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So there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that SOE is lowering the price of their all-access pass to just $15 a month, and they’ve fixed a lot of the complaints from their first purposed changes. However, with the recent news also came the announcement that several games are being shuttered before the end of the year, including Free Realms, which is enjoyed by Smedley’s 12 year old daughter. It’s probably a rough house to live in now, but at least she didn’t also play Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, Vanguard, or Wizardry Online, which are also shutting down. You can read more about this and other SOE goodness on Smed’s recent Ask Me Anything on Reddit.

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Still have some Christmas shopping to do for your favorite Nintendo fan, but no idea what to get them? Well, it may be a good idea to hit up your local Best Buy starting December 22, though the offer ends on the 28th in case you, ya know, sleep through Christmas or something. The cards will be 20% off, though no details on whether or not the offer applies to online purchases.

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Telltale has been busy this week, releasing a few announcements on its popular The Walking Dead series. To start with, Season Two’s first episode has been given a name: All That Remains. It’s set to come to us soon, but only those who play on XBLA or Steam know exactly when. The title is set to be available for download on Steam on December 17th and XBLA on December 18th. Telltale has said that All That Remains will be available before the end of the year, but it’s not clear whether they meant that it will be available for all platforms.

We learned earlier this year that not only will Clementine be in Season Two,  she’s our playable character (at least for All That Remains, but if it follows the first season then we can assume we will play as Clem for the entirely of Season Two). The longer trailer shows that the character also looks a bit older than she did in Season One, so we can assume that a significant period of time has passed since we left her outside of Savannah.

The company also released a full trailer for Season Two, Episode One on Thursday, which can be watched below:

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With American Thanksgiving coming up, Nintendo’s rounded up some deals from retailers that are sure to inspire you to rebutton your pants and go out. Non-Nintendo fans can scroll past the press release, but for rest, here’s the list:

  • A Deal So Great It’s Scary: A Cobalt Blue Nintendo 3DS system that comes installed with the well-received Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon game will sell at a suggested retail price of $169.99. (Nov. 28)
  • Walmart Black Friday Deal: Walmart will be offering a deal on the new Nintendo 2DS hand-held system at only $99.96. (Nov. 28)
  • Target Black Friday Deal: At Target, shoppers can pick up a Nintendo 3DS XL system for just $149.99. (Nov. 29)
  • Wii U and 3DS eShop Discounts: Character-themed sales have been running in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U throughout the month of November. Over Thanksgiving weekend, a large selection of games starring some of Nintendo’s most beloved characters will be on sale. Visit for more information.
  • Multiplayer Fun Over the Long Thanksgiving Weekend: The uproariously fun multiplayer gameNintendo Land for Wii U comes packaged with a fun, green Luigi-themed Wii Remote Plus controller at a suggested retail price of $59.99. (Dec. 2)

Currently Available

  • A Mario and Luigi Thanksgiving: A new Mario and Luigi Wii U Deluxe Set that comes packaged with both New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U games on one disc is now available at the low suggested retail price of $299.99.
  • Burn Off Those Thanksgiving Calories for Free: Running through the end of January, Wii U owners who also own a Wii Balance Board accessory can download a monthlong trial version of the full Wii Fit U game for free on Nintendo eShop. Users can keep Wii Fit U for as long as they like by purchasing and syncing a Fit Meter accessory. A Fit Meter has many features of modern activity meters and is available at a suggested retail price of only $19.99.
  • Compete with Wii Sports ClubThere is nothing more fun than playing a round of tennis or bowling with family and friends in Wii Sports Club, now available as individual downloads exclusively in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. In the coming months, Wii Sports Club will include three other sports from the original Wii Sports – baseball, boxing and golf. All sports feature HD graphics, enhanced controls and new features, such as community clubs. With a broadband Internet connection, players can be registered to state or regional clubs and will be able to send messages to one another via Miiverse during matches. With the addition of online multiplayer, users can even play Wii Sports Club with family members that can’t make it home for the holidays. Wii U owners who download Wii Sports Club will get a free trial pass that will let them play any available sports for a 24-hour period from when the Wii Sports Club game was started. Once the trial period ends, players can purchase a Day Pass for $1.99 in the Nintendo eShop to play all available sports for a 24-hour period, or can buy permanent access to individual sports for $9.99 each.

