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RIFT 2.3 Hotfix #18 9/4/13

By on Sep 5, 2013 at 2:03 am, in Patch Notes, RIFT  |  Comments: 6 comments

RJ Patch Notes

In this week’s hotfix we see AoE damage lowered for a significant amount of bosses in Frozen Tempest, Endless Eclipse and Grim Awakening. Now, before you grab your pitchforks and start shouting “Content nerfs! Trion are catering the game towards casuals!”, be aware that these changes have most likely been made because of the recent Purifier changes, meaning that the entire raid can no longer have a 15-20k shield. When this content was originally created, it was tuned around everyone being almost constantly shielded.

Since the Purifier changes, the main change being that now only a maximum of 3 people can be shielded at any time, this caused a lot of the fights to be considerably more challenging than originally intended and in certain scenarios have ‘almost’ unavoidable one-shot deaths. Think of it as more of a “These fights have been adjusted to the difficulty originally intended” change than a “Trion is catering the game towards casuals” change.

We also see a few nice quality of life changes. After killing an old-world zone event colossi, you now also gain level-appropriate planar currency, adding yet a higher incentive to mentor down and jump in on low level event action. The Sapphire Ki Rin mount (which drops from low level invasions during special events such as the recent Madness in Mathosia event) has also been made bind-on-account. Finally, colossi health on a few events that were a tad overtuned has been lowered. Par that, there are a few bug, crash and exploit fixes included within the hotfix which are always a welcome addition.
If you enjoyed reading the above passages and found a nice little breakdown of the hotfix notes useful, then please do let us know. We want to give you, the reader, exactly what you want! A full list of the hotfix notes is listed below:
RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #18 – 9/4/13

* Fixed an open-world, cross-shard PvP exploit involving LFD queues.
* Fixed some client crashes.

* The Sapphire Ki Rin is now Bind on Account.
* Empyreal Vanquisher’s Cells and Empyreal Hero’s Cells have been added to the store.

* Slightly lowered the damage from some area of effect abilities in the following encounters: Salvarola and Ultane in Grim Awakening, Regulos in Endless Eclipse, Crucia in Frozen Tempest.

* Gelidra: Hardmode Gelidra now deals less overall damage.

* Kyzan: Necrotic Torrent damage ticks on the main target less frequently.
* Kyzan: Slightly reduced the damage of Delayed Annihilation.
* Ultane: Slightly reduced damage of Infernal Radiance.

* ZE: Reduced colossi hitpoints in the following Zone Events: Hammer and Flame, The Blight, Infernal Awakening, and Golden Embers.
* ZE: In addition to the epic currency awarded upon the success of old-world zone events, old-world colossi now also award the appropriate planar currency.

* Fixed an issue with cross shard groups having difficulty joining warfront queues when a group member is from a PvP shard.

* The Bounding Devourer and Shaper Beast mounts now have a chance to be unmounted on damage.
* The Swift Desert Najmok awarded from Mathos notoriety has returned to its proper visual
* Heroic Spiritshatter Vial’s should no longer award focus.
* Ascended’s Sublime Needler now properly has block instead of Deflect.
* Summerfest consumables should no long appear in the dimension section of the auction house.
* Endless Overgrowth Oil no longer references Abyssal incorrectly.
* Depleted Empyreal Defender’s Buckler should now appear sorted under Clerics on merchants instead of Warrior.
* Fixed text on some Dendrome items.

* Looking for quests has been removed from the LFG window.
* The Random Expert LFD queues once again allows players to bypass map instance locks.




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