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Guild Spotlight: Death and Taxes [PVE&PVP]

By on Aug 9, 2013 at 2:59 pm, in Article, Guild Spotlight, WildStar  |  Comments: 1 comment

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Here at Wildstar Junkies love promoting guilds, especially running up to the launch of a game. We think that this helps promote and grow the community. If you are interested in having your guild spotlighted, please send an email to


Death and Taxes

DNT was established during World of Warcraft’s beta in 2004. As one of the most reputable guilds on Shattered Hand, DNT competed fiercely against guilds such as Drama, Relentless, Purge, Skyfang, Stoic, Vermillion, War Ensemble and others. Unfortunately there were persistent issues with server stability, and this ultimately led to the guild’s decision to transfer servers with Drama.

DNT rooted itself on Korgath, and began competing at a global level. Members brought home an unprecedented amount of World/US firsts until their official break in 2008. Several members of DNT went on to establish and reinforce other guilds such as Vigil on Mal’Ganis and Premonition.


Competitiveness and teamwork are now prideful traditions here at DNT. Our chapters in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, and World of Warcraft are holding strong, and we have no intentions of slowing down our momentum for Wildstar.

Over 70 members of DNT have registered for beta, and that number grows every day. Majority of our Wildstar roster is made up of core members that we have collected over the past 10 years, but we are still opening our doors to those who exhibit great potential.

The reputation of DNT is probably the biggest contributor to our recruitment, but a community must be actively involved if they want to continue staying ahead of the competition. Wildstar promises a massive amount of endgame content, and we have to make sure that our roster supports the goals and vision set forth by the community.

Furthermore, our interests in Wildstar are no different than games before it. This is to be an endgame progression guild that competes worldwide in both PvE and PvP. We humbly accept any opportunities to assist Carbine and the Wildstar community, in any capacity, to making sure that Wildstar is truly a success.

We welcome everyone to follow us @ There you will find live streams, and more information about our community. Applications are available for those who are interested in joining, and we look forward to meeting you.

Game Hard,
Death and Taxes