For other deals, IGN has a great list for Black Friday deals and is already preparing a section for Cyber Monday deals. For those still wanting to pick up a PS3 or Xbox360 after their new baby brothers are taking over the news, now’s your time to buy them!

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New research from the University of Glasgow seems to indicate that there is a positive correlation between the amount of television watched and social/behavioral problems, but playing video games could not be used to predict the same problems. This was not a small study either, using over 11,000 children monitored over the course of several years. The children came from several backgrounds, investigating differences between income, family, ethnicity, and gender, but the most important thing to note was this was an investigation into the different results caused by television and games. In fact, it was predicted that due to their interactive nature, games would be the one to cause problems, but this was not the case.

Truthfully, the difference was small, and the researchers themselves admit that their study isn’t the final word on the matter, but as someone who’s personally done some long term research, I have a small idea of the amount of work that goes into something like this. No research is perfect, especially when a study asks the mothers to report about their children, but with a sample size this large, the general idea is that the problem people, who we’d like to think are a severe minority of the population, will get lost in the data compared to accessing more “normal” individuals. The correlation between the childhood issues and watching TV is also small, less than a full percent, so it’s not something to worry about too much, but it is there. The researchers themselves feel that it isn’t so much how much time children are spending with the screens that may or may not account for most of the differences, but how the families use and monitor them. Any college students looking for a thesis topic might want to take that hint as their starting point.

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The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode premieres this weekend, which means that the BBC has kicked its promotional team into hyperdrive. We’ve seen mini-episodes, clips, new stills, and behind-the-scenes videos. There’s enough here that even a dedicated Whovian may have missed something. Luckily, you have us to gather all the material into one place. Here is your ultimate list of the components of the celebration that you may have missed, and those yet to come.

  • Check out our article on the long and short trailers for The Day of the Doctor. [link]
  • BBC has released a mini-episode called The Night of the Doctor which takes place between the TV movie featuring Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor and the new series, with Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor. [link]
  • They have also released a clip from the 50th Anniversary episode, in which we see how the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor meet up. Spoilers: there’s a fez, which automatically makes it awesome. [link]
  • Strax the Sontaran gives a field report to his species on the topic of Queen Elizabeth in this teaser clip. [link]
  • The BBC also wrangled David Tennant into giving an introduction to The Day of the Doctor. [link]
  • While I’m at it, you should really just check out the whole Doctor Who 50th Anniversary playlist on YouTube. [link]
  • has a great photo album of the fifty recently-released stills from The Day of the Doctor. [link]
  • While The Science of Doctor Who special aired on Monday night, you can see the entertainingly informative special on the BBC website. [link]
  • BBC and BBC America will be showing marathons of episodes featuring the three most recent Doctors. Catch Nine on Tuesday, Ten on Wednesday, and Eleven on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Check out the schedule here
  • BBC and BBC America will be showing An Adventure in Space and Time, the TV Movie about the creation of Doctor Who, on Friday, November 22 at 9pm ET.
  • Matt Smith and David Tennant will be guests on the Graham Norton show at 10pm ET on Saturday, November 23rd.
  • Edit: The BBC released a second minisode, The Last Day. [link]

Of course, The Day of the Doctor is premiering in Global Simulcast at 2:50pm ET/11:50pm PT on BBC America. There will also be a primetime encore showing at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT, which will have exclusive interviews with Matt Smith and David Tennant during breaks.

