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Here’s the Dream Destination Celebration Top 20!

By on Jan 9, 2014 at 12:20 pm, in Article, RIFT  |  Comments: 18 comments

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2014 may be plunging ahead in full swing, but that doesn’t mean the New Year’s celebrations have to come to an end! In RIFT, dimensioneers have been busy celebrating and creating lavish getaways, nightclubs, and retreats for one special event– the Dream Dimension Celebration Contest. This contest, held by Kiwi and her team over at Rift Dream Dimensions, will award dimension creators for piecing together some of the coolest celebrations and party houses around. And believe me– we’re talking much more than houses here! RIFT‘s dimension system is home to some of the most creative minds around when it comes to building in-game works of art.

The final date for entries to be accepted was January 3rd, and since then Kiwi and her team of dimension experts have been narrowing down a staggering 202 entries down into a mere 20. The public hasn’t known which entries made it to the top 20– until today! As one of the honored members of this phase’s judging panel, I have been given permission to showcase the final 20 and share screenshots with the RIFT community.

After we narrow down the top 20 into the top 10, the top 10 will be announced on Rift Dream Dimensions (via live stream) on Sunday, January 12th. After that point, Kiwi and her team will combine the results, showcase those entries in a video and choose the top three winners– first, second, and third place– from there.

The top 3 dimensions will be featured on a Friday live stream with Trion Worlds. Trion will also be supplying the winners– and all contest entrants– with some pretty awesome RIFT prizes. More details about the contest can be found here and here.

Now, with all the gritty details out of the way, let’s get to the top 20!

These are organized by shard name and are in no particular order. These are not my personal results– I’m merely showing off the top 20. I’ll share two screenshots from each dimension. Click on any of the images in the galleries to see the full-size version. I’ll also share a few words regarding my standout bits (and a few random thoughts) from each dimension, but I won’t say too much just yet!


North American Shards




1. “Plants Gone Wild” by Scynthrina (Stone Flask Tavern)

Favorite bit: Those cool statues. And the colors!




2. “Santa’s Outpost” by Lovelife (Icewatch Outpost)

Favorite bit: Zoning straight into candy cane lane. That might have been one of my childhood dreams.

3. “The 8 Ball Club” by Azazee (Icewatch Outpost)

Favorite bit: That rockin’ DJ podium and dance floor.



4. “Island Beach Party” by Stickybuds (Shoreward Island)

Favorite bit: The giant pool with the huge speakers and the pretty lights. I’ll die happy here. Really.
5. “Club Barbados” by Kimchee (Edge of Infinity)

Favorite bit: The light effects and the general atmosphere of the place. Gorgeous.

6. “Music Festival” by Streetfighter (Shoreward Island)

Favorite bit: The cool stage with the clock.

7. “Vertigo Nightclub” by Nixea (Sanguine Shores)

Favorite bit: Everything? Best use of Sanguine Shores ever.

8. “*2014* Party!!!” by Failx (Edge of Infinity)

Favorite bit: Those paintings with the teeny realistic images! Gah, those get me every time.

9. “Ice Palace” by Sliveroflight (Kestrel’s Cry Ravine)

Favorite bit: The creative use of different types of icy and watery effects, especially for the flooring.

10. “MJ Smooth Criminal” by Quivir (Edge of Infinity)

Favorite bit: The atmosphere. And the people! And the jukebox!


European Shards




1. “For Ever Kids” by Nakora (Kestrel’s Cry Ravine)

Favorite bit: The hopscotch board and the horsie console setup.




2. “Poly’s Night Out” by Polynomia (Auditorium Carnos Plaza)

Favorite bit: The little details and the awesome interior design.

3. “Rift Watch Winter Retreat” by Invicta (Kestrel’s Cry Ravine)

Favorite bit: The area where you zone in and the bonfire. Love the creative choices with both.

4. “Cascade Hall” by Kollette (Edge of Infinity)

Favorite bit: The view from the outside and those delicious-looking cakes.


5. “Bar Val” by Valarana (Moonshade Pools)

Favorite bit: Yeah, those fireworks. Perfect touch.




6. “Pedal to the Metal” by Seyler (Bogling Boggle)

Favorite bit: The little modern day details such as the steam coming from the sewer grate and those pinball machines.

7. “Jabba Clause” by Carrla (Faen’s Retreat)

Favorite bit: The band!

8. “A Fairy New Year Eve” by Hiurma (Three Springs)

Favorite bit: Man, the details. The way flowers, fae, and everything natural was inserted into every single object.


