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Aces and Eights : Focus on Upgrades

By on Dec 11, 2013 at 2:36 pm, in Article, SWTOR  |  Comments: 1 comment

starfighter header “I get to pick my call sign. Call me Crackerjack. Wait… that sounded better in my head. Call me ACE!” when engaging in Space PvP your requisition points can be spent on ship upgrades. The system is set up to push you in the direction of spreading out your purchases. This spread of purchases leads to a weaker Starfighter to engage combat in. Keep reading for my recommendations on spending requisition points. Pilots on your server have ships that are completely maxed out. They are faster, tougher, and hit harder than you. What are you going to do now? Focus. Subscribers are allowed early access to Galactic Starfigher. These players get a monthly grant of Cartel Coins. Players have used that grant to change Ship Requisition (that can be spend only on specific Class Ships) into Fleet Requisition (that can be spent on any ship). Yes, this is a real money making business model. Players are spending real money to upgrade their ships faster. You can use your Cartel Coin grant to do the same thing. Upon completing Daily and Weekly Starfigher Missions, you are given Requisition grants in the form of usable items. When you click on the item, your ships are granted Ship Requisition. All of them are granted the same amount. Player are granting their entire hanger requisition points and converting them into Fleet Requisition so they can focus on upgrading their preferred class.

Hanger Requisition Points In this screen shot you can see my Hanger of ships currently have 14,257 ship requisition. For 569 Cartel Coins I can convert them all to Fleet Requisition points. Which is 775 points shy of the top tier Ship talent cost. If you can appoint your Cartel Coin grant toward Focused Ship upgrades, you will find your kill counts go up and your ships durability extended. Note : This use of Cartel Coins is only an option to speed up your ship upgrades. You are in no way locked out of these upgrades if you don’t spend the points. It’s just faster. The Silverstrike Legacy can be found on The

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Bastion and The Ebon Hawk, as a Ghost of the Zergadins.




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