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Point of View : What would you pay for?

By on Dec 2, 2013 at 4:18 pm, in Point of View, SWTOR  |  Comments: 1 comment

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A battle hardened Knight once said, “…many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.” These are mine.

I recently have moved one of my characters to The Ebon Hawk server. The move cost 1800 Cartel Coins, and it got me thinking.

“What I would pay for?”

Continue past the break for my impulse buys.

I would pay for a Character Copy and Transfer. Why not have the options to buy a character copy?

It could be an in-game credits issue. A quick solve for that would splitting the credits between the original and copied character.

I’d pay for a

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Advanced Class change.

Players already use Cartel Coins for cosmetic changes. How far could Bioware go with that?

Would you pay for a Gender Change?

How about a Companion Class Change?! Why should Mako be a Medic if I’m already a Tank? Give her two blasters and blow stuff to bits. I would rather Risha be a healer! I don’t need another long range dps companion on my Gunslinger.

So what will it be Nation? What would you pay for?

The Silverstrike Legacy can be found on The Bastion’s Vaiken Spacedock and Carrick Station, as a Mercanary for Hire and a Ghost of The Zergadins and snidagreZ.




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  • Adam Baum

    I’ll tell you what I shouldn’t pay for. You’ve mentioned the barber shop feature costing Cartel Coins. Even for Subscribers, regardless of a discount. It should not cost us anything to cosmetically change our appearance. This is only one example of BioWare/EA’s despicable greed. They know it but they also know people will still be shoveling extra money over and still subscribing. Just because this feature does not affect you and you don’t use it so you don’t care, means nothing. You let one thing go and one day your time will come for them to charge for something you care about strongly. But you didn’t want to say anything then cause it wasn’t your concern. Yet here we are and the day comes when their greed does become your concern. It how they pick us off one by one rather than everyone together saying NO! I don’t accept this. Otherwise it will just continue until your number comes up. If they try to call all of your bluffs? Unsubscribe and no more funding or support. They will listen then. Their actions are so disgusting and putrid that concerning Cartel Coins and making someone pay for things no one should be paying for. We already do by Subscribing. If there aren’t enough Subscribers to turn a profit, then you obviously fucked up somewhere along the lines really bad. Fix it. Do a headcount again and again if you have to. Find the weak links, and hire exceptional talent rather than someone who says “oh I know how to do that!” Yes, many people can sing, but which ones are a cut above the rest? Austin studio is so untalented and they made so many fatal decisions early on during development that they believed they were untouchable because of the success of KOTOR, the budget, and the Star Wars name that they couldn’t go wrong. Wow were they mistaken. Now SWTOR is on life support as a patient that will die without the machine keeping them alive. The name of the life support machine is called the Cartel Market.