’s abilities will have the same effect with Spirit of Upheaval, though they will max out at 5 targets instead of 10.

Start off by sending your pet in (you can use a petattack macro or keybind the “Attack” ability on the pet bar), then the rotation is simple: Even Justice. It will hit up to 5 enemies in front of you and proc an improved Salvation heal for each enemy it hits. This combined with Aid of the Forest will keep your Satyr Protector alive through even the most massive invasions. It is also effective support healing in groups, especially combined with the Faerie Healer.

Additionally remember to maintain Natural Dedication, and if you don’t need the constant healing of Even Justice you can also use Combined Effort on targets, preferably once per target if you have Cloak of Leaves to stun them and do extra damage.


Situational Abilities and Tips:

In any situation, remember you can use Strength of the Fae to give yourself (and your pet) basically 10 seconds of invincibility, and you can fully cleanse yourself and your pet with Hidden Path.

When grouping with others, make sure to always keep an eye on your pet and learn to manually control its abilities when necessary.


Notes and Sources:

This guide is based off a guide originally found on the official RIFT forums and written by TheGrinnz. We’ll do our best to provide updates here, but if you need quicker guide updates and/or answers to specific questions, make sure to check out the original source thread! Also, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section if you notice something needs to be updated and/or something that’s incorrect.

Special thanks to TheGrinnz.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

Laura is the Editor-in-Chief for Junkies Nation. When she's not writing long editorials or fighting apostrophe errors, she enjoys exploring multiple MMORPGs, getting inspiration for more long editorials, distracting big snarly things for her friends, and writing LGBT science fiction/fantasy.
  • Simeon Anastasov

    Hey, do you accept some tweaks to the build ( or rather a derivative one )? I was leveling with it from scratch and I found some more viable alteration of it ( at least for me ).

    • Laura Hardgrave

      Sure, share away. :) I can add a link to it.

  • tubs

    Hi, I’m unsure if this has changed recently, but there are some issues with this guide:

    “Refresh Eruption of Life when it falls off” – This should be done with Essence Strike after level 26.

    “Natural Dedication” was removed in 2.3

    Thanks. :)

  • Popcandy

    The only prob I see, is you say to use the satyr detroyer or faerie seer in group with tank, but with this spec, u did not put points into the tree that gives you the satyr destroyer, so ya…only fae seer can be used