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A TESO Junkies Exclusive (sort of!)

By on Oct 21, 2013 at 8:27 pm, in Buzz, News, TESO, Uncategorized  |  Comments: 1 comment

teso village scene

In the latest Ask us Anything over at the official ESO site, TESO Junkies was highlighted as a major question submitter. We’re excited to know that Zenimax is aware of our community and willing to take up the bulk of their variety pack with questions from our site! I’ll list the questions with their answers here, and throw in a bit of commentary. Keep in mind, that Zenimax is working on an official Q&A that will be a true exclusive to our site – questions from our affiliated forums, the (in)famous

How do you intend to make each Alliance War campaign feel persistent? Will campaigns last forever, or will they change from time to time, and will the enemies rotate?

Campaigns last for three months at a time, so you’ll find yourself running into familiar faces during them. Also note that you won’t get rotated out or switched to other campaigns unless you choose to; you’ll be able to stay in the same campaign for the entire time your character exists if you want! When a campaign ends, the only things that reset are its leaderboards and the score. Keeps, Scroll ownership, emperor status, and where you are in the world don’t get reset. It gives a great sense of persistence when only the scoring mechanics “reset.”

This has been a major talking point over at, and at other forums around the net. How do you maintain immersion when there are many versions of Cyrodiil? It sounds like if you are happy with your campaign, you don’t have to ever come face to face with the fact that there are others – the zone itself will remain persistent, and your character will always be affiliated with that instance unless you initiate some sort of change. It makes me feel a bit better knowing that the time limits on campaigns are in terms of score only – not a resetting of the actual zone and players within. I’ll hold off judgement until I see it in action.

Do you intend for skills to “morph” many times to encourage differentiation between player builds?

Right now, skills morph once.

I have to admit – when I typed this question in, I was hoping for a better answer! At least they left the ever so vague tease of “Right now,” in there. That leaves a door open for future updates, right?!

I like the idea of being able to train/feed your horse to differentiate its talents. Are there any plans in the works for high-end items that can gain XP/levels?

Not right now. Part of the game is looking for new gear. If gear can grow with you or grow in power, that tends to shut down the desire to keep looking for new gear. Getting surprised and rewarded is a really good thing. Since character progression is more predictable, we leave the surprise to finding item drops.

I would have hoped that there was room for both legendary items that grow with the spilling of your enemies’ blood as well as awesome new loot! Ah, well, there’s always hope for expansions. Maybe ZOS has some tricks up their sleeves with epic loot tables and we’ll not be left wanting in terms of creative and interesting artifacts.

Will books and chests have random locations or are they always in the same spot?

There are elements of randomness in where these things will appear.

Well that’s good, in my opinion; it should help to keep exploring fresh, even on multiple alts.

There’re a few more questions in the grab bag, so be sure to check it out. As always, keep checking back for the most interesting news on ESO and a bit of commentary.




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