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EverQuest Next; Will it bring sexy back?

By on Sep 4, 2013 at 1:57 pm, in Buzz, EQN  |  Comments: 1 comment


Lots of the articles we’ve posted here, as well as most around the internet, for EQNext have been mostly serious news or discussion about the game. They all seem to be leaving one thing out though. The fun factor. Will it be sexy to play? Today, I’d like to look at what we know and predict if EQNext will Justin Timberlake the MMO world and bring sexy back. The fun factor, for me, has been missing from a lot of games as of late, so here’s to hoping that Everquest Nextlake has a hit song on it’s hands.

For the more serious stuff, check out the JunkiesNation homepage for our coverage of PAX.

In the reveal for EQnext, they told us a lot about the game while still leaving most of it clouded by the fog of development. We learned that NPCs can react to an individual’s actions, that the world is made of voxels. We learned that combat will be somewhat action paced and that there will be a step back from the trinity. All of that has swung back and forth in my mind. Will it be fun or not? Action combat can be fun, but GW2 didn’t last long for me personally. NPC’s having heard tales of my accomplishments definitely seems fun, but will it be implemented well? (check back frequently, I’ve got a Storybricks article in the works that should answer that!) Taking a step back from the trinity has me on the fence as well, since I enjoy tanking and support. But I have absolute faith in this game’s fun factory. Why? Because this:

Parkour in my MMO? Yes please. Just look at that. Its completely awesome. Look I tell you…Okay, now that I’m done with my nerdgasm, let me explain why a system like that give’s me absolute faith in this game. Yes, I do think it rocks but there’s more than that. I know full well that if the rest of the game isn’t fun that stuff will get old very fast. However, the EQNext team has taken simply running through the world and given it flair, pazazz. They’ve attempted to make a simple, mundane task quite fun to do. That speaks tremendous amounts about how they view the game. They obviously, in my eyes, have decided to put the fun factor high on the list of things to focus on. But all that is just my opinion. What do you, my valued readers, think? Drop us a comment and lets get a discussion going!