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Good News for AvA fans!

By on Oct 15, 2013 at 9:52 pm, in Buzz, News, TESO  |  Comments: No comments yet

eso war scene

News about ESO is flowing about as fast as a glacier melt in January, but if you look hard enough, it’s there. A few days ago, Zenimax announced the winner of their emote contest. Not a big deal, maybe, unless you’re into roleplaying or just get a kick out of watching your character go through some amusing motions. Look a bit deeper, though: Zenimax picked, from among hundreds (maybe thousands?) of entries, an emote that is used for PVP engagements.

That’s right – an emote to either show your respect or lack thereof to your fallen opponents. Keep in mind that Zenimax has been really pushing the idea that ESO is really a huge, multiplayer Skyrim lately. Some of us who are hoping, rather desperately, that ESO will be a spiritual successor to DAOC and really deliver some top tier Alliance vs. Alliance action have been taking the lack of news about AvA a little hard. The fact that ZOS has chosen an emote from the contest that is tailored for PVP use is definitely a good sign!

That’s not even close to the most interesting news, though!

How about a 47 minute interview with Nick Konkle? A lot of non-softball questions are tossed Nick’s way by the folks over at Shoddycast:

I’m not going to bore you by typing out the whole interview – you owe it to yourselves to listen. It’s a good one. I will take a moment to just highlight one more awesome bit of news about Alliance vs. Alliance that Nick delivered. We all knew that the player economy is going to be based on player guilds and their stores. Nick illuminated the fact that guild stores will be located in guild controlled keeps within Cyrodiil! That’s right, folks – if you want people buying the goods from your guild, you’re going to have to head out to Cyrodiil and take a keep. Not only do you have to take it, you’ll have to defend it. What good is getting a store set up if you lose it 10 minutes later? This is a huge positive for fans of AvA (RvR for us DAOC vets) – if you don’t give players an incentive to be there and fight for controllable objectives, it becomes pointless.

I can see some people who are big PVE fans and hate PVP recoiling at this news, but I hope ZOS won’t cave and keeps this vision alive. Keeps are pretty plentiful in Cyrodiil and if they are anything like keeps in DAOC, it won’t be an insurmountable task to flip them. If your guild really has some goods to sell, it shouldn’t be too difficult to grab a keep for a while – think of it as organizing a big raid. Let’s not forget that nothing will stop players from selling things the old fashioned way: /auction Daedric mace of pain – 200 gold.




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