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PAX Prime Updates

By on Aug 31, 2013 at 3:48 pm, in News, WildStar  |  Comments: 2 comments
wildstar interview

The Wildstar panel has just begun minutes ago at PAX Prime and we already have new things to share with you. If you want to see what we know so far jump over the break but don’t forget to come back because I’ll be updating this every 15 minutes.

You can also watch the stream live at TwitchTV.

  • The housing islands can have different skyboxes
  • Elder game will provide items to use in your house, and ways to upgrade it
  • If you do really good in a challenege on Nexus, you have a chance to win a plug for your lot which is a copy of the challenge
  • You can put a telegraph training facility, bank or dueling arena on your plot
  • You can get decorations for your house through vendor, rep vendors, challenges
  • There are currently 12 Character slots
  • Housing dungeons are called expeditions and they scale to how many people are in your party, up to 5 total
  • World bosses scale depending on how many people that are currently engaging them
  • Expeditions seems to have a challenge timer
  • Live events run by GMs
  • More hints are flying mounts
  • Full UI customization through LUA where indie developers have the same tools and access as Carbine devs
  • Machinima friendly settings
  • Web interface for friend/guild management, world and pvp rankings
  • Auction House fees will depend on the location, main city auction houses will have lower fees than the one in your house
  • You can dye your armor and customize your mount
  • Telegraphs will have a colorblind option
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