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WoW Patch 5.4 – What's New and What's Changing

By on Sep 2, 2013 at 1:59 pm, in MMORPG  |  Comments: 1 comment

WoW Patch 5.4 – What’s New and What’s Changing

Patch 5.4 is less than two weeks away, slated for released on Sept 10.  Whether you’re an existing, new or returning player, this is going to be a great patch.  More choices for players in both PvE and PvP, better tools to make that harsh leap from LFR to normal raiding, and an easier gearing up process so you can get your foot in the organized PvE and PvP door a lot sooner.  Keep an eye out  for our upcoming guide on gearing up for 5.4, which will make an appearance in the coming weeks.  For now, let’s take a look at the features and changes this patch will bring.

  • Siege of Orgimmar – The final raid tier of this expansion with 4 wings and 14 bosses.
  • Flex Raiding – This feature is going to allow premade groups of 10 and 25 players and anywhere in-between, to take on any MoP raid, including Siege of Orgrimmar.  Encounters will be scaled based on the number of players present.  The level of difficulty is between LFR and Normal, so don’t expect it to be a snooze fest.  Unlike LFR, all of the mechanics of normal will be present, just tuned down slightly.  You can earn achievements on flex, and it’s on a separate lockout, so you won’t have to worry about losing your LFR or Normal chances for the week.
  • Timeless Isle – This is the place to be for 5.4.  Five new world bosses, dynamic events, epic loots, bind-on-account gear, all the currencies you will need, pets, mounts, and a ton of world PvP (if you’re on a PvP server) including an item that allows for same faction PvP.
  • Proving Grounds – The Proving Grounds are trials that test your skills at tanking, healing, and damage in a group or raid environment, depending on which difficulty you choose.  This will be a great way to see if you’re able to perform the essential functions required in raid content.  You will be scored, making this a great tool for putting together groups for flex and normal raids.  This will also be helpful to measure your own skills when picking up a new role.  In the future, perhaps we’ll see this as a requirement prior to being able to participating in content.
  • Connected Realms – These are essentially server mergers without losing the identity of a realm name.  Connected realms will have the same benefits as if they were the same realm.
  • Cross Realm Arena – You will now be able to team up with cross realm friends to participate in arena.  Arena teams are being removed from the game, as your rating will be tied to your character and not your team.
  • Valor and Justice Points – Valor will not be wiped with 5.4.  The Valor and faction requirements for 522 Shado-Pan Assault items are being lowered.  In addition, the 489-496 gear on the other reputation vendors will no longer have a reputation requirement and the items can be purchased with Justice Points.
  • Conquest and Honor Points – Conquest will be wiped with 5.4.  The amount of conquest earned from BGs is being increased.  Additionally, the 496 Tyrannical can now be purchased with honor.

For additional details on these items and specific class changes, check out the most recent 5.4 PTR notes, which can be found  here.





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