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RIFT: Autumn Harvest 2013 Early Preview

By on Oct 10, 2013 at 11:34 am, in MMORPG  |  Comments: 15 comments

Halloween’s quickly approaching, and this year Trion is pulling out all the stops with RIFT‘s fall-inspired Autumn Harvest holiday and world event. RIFT fans are going to be seeing some major changes from last year’s event including new activities to take part in, new rewards, a new dimension, new mounts, achievements, pets, dimension items, consumables, and masks. For now, some of these goodies are available for testing on the Public Test Server, and we have a preview for you.

If you’ll recall from an official live stream a little ago, we’re going to be getting a very cool Reaper mount and a collection of unique Halloween masks for Autumn Harvest this year. Neither are on the PTS just yet (except for the pumpkin masks), but many of the other new Autumn Harvest items including new pets, achievements, novelty items, fun consumables, and dimension items are.

Note: As always, all information, items, and prices found on the PTS are subject to change at any time.


Masks, Pets, and Fun Illusions

There are four new pumpkin masks. Pictured below from left to right are the Foolish Jack o’ Lantern Mask, Devious Jack o’ Lantern Mask, Smiling Jack o’ Lantern Mask, and Goofy Jack o’ Lantern Mask:

pumpkin masks

Each mask costs either 3 Autumn Harvest Signets as well as 100 Autumn Harvest Ambersap or 504 Credits.

The Farmer’s Hat is back this year with an alternative Credit cost of 360 Credits. There is also a new one-handed sword skin that will send all the Architects running for their sand-covered hills with one, brief look at the terrifying glance of a… flyswatter (previewed to the right). Yep. They can even be dual-wielded for twice the Architect-smashing goodness!

These Sand-Worn Architect Terminators (yes, that’s its real name) will set you back 200 Ambersap or 113 Credits apiece.

There are six new serums and potions that can be used be used to temporarily turn your character into a spooky illusion. These illusions last 5 minutes, have a 15-minute cooldown, and do not break upon entering combat (they do break upon using Soul Recall or a porticulum, however). The potions only grant one use while the serums are permanent items that can be used once every 15 minutes.

The serums cost 705 Credits or 2 Autumn Harvest Signets as well as 250 Ambersap apiece. The potions come in random packs of 10, 25, or 100 on the RIFT Store. The Credit prices for the potion packs still seem to be in flux, but as far as currency goes, the packs start at 100 Ambersap for the 10-pack, 200 Ambersap for the 25-pack, and 900 Ambersap for the 100-pack.

The potions/serums come in six different varieties: Green Thumb, Mutated, Goblin Goo, Witch’s, Ghoulish, and Cleanly. What each of these does is kind of easy to figure out, but we also have a few screenshots of them in action to share!

From left to right below, Green Thumb Potion/Serum, Mutated Potion/Serum, and Goblin Goo Potion/Serum:

autumn harvest illusions 1

And from left to right below, Witch’s Potion/Serum, Ghoulish Potion/Serum (this one has a very cool hovering animation when running, by the way), and Cleanly Potion/Serum:

autumn harvest illusions 2

The Spectral mounts from last year are now on the RIFT Store and can be purchased with either 20 Autumn Harvest Signets and 500 Ambersap or 810 Credits.

For pet lovers, there are some pretty cool pets coming this year– puppets! Very similar to the puppet models that perform during the fun Hailol shows, these puppet companions feature oversize heads and come in two different varieties– Fae and Nobles. You can purchase a random box for each variety that will contain one random companion. These boxes cost 450 Credits or 2 Autumn Harvest Signets as well as 125 Ambersap. There are six possible puppets from each set that are obtainable from the boxes, equaling 12 possibilities altogether.

Here are a couple screenshots from the ones I was able to check out:

Puppets from the Fae set: Dazzle, Hylas, and Atrophinius (isn’t he adorable?):

autumn harvest puppets fae

Puppets from the Nobles set: Juna the Mutant, Hanlin, and Murtagh:

autumn harvest puppets nobles

If you have any screenshots of the ones not shown, feel free to share below in the comments section.


Dimension Goodies

For dimension lovers, so far there are a couple of kits that are full of Halloween and Autumn Harvest-themed goodies. The Pumpkin Patch Kit contains all of the following items:

3 Piles of Small Pumpkins, 5 Pumpkins, 3 Piles of Leaves, a Mound of Leaves with Rake:

autumn harvest dimension 1

A Sly Jack o’ Lantern, a Devious Jack o’ Lantern, a Covered Haystack, 2 Haystacks:

autumn harvest dimension 2

A Small Cart of Hay, a Pile of Pumpkins in Fog, 5 Round Pumpkins, 5 Small Pumpkins:

autumn harvest dimension 3

2 Mounds of Leaves, a Cheshire Jack o’ Lantern, an Angry Jack o’ Lantern, a Goofy Jack o’ Lantern:

autumn harvest dimension 4

And finally, a Scarecrow and an Ornate Wood Fence Carral:

autumn harvest dimension 5

This kit costs 90 Credits or 2 Autumn Harvest Signets as well as 100 Ambersap.

The other dimension-themed box of goodies is the Spider’s Den Kit, which costs 90 Credits or 2 Autumn Harvest Signets and 200 Ambersap. Presumably, this kit will be full of creepy spider nests, cocooned adventurers, and all sorts of gooey, web-covered items.

If you’re having trouble finding the dimension items, try selecting all four callings under the Autumn Harvest section of the World Event page of the RIFT Store. For some reason these items or the mounts don’t always appear unless this is done. This will most likely be fixed shortly.

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, we’re going to be getting a new dimension for Autumn Harvest as well. It’s set in Gloamwood, of course, which is the perfect setting for a haunted pumpkin patch, wouldn’t you say? Check out Kiwi’s preview of the dimension for more details.


Rings and Planar Essences

There are seven new epic level 60 rings that feature +53 hit. They can be purchased for either 10 Autumn Harvest Signets as well as 2000 Ambersap or 1152 Credits apiece. Here are the names and stats on each:

autumn harvest rings 1

autumn harvest rings 2

Unsurprisingly, there are also seven new level 60 lesser planar essences. These cost the same exact price of the rings above:

autumn harvest essences 1

autumn harvest essences 2



autumn harvest 2013 achievements

We’ll have more achievements to go after this Autumn Harvest. There are three previewing on the PTS so far. One is to collect all six of the Fae Puppets and another is to collect all six of the Noble Puppets. Each of these reward an additional puppet upon completion: Twyl for the Fae collection, and Salvarola for the Nobles set. There is also an achievement to equip all four Jack o’ Lantern masks. This achievement grants 10 Random Autumn Harvest Potions upon completion.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more goodies and details as Autumn Harvest nears its arrival on live shards.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

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