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Darius, Ahri, Graves, Leona, Nautilus, Rengar, Katarina, Jax, and a few other LoL champions go head to head like never seen before in Riot’s latest cinematic called “A New Dawn” which was released yesterday. Much in the vein of “A Twist of Fate”, “A New Dawn” showcases some awesome champ abilities and even an ultimate or two in 1 vs. 1 fights. With an added twist, the champions get involved in a bit of team fight action this time. Here’s a spoiler: Nautilus, Leona, and Graves are kind of awesome.

Riot also released a behind-the-scenes video that goes into the magic behind the making of “A New Dawn”. This video can be viewed here.

League of Legends movie, anyone? Come on, Riot. You know you want to.

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Grab your bat-phone, bat-wallet, and jump in your Batmobile on Wednesday, July 23rd, since DC Entertainment has declared the day to be Batman Day! The event in in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics #23. To celebrate, participating comic book retailers will provide a free, special edition re-print of that book. DC is also providing other collectibles, such as book marks, capes, and four Batman masks.


If you can’t make it your local comic book store, Detective Comics #23 will be available for free download on, comiXology, and all other digital platforms.

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Despite still being in its first year of launch, Elder Scrolls Online has already seen its share of rough times. How large that share actually is will depend on who you ask, of course. According to recent information from Superdata, ESO has over 770,000 subscribers as of June which is a fairly impressive number given some of the comments seen in MMORPG communities about the game’s comparative success, but there’s also the fact that console/PC gamers– and not just MMO fans– love Elder Scrolls.

The rough times in question primarily have to do with ESO‘s endgame content. Veteran content as it’s called is currently wrapped in veteran ranks that are obtained by either grinding out content that was unexplored by leveling your particular faction to level 50 or by tagging alongside a few friends in Craglorn.

The main issues with veteran content have to do with both the content’s “grind” factor as well as the major lack of character progression obtained while gaining veteran points/ranks. The ranks don’t offer much in the way of rewards. The original leveling experience from 1-50 offers a whole lot more comparatively which leaves a large chunk of endgame ESO players feeling as though veteran content is a way of artificially extending the life of the game and little more.

Luckily, Bethesda seems to have taken notice of those feelings. During this year’s Quakecon which was held late last week, ESO‘s development team spent a great deal of time touching on various updates and plans in the works for the future of Elder Scrolls Online– including their plans for nuking veteran points and giving players more in the way of actual veteran progression and rewards.

Here’s what we’ll see as far as endgame content adjustments:

  • Veteran points will be disappearing. Instead we’ll see regular EXP again which will reward veteran ranks.
  • This means we’ll get rested EXP in veteran content.
  • As we gain EXP past level 50 this will unlock a new passive skill system called a Champion system. This is account-wide much in the vein of Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s Legacy system or RIFT‘s Planar Attunement system.
  • Champion skills will all be passive and allow players to gain additional base damage from weapons, extra Stamina regeneration, elemental resist/bonus damage, and other similar bonuses. There will be various “paths” based on each of the constellations (The Tower, The Mage, etc.).
  • At certain numbers of points placed into a given path/constellation, we’ll gain additional passive/active unlocks. Examples: Extra gold from chests, extra chance of success when unlocking chests, damage reflect when blocking, and an on-use damage reflect upon blocking.
  • Each character on an account will be able to place their Champion points independently.
  • Endgame gear will no longer be restricted by veteran ranks. New gear will be added in “seasons”. Similar to tier systems, players will be able to obtain a current season’s gear fairly rarely while older seasons of gear will be easier to obtain.

eso imperial city

There was also a whole bunch of other cool reveals during Quakecon. Here’s a quick recap of what’s being added:

