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PAX News: Tequatl Revamp, LFG Coming Sept. 17th

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This past weekend during PAX Prime, ArenaNet made a big appearance in Seattle and hosted plenty of anniversary fun for fans of Guild Wars 2. The team talked plenty about how awesome the first year has been, of course, but they also talked a bit about the future of the game and detailed some pretty awesome updates that are right around the corner. After the fun of Super Adventure Box II comes to an end, we’ll be receiving a huge update on September 17th that will include the following:

A completly revamped, extremely difficult version of the Tequatl world boss encounter

The team previewed the new version of the fight and let players take part in it. It’s not a pushover fight in the least. It’s tuned for 80+ players participating at once and is a time-limited encounter with multiple phases and plenty of interesting mechanics that encourage players to think on their feet. Let’s just say that none of the teams who got a chance to try out the fight at PAX were able to take down the beast. The fight will reward some pretty cool rewards including mini pets and Ascended weapons.

Looking for Group (LFG) tool

Finally we’re getting the LFG tool that was originally datamined a few months back. The tool will allow players to search for groups who are looking for more and join their parties. It will also allow groups to merge together. The UI frame will allow players to set custom messages, view the classes already in a party, and even kick/report players who abuse the tool. And no, folks, the tool won’t automatically form the groups for you and transport you to the dungeon. Think of this tool as an aid, similar to the site that players commonly use now.

Keep reading for a preview of the LFG UI and more random bits of information from this weekend’s PAX festivities.

gw2 lfg

(Click on the image above to view the full-size version.)

Random goodies

  • The first competitive season of WvW is coming. Servers will be divided up into leagues. There will be two leagues for the NA servers and four for EU. The leagues will be organized based on recent ratings. The standings during the season will be tallied every week via places that earn points. At the end of the season, all points will be added up and a winner will be declared.
  • The team’s looking to add both short-term and medium-term rewards for PvPers in general.
  • The recent election for the Captain’s Council will cause a fairly long cause-and-effect chain that will influence events and new features in the future. ArenaNet’s planning for more Living Story stuff that has a semi-lasting impact like this that encourage players to have a loose say in what content gets added next.
  • When asked regarding the lack of fixes for how goofy armor looks on Charr characters, ArenaNet replied that they are eventually planning on fixing those armor models, but those fixes aren’t too high on the team’s priority list due to the simple fact that Charr are the least-played race (and my Charr main weeps in the background…).
  • The Sylvari will be seeing some big screen time in future Living Story updates.
  • As mentioned in last Friday’s developer blog, ArenaNet is slowly moving away from the in-game launch economy that was rather rigid at times. Living Story updates have been slowly introducing greater rewards and a larger variety of rewards in general as to raise the economy on a global level. The addition of crafted Ascended weapons is also intended to help the economy.
  • Town Clothes will become a little more useful sometime in the future.
  • The team hinted that we will be seeing new landmasses at some point. Also, of course, new NPCs, new stories, and a whole lot of Living Story stuff.

Oh, one last thing. Take a moment if you already haven’t to watch this quite gorgeous Guild Wars 2 anniversary video:

Thanks to Massively for helping fill in the gaps regarding a bunch of the above information.

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