9. “The Party Night” by Midarys (Moonshade Pools)

Favorite bit: The unique oddities like the swans, hat rack, and those cool racing bikes (and that star!).

10. “The Crypt” by Rali (Central Necropolis)

Favorite bit: That centerpiece you stumble upon when walking through the door. Yeah, creepy, but also awesome.

And that’s it, folks! Make sure to keep in eye on Rift Dream Dimensions as the contest continues to make its way to the finish long. Congrats to all of those in the top 20, and go on– go check out all these amazing dimensions for yourself! You know you want to!

Laura Hardgrave

Laura Hardgrave

Laura is the Editor-in-Chief for Junkies Nation. When she's not writing long editorials or fighting apostrophe errors, she enjoys exploring multiple MMORPGs, getting inspiration for more long editorials, distracting big snarly things for her friends, and writing LGBT science fiction/fantasy.
  • Kiwi

    Amazing! ALL of them thank you for this awesome article. I will be livestreaming the Top 10 on Sunday on my livestream and making a video tribute to the Top 10 as we head to Finals for January 17th with Trion on their livestream – so exciting. /salute all Dimensioneers & Judges xox

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  • Medic

    Did you guys even go to Faeblight? I find it really hard to believe that not one of them made the top 20. Especially when compared to some of these. What was the judging criteria? How were dims scored?

    • Kiwi

      We sure did. From 202 entries the final twenty was clear and I have been in many Faeblight Dimensions and many did not even enter also you have to remember a ton of exceptional Faeblight entries are also Guild Dimensions which we’re not able to enter. Faeblight is amazing but this contest is about Dimensions & Celebration themes not shards, if you view the gallery you will see and are welcome to view all Faeblight entries.

      • Haeljan

        What’s the link to the Gallery of entries? I only found the “Where’s Nico?” collection and that only has 91 pictures in it.

        • SteveB

          Gallery address: You’ll need to click on each shard and regrettably there isn’t an indication of how many images are in each folder (shard).

          • Kiwi

            The Top 20 post gave everyone clear instructions I would not be releasing top 20 until Saturday via the gallery and Sunday below Top 10 I invited generous judges like Laura to share them with you. They are right here for you and others who come to this site. Thanks so much Laura!

      • SteveB

        From the 202 is there any chance of giving an indication on the amount that were not eligible for entry (did not contain the required features such as dance area etc.), and the amount that you couldn’t find. the information regarding the judging panel was so in-depth saying that you all had such an eye for detail – some of these dimensions have a lot of errors in… were there so many disallowed entries that these were the best of the very few that was left? you said that the entire dimension would be looked at and careful studied but a lot of the dimensions have large empty spaces. what counted as a bad dimension?

        • Kiwi

          SteveB I have read your comments here and forums I understand disappointment but there is not a final 20 that does not deserve to be in it nor a final 10. There are so many wonderful entries and if I could everyone would be a winner just for being good sports and enjoying Dimensions but this would be defeating the purpose. It would be nice to continue good sportsmanship which has always been the heart of Dimensions.

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  • Hecateria

    heya Laura,

    I realy love your article, realy clear and easy to see what is going on. Lovely done showing us the top 20 in this way. I hope you liked going to the dimensions as much as i did.

    Greetings Hecateria

    • Laura Hardgrave

      Thanks so much! And yeah, I really enjoyed my tour. I love looking at the awesome creations folks come up with. I tend to just kinda use my own dimension to pile cute stuff like pumpkins on top of each other, and that’s um, about it (I guess my creativity doesn’t quite apply to building xD), so I’m always in awe of what other players can do. :D

  • Lalena

    Laura, I love your comments under each entry. Choosing your top 10 out
    of the last 20 would have been as hard as it was for us to go through
    all 202 and choose the 20. Its really nice that we have an equal number
    from both sides of the atlantic. I cant wait to see who has made it to
    the top 10.

    • Laura Hardgrave

      I can’t wait to see who who the top 10 are either! And yeah, it was really hard narrowing it down. xD So many awesome places to visit. I’m glad you liked the comments, I had a lot of fun with those. :D

  • Alfie

    Hey Laura (:
    Awesome Article and thank you for sharing the top 20 with us all.
    Glad you have alot of fun to, choosing top 10 musta been hard so many good ones to choose from ^^

  • Amity

    Thanks for sharing Laura! It’s so time consuming and painstaking to go through all 20 of these and appreciate the inventiveness and creativity that go into every dimension.

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