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Aces and Eights : Galactic Starfighter Tips

By on Dec 4, 2013 at 3:59 pm, in Article, SWTOR  |  Comments: 5 comments

starfighter header

“I get to pick my call sign. Call me Crackerjack. Wait… that sounded better in my head. Call me ACE!”

Galactic Starfighter PvP is fun.

Once you get the hang of flight. It’s a steep curve, but once achieved you’re golden

Keep reading for my TOP 10 TIPS for winning at Galactic Starfighter.

  1. Bring a Wing Man and use Voice Chat, it’s the difference between having fun and being fodder.
  2. Use

    your Scout to take a satellite fast. Boost all the way to ALPHA, BETA, or Charlie. Your support will be along shortly.

  3. Upgrade what you favor using, just hit ‘H’ to access your hanger and purchase from your UI.
  4. When Dog-Fighting, slow your ship down for faster turns.
  5. When fighting a Gunship, use the targeting window to determine if they are targeting you. If the Gunship is pointed towards you, watch out.
  6. Did I mention bringing a Wing Man? Oh and use Voice Chat.
  7. Target and destroy an enemy chasing a teammate. While they are following them, lock on and fire!
  8. Use captured satellites to your advantage. The turrets will help destroy enemies.
  9. Use captured satellites to retreat to as well. Great for Scouts that can boost across the entire zone.
  10. Get good at using the ‘Lead’ indicator on your HUD. Your cursor will gain larger cross-hairs when you’ve got a good blaster shot.

Oh and practice saying “I have you now!”

The Silverstrike Legacy can be found on The Bastion and The Ebon Hawk, as a Ghost of the Zergadins.




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  • DarthMaul208

    Sounds fun although I will have to wait till February to play it!

  • Thexder

    Good tips, Cheers. Still getting used to the combat. Need to do it with a friend to really get the most out of it.
    Oh, by the way, it’s “I have you now!”

    • Silverstrike

      You’re right! …and fixed.

  • Aeden Darko

    The real key to getting better is using your engine and blaster priorities. Assign your blaster and engine boosts (F1 & F3) to your mouse thumb buttons. You’ll be leadin by the end of the day.