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Beware the Bloody Prince in Today's Guild Wars 2 Update

By on Oct 15, 2013 at 10:00 am, in MMORPG  |  Comments: 2 comments

Fall-flavored MMORPG events are beginning to burn full swing as the days grow shorter and Halloween nears its pumpkin-y scented arrival (or should that be pumpkin spice-y scented?). There are a lot of Halloween-inspired events to take part in this year. World of Warcraft, of course, has its usual goodies. RIFT has a bunch of new stuff in store for players this year. Final Fantasy XIV is even getting into the spirit. But we can’t talk about October world events without talking about Guild Wars 2‘s Blood and Madness event that begins today.

Last year’s Shadow of the Mad King Halloween-themed event was Guild Wars 2‘s first big holiday event. ArenaNet created an event that most players remembered fondly. The one-encounter dungeon, scavenger hunts, labyrinth, challenging clock tower jumping puzzle, and plenty of goodies to collect made the event one that provided a solid amount of immersion and some fun adventures. This year, ArenaNet is upping the stakes considerably and adding in new goodies aside from everything that’s returning from last year.

A new video was just released yesterday with a sneak peek of what’s to come during the event. Take a look:

Yep– it looks like the Mad King won’t be the only spook we’ll have to beware this year! The Bloody Prince Edrick has to settle a score, it seems. He’ll be taking over an area of the Mad King’s Realm, which is the labyrinth from last year’s event. There will be new encounters to fight within the labyrinth as well as familiar fights and encounters from last year.

The haunted doors will be returning this year along with the infamous clock tower jumping puzzle, of course. There are plenty of new rewards to grab this year including new achievements, two new companion minis, new crafted weapon skins, a new mask, and a Halloween candy pail. There’s also a new PvP mini-event called the Lunatic Inquisition to take part in.

Check out all the fun in-game starting today. ArenaNet also released an information page with additional details regarding the event as well as the accompanying update that will be adding in a few extras including the first WvW season, some balance updates, and a few quality-of-life and tooltip improvements.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

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