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Landmark Dev Diary

By on Oct 7, 2013 at 9:04 am, in Article, EQN  |  Comments: 1 comment


We have received the first of many Dev Diaries from the developers over at SOE making Landmark. This one focuses on the tagline “break it, take it, make it”. That essentially means, as you’ll see in the video, gather, return, craft/build. Basically, they discuss resources, how they’re used, and various types of storage. I will say that the information is exciting, as little as there is, because what they give us is good.

Keep reading for our thoughts on it.

So, to begin, we have over 50 resource types. The number 50 doesn’t sound that big, but when you think about it in terms of each being a unique resource that is used to build different things, its actually quite a lot. Besides, how many different shades of blue gems can they give us? To quote one of the youtube comments “Minecraft on Steroids”. I think that this is an apt description of what they’re building this up to be for us.

Next we have some inventory. That’s broken down into 3 types; Vault, Personal, Claim. I think this is an ingenious system. It allows you to manage inventory and be social extremely easily. All you have to do to help someone else build is throw a bunch of the materials you’re going to use at their claim into a vault, and then access it from their vault. This means that personal inventory is basically only going to ever be used for your tools/what you get in the field.

However, the most exciting thing for me is what they mention for the next video. Globetrotting. What is said is that its “why you go out and explore, not just for gathering”. I’ll speculate a bit. Basically, there’s a few obvious ones: Scenery, seeing other’s creations, and gathering. Now, unless they just grab the first two, they seem to have a deeper intention in mind for us. I would say that we’ll see and hear something very exciting in the next dev diary.

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