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Simon Reveals Level Cap Increase, PvP Dimensions

By on Jul 22, 2013 at 9:00 am, in Article, News, RIFT  |  Comments: 36 comments

water rift

In a recent interview with the folks over at, Simon Ffinch tossed out a few interesting hints about what’s next for RIFT fans. First, he talked briefly about RIFT 3.0. We already know that we’ll be taking a little trip to the Plane of Water as well as getting four new souls to add to our arsenals, but one thing we haven’t heard a lot about is whether or not we’ll be seeing another level cap raise.

Simon confirmed that we’ll be getting 5 new levels in RIFT 3.0 during the interview, bringing up our level cap to 65. He also emphasized that fact that Trion is calling 3.0 an expansion, but it will most likely be a downloadable-only expansion and it will be free to all players except for the new souls, which will be sold via the RIFT Store.

Daglar touched on the subject of leveling progression in 3.0 in a recent forum thread. In his reply, he said, “There will be progression, but we are also looking at ways to make sure that the rest of the world remains more relevant, and that new things are added to old content to keep folks busy.” It sounds like we’ll be getting new new content to explore on Mathosia as well as the Plane of Water.

In the video interview, Simon also talked about something the development team is working on for PvPers– PvP dimensions! Players will be able to take their dimensions and enable friends and guildmates to enjoy a bit of PvP inside. They will be able to buy items from the RIFT Store such as spawn set locations that allow them to create deathmatch-type PvP settings inside their dimensions. Players will be able to customize who gets invited, etc. to the dimension in order to create custom arena-like settings.

The pairing of PvP settings with the craziness of dimension building should give players tons of options. Deathmatch mazes and jumping puzzles, anyone? There wasn’t a date mentioned as to when this feature will be added, but from the sounds of it the team wishes to expand on it if it’s well-received by the PvP community.

Make sure to check out the full video interview for more information. The RIFT portion starts at around 16 minutes into the video, where it also switches to English.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

Laura is the Editor-in-Chief for Junkies Nation. When she's not writing long editorials or fighting apostrophe errors, she enjoys exploring multiple MMORPGs, getting inspiration for more long editorials, distracting big snarly things for her friends, and writing LGBT science fiction/fantasy.
  • George Lolas

    Great great great news :D

  • Dustin L. Hopper

    Just thinking about grinding five more levels makes me sick to my stomach.

    • Darkthunder

      Quit playing MMOs then. Every MMO with a “level” system, generally ends up increasing it’s level cap at some point. Sometimes (usually) more than once.

      • Dustin L. Hopper

        When you create three level 50 characters, and then come back and grind out 10 levels that took longer than grinding 50, well, it becomes a chore. I can care less about what you think, and I won’t quit an mmo because I hate the grind. My stance is still the same.

        • Darkthunder

          Well boo-hoo. I was around for both Vanilla WoW, TBC WoW and WotLK WoW, having multiple characters (as many as 6 at the end of WotLK), and guess what? Then came Cataclysm, and I had to level up the characters yet again.

          The nature of level-based MMOs, nothing to whine about. Either put up, or get out. Simple really.

          • Dustin L. Hopper

            I’ve maxed out so many characters to so many MMO’s and games like Diablo 1,2,3, that I’ve lost count. I think it’s you two that need to stop trolling. Rookies.

        • AshenEdict

          Your stance might remain the same, but so does our. Get the hell over yourself. If you don’t like leveling, then to play a board game. Oh wait, you might get knocked back home in Sorry and have to GRIND your way back around the board. Stop cheapening our fucking MMO’s you cry baby.

    • DanielMcCarthy

      If you’re grinding you’re doing it wrong. You have dungeons, you have hundreds upon hundreds of quests, you have open world PVP, you have warzones, you have instant adventures.

      What are they supposed to do? Release an entire continent without bringing in any new progression? Seriously?

      • Aen

        Actually, the side expansion style Dustin was talkin about worked extremely well for EQ. It was really cool to have a whole new continent to explore and not have to relevel to cap. Leaves more room for end game progression

  • Daniel Lassen

    I’d be so happy if ESO came out before this 3.0…
    Fuck this level cap increase shit.

    • Malcolm Swoboda

      ESO has character levels and is very very very very likely to have a level cap increase at some point in its life, regardless of all the cool skill trees you collect.

  • Kristin

    Anybody complaining about an increase in levels in a freaking MMO needs to stop playing MMO’s, seriously. Get the hell over it or maybe here is an idea, STOP PLAYING. Tired of all you damn whiners.

    • Malcolm Swoboda

      But..but..but it’s an activity that takes weeks… WEEKS. *cries* ;)

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  • Guess

    The issue isnt the leveling, its the fact that SL has been out for such a little time and they’ve already moved on from SL design wise. 1,x Lasted almost exactly 2 years. They are just desperate to survive the new mmo’s that are coming out. Anyway Rift isnt the same good game any more, they are already on a “lets see what we can dumb down next” path. But hey, we’ll always have HK era to remember. Not bad creating the best raid instance of this decade for a newcomer company on an unfortunately dieing genre

  • JagJunkie

    Most if not all major MMO’s do the level increase. I just don’t get what the whining is about. When I came back with the FTP announcement, I had one level 48, and 3 between 28-32. The 48 is a 60, the lower ones either hit 50 or are ready for SL, and I maxed all 9 crafting skills. It hasn’t been a grind, it has been fun, changing pace and style between alts and mixing in crafting. When it becomes a grind, try something else or take a break.
    Just a guess, but I think folks are PO’ed because they got exhausted on the BIS min/max hamster wheel, and all their gear is now going to be sub-par.

  • Minecraft

    Revelations of Simon can help us figure out which part of it changes. Hope is good.

  • Ecru

    balance PvP! im a rouge and PvP is no challenge!