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Wildstar: October Update – New Game Systems

By on Oct 2, 2013 at 2:41 pm, in Breaking, MMORPG, WildStar  |  Comments: No comments yet

Wildstar’s beta phase ended a few months ago, and they are ramping up to enter their new phase. With today’s Wednesday update we get a few details on what they have been working on. The developers were concerned players were bored with level ups, so they implemented a new system for that.

A common piece of feedback we heard during beta was that leveling up was, to be frank, boring. You dinged, there was a cool little animation that played, but then what? Is it worth making the trek back to town to purchase new abilities from the ability vendor? Did I unlock a new dungeon? What did I just earn for reaching a new Path level?

The game now answers all of these questions for you through the new Level Up interface. When you level, you’ll be able to click to pop open a window, showing you all the new class benefits, game features, and so on that you’ve unlocked with your new level.

The update also includes a preview for the Loadouts UI that allows you to create different sets of abilities that are stored in different presets. The last includes an update to their quest system which was your typical run-of-the-mill treadmill of kill and story quests that lead you through a zone.

Quest objectives are no longer listed as “Kill 6 Squirgs.” Instead, you gain progress across a bar the more creatures you kill. I can already hear most of you saying “So what? Big deal! You just changed it visually so that you could mess with our minds, this doesn’t actually change the fundamentals of questing.” Well, sure, I guess the cynics could look at it that way, but the true benefit becomes clear once we add in two extra features

Find out more about the latest update on the official website. Do these updates get you excited?