LATEST: RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide and ArcheAge Launch Dates Revealed– Plus More!
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No, that’s not an April Fool’s joke on the front page of the Mario Kart 8 website. In addition to the free Mercedes DLC being released tomorrow, Nintendo fans will be able to pre-order two upcoming DLC packs that grant them 16 new courses, 6 new drivers, 8 new vehicles, and 8 new colors for Yoshi and Shy Guy for about $12. The course count alone increases the total courses by 50% and will be the first new cups Mario Kart has received since Mario Kart DS. More information from the official press release after the cut.

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Despite the fact that I’m “press,” I’m a lot like most of you readers. I have a regular day job that doesn’t involve video games, chores I need to get done, friends and family that don’t really get my hobby, etc. I only have so much time for games (these articles don’t write themselves!), so I have to choose my titles wisely. I have to cut through a lot of the marketing BS you do and try to experience the game for what it is and figure out how I can work it into my life. Well, that, and I’m cheap enough to be able to resist a lot of sales, so I’m not buying up everything and leaving behind a huge pile of partially played games.

For me, E3′s not only a convention I go to for work, but like many of you, I try to use it to figure out what might be worth following and what just seems like media hype. If you want some no-spin insight into E3 2014, I’ll be your guide to this year’s events.

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I’m normally one to heavily question good news, but I’m having trouble holding back on this. Nintendo’s latest announcement about the upcoming Smash Bros games are music to fans ears, both hardcore and casual. That might sound odd, but the game’s online mode has two options: For Fun or For Glory. For Fun is your usual local Smash experience, but For Glory is basically what most Smash hardcores want from the base game: no items, no gimmicks, just two fighters and Final Destination. Naturally, we’ll have to see how the combat system plays out, but it’s a very solid start, assuming the game doesn’t suffer from the lag issues of the last online smash.

However, Nintendo’s giving itself some time on this. The 3DS version is expected to come out this summer while the Wii U version is set to arrive in winter. The two games will allow people to play together cross-platform. In addition, the 3DS will have a new, exclusive mode: Smash Run. In this mode, up to 4 players will have 5 minutes to explore a dungeon, grab loot and items, and then use them in a regular Smash battle.

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double loot week

Your farm raid nights might look a little more loot-filled this week. Announced yesterday on RIFT‘s Facebook page and Twitter page, Trion’s being pretty awesome and giving all RIFT players bonus loot chests from the final bosses of Storm Legion expert dungeons and Sliver raids and bosses inside 20-man raids. For the most part, these chests appear to be similar to the bonus chests spawned during Fae Yule and contain a random, bonus calling-specific item that can drop off any boss inside the raid/dungeon for the player that loots the chest (some raid bosses are handled a little differently).

The phat lewt-ness begins today, March 26th after the update (and has already began for EU players since a few hours ago), and runs until April 2nd. And yes, that includes bonus raid/dungeon currencies! Both have been doubled.

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rift new mounts

This past Friday afternoon, Trion hosted a playtest of the new Steppes of Infinity Conquest map on the Public Test Shard. Much fun and bug discovery was to be had as even Daglar and Vladd showed up to enjoy a bit of action. During the playtest, the team also previewed a couple of cool new goodies that will be added to RIFT in the future. Kiwi showed off a few screenshots over at Rift Dream Dimensions, and they’re far too awesome to not share. Here’s a brief preview!

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conquest power title

During last Friday’s live stream, Daglar talked a bit about the fact that Trion is finally considering getting rid of Conquest Power altogether. The idea originally popped up in this forum thread earlier in the week asking for player feedback. So far, the feedback seems to be leaning in favor of nuking Conquest Power into orbit.

Daglar shared his thoughts on what this would mean, exactly, and stated that on the PvP side of things, the loss of the stat bonuses shouldn’t harm PvP whatsoever. For raiding content, however, some groups may feel the loss of the stat bonuses provided through Conquest Power. He said that for Tier 1 and 2 raids, the plan is to automatically provide the extra stats for all groups that enter the raids while Tier 3 raids will be tuned without them. This will let guilds continue progressing without feeling as though they are going backwards.

So, what do you think? Is this is a good move?

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Straight from Nintendo Direct, Nintendo fans have a lot more to look forward to in 2014 and beyond! Little Mac, formerly only an assist trophy, will be playable in the next installment(s) of Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. Bowsers kids, the Kooplings, will apparently all appear as playable characters in Mario Kart 8 when the game is released May 30. Speaking of dates, the West finally has a release date for the newest Kirby game, Kirby Triple Deluxe, due out May 2, while Monster Hunter fans have to wait till early 2015 for Ultimate 4 to be released. More details from the official press release below

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Coincidentally, a week after I talked about The Elder Scrolls Online, WildStar, and the whole debate about whether or not these two blockbusters will live up to their hype, we received notice of a rumor circulating the internet regarding how much TESO has set back its developers during the game’s production.

The rumor comes to us from multiple sources, but was originally found on Superannuation’s Twitter page, who is a reputable video game journalist who loves to sleuth out gaming mysteries. The tweet in question has since been deleted, interestingly enough, but the evidence still stands and can be found on NeoGAF.

Here’s what we’re looking at:

teso 200 million price tag tweet

The price tag seems to fit, especially give the fact that Bethesda is shooting high with TESO and working off a huge franchise and will be releasing the game for PC, Mac, PS4, and XBOX One, but it also makes sense given the fact that they’re launching the game with a subscription fee right off the bat. We also know that there will be a large amount of cutscenes, animations, and voice acting in TESO, which seems to fit this type of budget.

We also, of course, have to give a nod to BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic which had a similar price tag and shares quite a bit in common with TESO‘s goals and design paths thus far.

Remember that this information is only a rumor and should be taken as such. It sure makes for some interesting speculation, however.

Source: GameFront

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RJ Dev Tracker

A few months ago, the RIFT community was told that while PvP dimensions are very much still in the making, the team has had to put them on the back burner of sorts due to other features that had priority. Pithos, the developer who has been personally working on PvP dimensions, gave us a new update yesterday on the official forums. He basically told us where he’s at on creating them and that he plans on touching bases with Daglar and telling us more soon. Here’s his full post:

Originally posted by Pithos (Source)

I’m the one that has been working on PvP Dimensions when time allows (which has been rare!)…

There’s still no official release date set – it largely depends on how many features we want to launch with, and how often other tasks take priority.

I’ve got a very basic version fully functional now. Current working example: Click a banner to join a team, get teleported to your team’s start point, fight, get a point (or points) each time you kill someone on a different team, when you die and hit respawn, get teleported to your team’s graveyard and resurrect, and then at the end, declare victory for the winning team (or a tie!)… All of this within a dimension of your own creation, of course.

I’ll be talking with Daglar some time soon regarding when & how we want to release this.

Sadly we don’t have a release date yet, but soon hopefully!

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holiday season 2013

Aw, look at the corgis. Wait a minute… Is that a dwarf in his undies and a Fae Yule hat getting drunk behind them? Why, yes. Yes, it is. Wut? C’mon– it’s Trion we’re talking about. Trion released a new video celebrating Fae Yule and the holiday season yesterday, and it’s full of cheer, cute corgis, the majesty of Iron Pine Peak, and, well, yes. This fellow. Dwarves are awesome. No other explanation is needed.

Merry Christmas, happy Fae Yule, and happy holidays, RIFTers! From Trion and from all of us at Junkies Nation/Rift Junkies.

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