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RIFT: Fae Yule 2013 Item Preview

By on Dec 12, 2013 at 10:28 am, in MMORPG  |  Comments: 4 comments

This year’s winter-flavored RIFT holiday event known as Fae Yule isn’t kicking off until today on live shards, but the RIFT Store was updated yesterday with all of the goodies that will be purchasable off the store itself and off the Unique Snowflake vendor this year. The new achievements for this year’s Fae Yule are also available already. We’re here with a preview of all the new items added for this year’s festivities. Interestingly enough, it seems there will be a secondary currency this year, much in the same vein as most of the other RIFT holidays. The new currency items are called Dark Icicles, and a large chunk of both the new items and older items that can be purchased without Credits have a Dark Icicle cost as well as a Unique Snowflake cost. Some of the daily quests will presumably award this new currency. If you haven’t seen our Fae Yule guide from last year and this will be your first year taking part in the event, now’s a good chance to check it out. We’ll make an updated version once the event unfolds on live shards. Note: Prices listed before are with the Patron bonus in effect.   Fae Yule Lockboxes fae yule 2013 grab bag header As expected, there is a new Fae Yule lockbox in the RIFT Store with a variety of possible cosmetic goodies inside. It’s the Fae Yule Grab Bag and can be picked up for 405 Credits each. Notably, there are some pretty cool cosmetic weapon skins and some adorable pets inside. Most of the items seem to be bind-on-account, though there are a few that are bind-on-pickup. Care for a sampling of the items found within? From left to right below, we have the pets– Celyn, Slobberjaw, Bowie, Krinkle, and Ol’Frosty. fae yule 2013 grab bag pets 1 And the final three pets– Snowflake, Broody, and Jack: fae yule 2013 grab bag pets 2 Dang it, Trion. I need Snowflake to be part of my life. Now. From left to right below, here’s a sampling of the season-appropriate weapon skins– Ice Sword, Ice Scythe, Ice Dagger, and Snowflake Staff: fae yule 2013 grab bag weapons There’s also a second Fae Yule lockbox of sorts, found within the World Event section of the store and presumably on the world event vendors. This one is called the Dark Ice Bell and can be picked up for 360 Credits or 500 Unique Snowflakes. This box can randomly contain any of the Fae Yule holiday mounts (probably not including the achievement mounts, however), Dark Ice essences, and a new 34-slot Coal-Stained Backpack. The mounts available through store/vendor are the Tawny Fae Yule Vaiyuu, Spotted Festive Fae Yule Vaiyuu, and Grey Festive Fae Yule Vaiyuu. These are the same three that were offered last year via the quest from the looks of it. That quest will presumably be redone this year and will most likely reward Dark Icicles instead, but we’ll see for sure later today!   Other Fae Yule Goodies fae yule 2013 dimension items etc

As far as other Fae Yule goodies go, there’s a new Angry Snowman Hat this year in the RIFT Store for 360 Credits, previewable to the left. I can’t help but be reminded of Grumpy Cat. There’s also a, uh, way to kind of dress like your favorite cosmic rhinoceros. Kind of. There are new level 60 necklaces that are upgradable for either 2300 Snowflakes and 30 Icicles or 1890 Credits. The upgrade paths include raid items such as Radiant Infinity Cells. There are planar essences too, of course. The level 60 versions cost either 750 Snowflakes and 30 Icicles or 1152 Credits apiece. The festive hats with stats are also back from last year. These are more designed for newly-dinged level 60 players and can be upgraded by picking up a Spirit of the Season with Snowflakes or Credits. The 28-slot bag is back, and there are all the pets from previous years that are purchasable separately. The pets found in the Grab Bags are sadly not available in this part of the store, but there are two pretty cute new ones that can be purchased separate. Here are all five separate pets. Some debuted in previous years of Fae Yule. From left to right below we have Rudy, Oakenoel (new to 2013), Marv (new to 2013), Dasher, and Prancer: fae yule 2013 store pets There are also brand new companion puppets for Fae Yule. There are five total: Tasuil, Faceless Man, Fae Yule Spirit Singer, Dacia, and Fae Yule Caroler. For those who are still missing some of the puppet pets from previous holidays, you can still grab the Random Discarded Puppet: Fae and Random Discarded Puppet: Nobles boxes. Each of these cost 450 Credits.

For dimensioneers, there is a new dimension! The Key to Dimension: Icewatch Outpost will set you back 750 Snowflakes and 30 Icicles or 1485 Credits. There are also a handful of dimension-building kits including the Fae Yule Kit: Fae Yule Tree, Fae Yule Kit: Lights, Fae Yule Kit: Snow, Fae Yule Kit: Gift Boxes, and Fae Yule Kit: Decorations. The kits range in prices from between 900 Snowflakes to 1250 and 450 Credits to 900. The Commemorative Greatfather Frost Statue is also back from last year for 1000 Snowflakes or 769 Credits. You can take a look at it to the right. That’s some statue. Finally, there’s a new Fae Yule Reveler’s Bundle purchasable for 765 Credits, which is a simple bundle of the Fae Yule Reveler’s outfit offered in previous years. The illusion stones, giant candy cane weapon skins, and odd little food items are all still around from previous years.   New Achievements fae yule 2013 achievements header Finally, Trion got around to adding in more Fae Yule achievements this year. There is a new achievement to collect all of the pets that are new to 2013’s Fae Yule. The new pets include all of the unique ones from the Fae Yule Grab Bag as well as the two new

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pets offered individually in the store. As a reward, you’ll pick up the Snow Ki Rin, which looks pretty cool indeed:

fae yule 2013 snow ki rin

For puppet collectors, there’s another achievement to collect all of the Fae Yule puppet companions. This one rewards the Grandfather Frost puppet, shown below. There’s also an achievement to collect all of the Fae Yule puppets, all of the Noble puppets, and all of the Fae puppets. This rewards a nifty little item (the tooltip is shown below next to Grandfather Frost) that should be good for downtime during raids.

fae yule 2013 puppet head

Remember the snowmen from previous years of Fae Yule? They’ve finally made their way into the achievement section of RIFT, and there’s an achievement for collecting and using all four of the snowmen: Satyr Snowman, Holiday Snowman, Bogling Snowman, and Snowman. There will also be a new item called the Light of Yule that will presumably be collected in the random gift bags and whatnot similar to the snowmen. For collecting all four Lights of Yule, you’ll get a fifth one, which is a companion pet.

To encourage players to get into the spirit of gift-giving, there’s also a new achievement to gift an item through the RIFT Store. This one doesn’t have achievement points connected to it, but it does grant an… interesting looking pet– the Yulebot 9000! You can take a look at her on the right. The alternate warfront PvP Fae Yule achievements are back again this year, naturally. Dimensioneers have an achievement of their own as well for opening all five Fae Yule dimension kits. Finally, for collecting all of the Fae Yule puppets, all of the Snowmen, opening all of the dimension kits, and collecting all of the Lights of Yule, players will receive the grand Fae Yule achievement prize– the Nightbringer mount:

fae yule 2013 nightbringer

Happy Fae Yule, folks! Enjoy the snowballs and sledding.

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

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