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EQ Next Theme Music Reveal – SOE Live 2013

By on Aug 2, 2013 at 10:03 am, in Article, EQN  |  Comments: 1 comment

eqnext title image

Last night, SOE had their keynote address where they discussed and went over every single SOE game currently supported while spending the majority of the time on EQ1 and EQ2. If you, like the rest of the audience, was hoping for some EQ Next news you didn’t miss anything. However they did reveal EQ Next’s theme music by composer Jeremy Soule. The sound track met mixed reviews.

For those that are not familiar with his work, he is behind the music for WOW: Mists of Pandaria, Skyrim and Guild Wars 2. Keep reading to listen to EQ Next’s Music.

For those that are fans of Soule, we got this news from his facebook page.

I have really only been involved in small additional music support roles for most MMO products outside of Guild Wars… In other words, I was a member of larger teams of composers, and in some cases I didn’t contribute more than several minutes (at most) to these products. Everquest Next marks the start of an exclusive relationship between myself and Sony Online Entertainment. It will be my musical home for the foreseeable future in games. And the game has a team that could achieve what I believe to be a #1 hit. If you’re looking for the Next major experience of a game with my music, it will be Everquest Next for years to come.

It seems that SOE has Jeremy locked up for the foreseeable future.