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The popularity of League of Legends grows day by day, but this year the World Championship game drew an amazing 32 million viewers. Just last year, in Season 2, viewership has climbed from 8.2 million viewers. From Riot’s announcement today:

Over 32 million fans watched SK Telecom T1 earn the Summoner’s Cup in front of a sold-out Staples Center. At peak, more than 8.5 million fans were watching at the same time. To put those numbers in context, the Season 2 World Championship was watched by 8.2 million fans, with 1.1 million watching at the same time. In short, we’re beyond humbled by your passion for and commitment to League of Legends.

The most popular sporting event in the world was the 2013 Superbowl in February which garnered approximately 164 million viewers worldwide. When your e-sport is only less popular than the biggist sporting event in history by a factor of five you’ve accomplished something amazing.

Season four is just around the corner and the 2014 World Championships will be hosted in Korea.

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Brush and Code, an indie development team based in Cairo, Egypt, released their newest game this week. Cubicity is a 2D physics based puzzle game that centers around Seamus–a character suspended in mid-air by a harness system. You must learn to navigate the 60-level world and solve puzzles from this harness, utilizing tools and weapons you find along the way. Cubicity promises unique gameplay, which you can see in the game trailer below:

Brush and Code is a developer as unique as the game they produced. Its leader, Aly Ameen, recruited an international team of developers in order to overcome Egypt’s nonexistent game industry. Brush and Code’s first game, Professional $tealer, is available on the Xbox Live Indie Arcade. Brush and Code seems to be evolving and improving as they develop new games, but still retaining their original point of view and humor. If you’re interested in Cubicity, you can download the free 11-level demo on their website or through Desura. Also, keep an eye out for our full review of Cubicity coming this week!

Full Game Features: 
* Find your way through 60 new brain-twisting levels. 
* Explore five different worlds using new weapons. 
* Xbox 360 controller support. 
* In-game Achievements system. 
* 1080P visuals

System requirements:
* Windows 8,7, windows vista (SP 2), Windows XP. 
* Graphics card that support DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 2.0. 
* Minimum 100 MB disk space needed. 
* Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

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state of the game address 2.5

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally received Daglar’s State of the Game address yesterday. In it, Daglar touched on a lot of information we already knew along with a fair dose of PR-speak, but he did reassure the community that Trion is listening to its playerbase and is always working to bring us improvements in every part of the game from graphical optimization and cross-shard functionality to PvP matchmaking improvements, dimension enhancements, and more.

He also reminded the community that Trion is trying something a little different with RIFT 2.5: Song of Dreams by rolling out new content every week. The goal with this experiment of sorts is to see how players react to the stream of steady, new content to explore since that’s exactly how Trion wants to release the content for RIFT 3.0, which is our second expansion that will take place in the Plane of Water.

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The second expansion for Snail Games’ Age of Wushu releases today and adds new instanced content, skills, and PvP/PvE challenges to the free-to-play martial arts MMORPG. The expansion, which is called Ultimate Scrolls, is also available to download for free. Here’s some more information about the expansion and the game according to this morning’s press release:

“The iconic and innovative MMORPG brings an authentic presentation of Chinese martial arts; immerse in the recreation of Ming Dynasty with beautiful visuals and artistic renders. In this new chapter of Jianghu, the entrance to the forbidden grounds has emerged.”

Age of Wushu: Ultimate Scrolls includes:

  • Peerless Skill – Master the teachings of the treasured Helianthus Codex and Star Vortex.
  • Advanced School Skills – Dominate Jianghu with the newest tier of martial skills.
  • Marriage System – Lovebirds rejoice, for the heavenly union of romance has finally arrived.
  • Heart of The Devil – The eternal battle of good and evil rages in every hero’s heart.
  • Forbidden Instances – Face merciless adversaries and take on the ultimate challenge in your own school’s gauntlet run.
  • Mastercraft equipment – The newest tier is now available for refining and upgrade.
  • Big Jianghu – Enter the world of Slaughter with the morality-based PvP system.
  • Single Player Challenges – Participate in solo timed challenges to defeat regional bosses.

For more information about Age of Wushu: Ultimate Scrolls, check out this news post on the official site.

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