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RIFT: A Week of Fashion Concepts Buff Telara

By on Jul 25, 2014 at 6:00 am, in MMORPG, RIFT  |  Comments: 1 comment

Being a judge for the recent RIFT Summer Wardrobe Contest wasn’t an easy feat. The reactions to the event itself and winners were mixed which was expected not only because of the nature of community-led projects but also because the sunny theme of summer isn’t simply defined– especially in an MMORPG where design animations don’t include an extensive array of summer-style attire or shoes at this stage of the game. These factors aside it’s always heart warming to see players receive rewards or recognition for their efforts.

Fashion Week
To celebrate such initiative, this week in Telara is officially Fashion Week as all winners of the Summer Wardrobe Contest AND the Rift Weapon and Cloak Concept Art Contest saw their winning items join the ranks of items available in the RIFT Store.

rift fashion week cloaks

There are so many wicked items to please all tastes, but these eyes flew straight to the cloaks with wings (previewed above) setting off feverish scheming and plotting to create an epic 3.0 underwater themed wardrobe. I’m curious to see if we will see some one-hand concepts hit the store along with even more slots to add to the 20 already available for the wardrobe system!

Bright Ideas
Exceptional Dyes are back in the store to blaze the heat of color across your computer screen, match those hair colors, and co-ordinate your mount. Dyes are not only preview-able in the store now, but can also be previewed in the Auction House for easier vanity care!

Patron Accessories
Patron Buffs were increased with bonus Warfront charges and bonus dungeon (in next week’s hotfix) charges. There is also an optional toggled ability called Experience Suppression (in case you’re leveling with friends and want to turn the extra Patron EXP buff off), a passive that grants 10 more daily quests per day, and– to add even more shininess to your Telarian day– a new Patron’s Radiance cosmetic item (previewed below). Look, a halo to match those wings!

JN Image5

Do you even Trove?

What was perhaps the sweetest way to log in this week was to find my mail icon alight with a new cloak. If you have a character Level 10 or above in Trove Alpha, you’re granted a new cloak in RIFT. Don’t worry– I’ll be talking more about Trove real soon, but for now enjoy Fashion Week in RIFT until Wednesday, July 30th!

rift fashion week 3

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