  • New Imperial City PvP zone that’s unlocked by Cyrodil ownership. Combines daily quests, PvE mini-bosses, and player killing. Areas can be competed for.
  • Grouping improvements including phasing improvements, quest objective sharing, group leader sync, and group quest tracking.
  • New veteran dungeon coming in Update 5: City of Ash.
  • Dungeons will scale to group leader (including when you enter solo). This includes enemies, EXP, items, and gold.
  • New daily dungeon quests and rewards surrounding the Undaunted. Rewards including new passives and new armor sets.
  • New Craglorn content including improved itemziation, new crafting trait, and new 12-man trial focusing on the Serpent.
  • New Dragonstar Arena (located in Craglorn – video below) that includes 4-player trials that are progressively more difficult and timed. These have two modes (normal and veteran), leaderboards, and resurrection restrictions.

  • Improved facial animations on character models.
  • New justice system that will let you steal items from crates, etc. (instead of just taking them like you currently do). In order to steal, you must be hidden. If caught by a guard you can pay a bounty or run which causes guards to chase you. NPC guards can be killed.
  • This system also allows players to act as guards and actively hunt down players with bounties. Yes, this a world PvP type of system that seems extremely optional.
  • New Spellcrafting system that might be part of the Mages Guild. Will allow players to combine spell effects to create new spell effects. Uses a lockpicking-like system involving stone tablets of varying qualities and charcoal. Will involve exploring and discovering magical doorways.
  • Improved combat responsiveness.
  • New weapon and armor models.
  • New swampland adventure zone called Murkmire which is similar to Craglorn. Argonian-focused. Has more 12-man trials.
  • New solo PvE zone called Wrothgar.

There was also a brief Q&A session. Here are some highlights:

  • Werewolves will be rebalanced.
  • A babershop-type system is being added at some point, but the team is trying to figure out how to add it so it best fits for RP purposes.
  • We might see a dueling feature when the justice system is added. This one’s complicated to add.
  • We may eventually see more mini-games like horse racing, a better fishing system, etc.
  • They’re looking to improve Stamina builds by boosting weapon damage and adjusting spell/weapon crit.
  • We’ll likely see guild traders and other RP additions in the future.
  • Respec costs we be reduced at the start of a new update by a large amount (for a week) as well as reduced overall. Morph respec costs will also be reduced across the board.

Overall, these updates and reveals seem pretty impressive.
Special thanks to Dulfy.

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The road leading up to Series 8 of the BBC’s Doctor Who has been a little rocky. First, some raw footage was leaked by a U.S. office. Then five scripts from the new season also made their way online.

Despite this, none of the excitement was tempered when the BBC aired the official Series 8 trailer this past Monday. It provides fans with their first real glimpse at the new Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. It’s a great teaser for the season that lies ahead–and announces August 23rd air date.

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Big news hit The Avengers this week–the superhero group, not the movie–as Marvel announced big changing coming to two of the team’s founding members. It was announced on The View that the…name…of Thor will be passed yet-unknown female character, as our traditional hero has (once again) become unworthy. On The Cobert Report, we learned that Sam Wilson (Falcon) will take up the name Captain America, after Steve Rogers loses his powers.

While a lot of outlets are making a big deal about these changes, it’s not likely that they will last long. Both Thor and Steve Rogers have passed on their helms before (literally and figuratively). Thor had been a space horse alien–as many outlets have been excited to point out–and Bucky Barnes has previously succeeded Rogers as Captain America.

Still, these story lines are bound to be interesting–and to be heavily covered in the media.


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Hey, folks! We’re back!

You might remember us. We’re Draegon, Teljair, and Laura/Serrain. We’re the administrative team behind Rift Junkies, FORCE Junkies, and the myriad of other fansites that have popped up over the past few years with the Junkies banner proudly displayed. Last year we decided to start an ambitious project– a multi-dimensional geeky/gamer-focused site that not only covered the latest and greatest MMORPGs, but also other MMORPGs we all loved.

