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Upcoming Changes to FFXIV: ARR

By on Oct 3, 2013 at 1:02 pm, in Article, FFXIV, News, Patch Notes  |  Comments: 7 comments

dev tracker

Tired of those pesky target priority issues? Looking forward to updates in end-game content? For those that haven’t been keeping up with the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn developer’s blog, here’s a quick summary and list of sources for everything you have to look forward to in 2.1 and beyond.




Housing (2.1)


So far, it looks like the housing that will be available in 2.1 is for Free Companies through all 3 regions. This will be available in 3 different sizes, each with 5 different base patterns and an estimated 380 customizable parts, some of which are obtainable through fights. Here is some of the furniture they have planned:

  • A strategy board that really gives your house the feeling of a Free Company headquarters
  • A jukebox that can play various songs
  • Iconic FINAL FANTASY items
  • Mannequins
  • Aquariums
    …and much more!

Nothing has been said about the pricing, which will be adjusted right before 2.1.

More information on housing…



wolves' den

The Wolves’ Den (2.1): Featuring a 4v4 arena, this will be broken up into tiers for level 30, 40 and 50. It’s expected that we’ll have PvP-exclusive actions as well as gear purchased with points obtained in the Wolves’ Den. Here’s some footage of what the matches look like. And yes, to the enemy team, you are known as fresh meat. According to SE, “the reason why we have elected to display the names of your opponents as “Fresh Meat” is to prevent harassment from occurring. We feel this is an important aspect to address to create a fun and comfortable environment for everyone to enjoy PvP.”

Frontline (around 2.3): While even less is known about the implementation of large-scale PvP, a system revolving around the Grand Companies is expected to be added around 2.3.


Duty Finder (2.1)


With a number of posts in the forums regarding changes coming to the duty finder, a sort of “gear check” isn’t the only thing that will be implemented. Yoshida announced the addition of the “MVP” system at TGS, which will allow players to vote for others they considered helpful. This will give the players voted on points, which they can use to purchase companion armor, new mounts, and other exclusive items.

We hope to start seeing reduced queue times with the addition of more instance servers around the middle of this month.



tower 04

Treasure Hunting (2.1)

Hard Mode Boss Battles (2.1)

Beastmen Daily Quests (2.1)


Minor Changes Coming in 2.1

Here are just a few of the changes to expect in 2.1, with their appropriate sources.


  • Target priority (confirmed)
  • Bugfix: fix for minions being selected regardless of filter settings (confirmed)
  • Increased number of instance servers (mid-October)
  • Duty Finder: MVP system (confirmed)

User Interface

  • Inventory: sort by level (expected to be implemented in 2.1, no solid confirmation)
  • Inventory: Adjustments to allow multiple tabs for players using higher resolution (unconfirmed)
  • Market Board: visibility of gil from the market boards (confirmed)
  • Average item level display (confirmed)

Misc. Features

  • Guildhest achievement: It’s over 9,000! And being reduced in 2.1 (confirmed)
  • Price adjustment for buying dark matter from your Grand Company (confirmed)
  • Right-click to blacklist (confirmed)
  • More retainer summoning bells (unconfirmed, but most likely 2.1)
  • Ability to change city-state affiliation (unconfirmed)
  • Company Chest: Deposit only authority (confirmed)
  • Company Chest: Deposit/withdrawal history (confirmed)
  • Lalafell hairstyle?: minor change to a specific style while wearing hats


Changes in the Works/Under Consideration



User Interface

duty finder

Misc Features


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Lauren Connally

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Lauren Connally

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  • Terry Bogard

    Serious note though there is a rumor that square very stupidly will give the future groups the actual right to boot people from dungeons. Now this may have the best of intentions but do they not see that this can be how easily abused by people. Lets say they wanted to farm items for just there group well all outsiders (minute chest is found would get booted) so no cool gear and then forced to buy gil. WTF. Also level gear restrictions to dungeons to make it easier for the ego trippers and cut back on complaints of the noobs and those not wanting to help the noobs out. And then if you help out a noob you might get a reward and your tummy rubbed. Sorry to say but before they fix this game to the best it could be they will have poisoned the company beyond repair. Better idea would be to do away with partical parties for dungeons unless its a full group for that dungeon. Or make it completely random beyond control and get people to try to get along at the very least. Enough have played this game for free 30 days and won’t come back because of the few bad apples. So why in the hell is square helping the bad apples.

  • Terry Bogard

    Doesn’t anyone see how some of these new ideas could backfire and lead to squares utter demise?

  • Alter Ego

    The voting system to give a player rewards has been done in League of Legends (LoL) and has only 1 caution that I can foresee. If you group with your FC/flist there is nothing stopping you from voting each other up every dungeon run. This is an easy exploit of the voting system to gain loot/rewards. LoL dealt with this by applying diminishing returns to voters that consistently vote at each match; their vote is not worth as many points because they vote all the time. If SE doesn’t use diminishing returns or similar system then they will only be adding an easy exploit to the game.

    Adding an ilvl requirement to the DF is a page from World of Warcraft (WoW). Although, I do agree with some aspects, such as filtering under geared players from queuing for Titan, I feel ultimately this mechanic is a hand holding solution for casual players and a hindrance to pro gamers that are very proficient in their jobs. Pro players may be able to handle harder content based on their ability to play their characters. Yes, if they are serious gamer’s they will get through the content anyway, no matter what ilvl requirements get put on the dungeons, but it is still a hindrance.

    The right to boot players is not all that bad, but again in WoW it was very common to rage on somebody for a simple miss-click or mistake and call them all kinds of profanities followed by a boot. I would prefer an AFK boot that will allow you to kick after 5 mins of being AFK or a system that doesn’t allow you to boot from the time a boss fight starts, till the dropped loot has been rolled on. This would help eliminate some of the toxic player behavior.

    Overall, I think the most impacting issues lie in which demographic you cater to. Make the game too easy and the hardcore players are not going to be happy. Make it too hard and you lose the masses of casuals. MMOs are a business that has potential to bring in 100s of millions of dollars, but that means most of the good players are going to have to put up with all kinds of patches that make that game easier for the casuals. I can only hope that SE will make small, smart tweaks similar to what I have mentioned above in lieu of broad global changes.

    • Anon

      The mvp system is only for people to use who have found a group on there own, pre-made groups don’t get the mvp votes for there group