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Dev Tracker: More Changes Coming in 2.1 | Community Feature

By on Oct 30, 2013 at 1:00 pm, in Article, FFXIV, News  |  Comments: 6 comments


If you haven’t already read the first compilation of dev tracker posts, be sure to check out some of the features planned for 2.1 and beyond. In addition to the list, we have some more in-detail information on housing and other implementations.

Though we still haven’t heard many details about instances other than primals and Crystal Tower, some searches through the dev tracker point to more details on upcoming features previously mentioned.  (It’s noted that some of these may be featured later than 2.1.)



Regarding Free Companies and Housing


Free Companies:


*Post 2.1 features (ETA unconfirmed)


Class/Job and UI Changes

“Quality of Life” Adjustments and General Features


Community Features


Game updates aside, we’ve been seeing a number of free companies and linkshells progressing through coil. Few have made it to the last turn, and only one has completed the fifth turn without use of exploits. Congratulations to Excalibur’s Order of the Blue Garter on their recent win!



As stated in the past, we believe every mechanic in this fight is working as intended. The fight isn’t over after twisters, not by any stretch of the imagination – but twisters themselves are by far the most unforgiving mechanic I think any of us have seen in any game, going back to EQ and vanilla WoW. The last phase is tuned close to perfectly. The recent hotfixes didn’t change any mechanics to be more forgiving; in fact, new bugs were added such as Hygieia not being able to Disseminate if stunned.

We fought Twintania from 100% to 0% while fully dealing with her mechanics.

Our kill group consisted of 3 Europeans, 1 Australian, 1 Canadian, and 3 Americans, so for all of you out there dealing with latency, our hearts go out to you. Congratulations to not just our kill group and those who received our first drops, but everyone in our free company who has put in uncountable hours and supported us along the way.

Order of the Blue Garter – Excalibur


Check out the video of the fight here. Just be sure to crank down your volume towards the end. Mrhappy also uploaded a great interview, so be sure to listen in on that as well!


Contests – Upcoming Deadline


Don’t forget to check out FFIXV’s recent contests! The deadlines are coming up soon, so get your entries in. More information can be found below:

Doppelganger Screenshot Contest

Haiku Contest


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Lauren Connally

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