And the MOBAs we loved. And our favorite console and PC games. And our favorite geeky TV shows, movies, comics, and cosplay masterpieces. We’re gaming junkies, sure, but there’s so much more to love in this wide, weird, wild world. Junkies Nation became a place for everyone to embrace their inner gamer and geek and just celebrate whatever it is they happened to be passionate about.

We had a few stumbles in this endeavor last year, unfortunately, but we’re back bigger– and better– than ever. Our team consists of a familiar group of faces as well as a few new, awesome writers who are here to share what they’re passionate about and maybe teach a fan a thing or two about their latest cosplay adventure, MMORPG project, or MOBA strat.

Our aim is to not be a mere news site, but a place where honest opinions, solid strategies, and passionate reviews and previews are the core of what we cover. We won’t rehash stuff. We won’t hound you for clicks. We’re simply here to share what we love and hope folks are interested enough to stick around to see what we have to ramble about.

If you’ve been a part of our awesome Rift Junkies community for a while now, you may have noticed that Rift Junkies now redirects to Junkies Nation. This move was made not to bid farewell to RIFT and our past coverage of the game, but as a way to build a bridge between our fansite community and the broader gaming/geek-centric community that may still love RIFT, but also loves other things and other games.

Make no mistake– we’ll still be covering RIFT. All of our Rift Junkies content (as well as everything from our other Junkies fansites) is now on Junkies Nation. Older content can be found searching under the specific game categories. We’ll also be covering a lot more than RIFT. Remember what we said about a wide, weird, wild world? Yeah. Life’s too short to not embrace all of its geeky bits.

To the Rift Junkies community– thank you for being there for us over the years.

We’re in for a wild ride. We hope you’ll join us.

Laura “Serrain” Hardgrave
Jason “Draegon” Dodge
Ryan “Teljair” Raplee

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2.7 delayed

Update 5/7/14: Well, that was quick! The issue was resolved this afternoon and RIFT 2.7: Binding of Blood is now live on NA servers with EU patching during its normal time. Hooray!

There was some disappointing news announced last night. Trion unfortunately had to delay RIFT 2.7: Binding of Blood, the next major content patch that was supposed to launch today. A major issue was identified within the content of the patch that forced the team to delay it. As such, there will be no maintenance downtime today.

There is no ETA for the deployment of RIFT 2.7 at the time of this posting. Ocho did, however, post a slight update in the official forum thread and stated that it’s possible that the patch will be deployed before next Wednesday’s regular maintenance, but the team is not sure yet. He also reminded players that all of the content included in 2.7, including the four new souls, has been delayed as a result.

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2.7 bindings of blood

We finally have a release date for RIFT‘s next major content update! RIFT 2.7: Binding of Blood is headed our way next week– on Wednesday, May 7th to be exact. This update will bring us four very cool souls to purchase and play with– the Arbiter, Oracle, Liberator, and Physician– as well as some long-awaited UI adjustments and new soul quests. Later on in the update we’ll see two new Tier 3 raid fights in Leathys and Maelforge flavors as well as the new Greenscale Warfront, the return of our super-cuddly Hellbug friends, Summerfest, and… unicorns? Yep, you heard right. Super shiny unicorn mounts away!

Check out Trion’s official announcement for more details.

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Well, okay, before you jump to pre-order now, let us clarify: Pre-orders begin soon! March 19th soon! We’ve all been anxiously awaiting a release date, and bam– now we have one! Carbine performed a double whammy yesterday with this announcement along with the dropping of the NDA for beta testers. And suddenly, there was much rejoicing as we all scrambled to show off our beta characters.

Carbine also released the details of the WildStar pre-order goodies and digital deluxe version goodies, which are intended to, well, land with a bang. Literally. In the form of a rocket house. What’s a rocket house, you ask? Watch the video and find out:


Interestingly enough, there isn’t a physical Collector’s Edition of the game. Still, a rocket house is pretty cool.

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Wildstar has been receiving some unwanted attention lately with an influx of unscrupulous individuals to their fan-base. Be aware of several tactics used by scammers:

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