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By on May 9, 2013 at 9:33 am, in News, WildStar  |  Comments: 2 comments

wildstar devtracker copy

Last week Executive Producer, Jeremy Gaffney, discussed the philosophy of the raiding game and how incentives and gear are designed. One thing that was mentioned was weekly competitions for legendary gear. Jeremy expounded on that concept on the forums.

Originally posted by Jeremy Gaffney(Source)

For worldwide bests, not server bests. Also, in this context “legendary” could be construed as “legendary-ala-WoW legendary gear” or just “epic” – I mean it more as epic, but basically our intent is to tune it so it is Damn Rare. Gotta have something to aspire to.

We learn that your guild will be competing against the world, not just your server as we earlier speculated. Not only that, legendary gear seems to be truly legendary. There was some concern that legendary will just be the new purple where everyone has it. It’s nice to see a game that is looking to making truly rare gear again.

As soon as we read this, and saw that these weekly competitions were world wide, a red flag went up instantly. Fresh off of GW2 we know full well the implications of competition across time zones. But we further got clarification from Mr. Gaffney:

Originally posted by Jeremy Gaffney(Source)

Our raid guys want to incent “best” runs (time to complete, optional elements, etc.) not “first” runs. I’ll probably slip up in the press occasionally and say “first” since I’m used to that from talking world/server firsts, etc. but incenting everyone to stay up until 4am isn’t part of the skill thang for us.

It will be fun to watch leaderboards and times as the week goes on.

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wildstar news copy

Update: The stress test was originally thought to be this coming weekend, but Carbine made an update later today saying that it is in fact not this weekend.

Originally posted by Craig Turner (Source)

That’s where you come in. It’s time to turn our poor little Beta Server into a clown car. We have been taking Beta Registrations for some time now, and we are going to be inviting a lot of people to come play WildStar for one weekend only in our first Stress Test. In fact, some of the invites will have already gone out by the time this article is published (check those spam filters!).

So check your emails and spam folders, you might be getting a chance to try the game! If you do get an invite, make sure you get into the game because it guarantees you a future beta invite!

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secret of southsun

Another Guild Wars 2 content update is right around with the corner with yesterday’s announcement of The Secret of Southsun, a new advancement in the post-Molten Alliance story that takes place in Southsun Cove. Players will be tasked to pair with the Lionguard in order to uncover the secret behind the strange animal attacks on the island. In addition, the update will be adding in a new crab-tossing mini-game and the introduction of supply-removing traps in WvW:

Introducing Traps in World vs. World

Traps are fiendish items that can be purchased from the new Traps and Tricks Outfitters on each WvW map. We’re starting with anti-stealth fields and traps that remove supply from enemy players, but in the months ahead we’ll introduce even more ways to spread mayhem in the Mists!

The Secret of Southsun launches on May 14th. For more details, a wallpaper, and some nifty screenshots, check out all the info on the official announcement.

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wildstar devtracker copy

Yesterday, Jeremy Gaffney commented in a thread on Wildstar Central regarding balance in the end game of casual vs. hardcore. Here is his input in that discussion:

Originally posted by Jeremy Gaffney (Source)

Here’s some quick philosophy on the subject (still in the office at 6pm Sunday so I’ll have to be brief):

We do believe in catering to the 1% (actually a few different 1%’s). We spend more than 1% of our time on them. Why?

Well, the 1% grew over time in the MMO market. It used to be that few people were at the end game stages of the MMOs, but of course as time passes the percentage of players there grows. And some who hated PVP as noobies learned they loved it, and some who struggled in dungeons took on veteran dungeons and learned to raid, etc. So that “1%” of people who do the hard end-game content has grown a bit (it’s still not pervasive per se; and the toughest raids are still only finished by a fraction of the playerbase).

Several factors apply:

1) The 1% are pretty vocal. If they report back to the 99% that the elder game sucks, guess what? Lots of people leave – why bother levelling up if no love was put into the very top content? (Well there actually answers to that, but I’ll leave it for brevity).

2) Over time, your “1%” content becomes easier – better loot drops, people get more skilled, level caps raise. So that percentage our of time spent actually over time does get utilized well.

3) We devs often ARE the 1%. If you make a game you don’t love, it’s pretty damn hard to make it good. We want a game we want to play too. There are a disproportionate amount of hardcore raiders/PVPers in the industry (and probably also in those passionate enough to post here or on other MMO sites for that matter).

4) There’s some magic involved. Picture a game with no nigh-inaccessible content. You can go anywhere the first month, there’s nothing left unseen. From one perspective, maybe that’s great – there’s no earning your way into Counterstrike maps, and that game’s pretty damn fun. But from another…I dunno, it’s pretty tough to have a mysterious, huge-feeling world when you can trivially do it all, and even in games I don’t want to or don’t have time to raid in I’d like to know there’s more out there. That’s arguable though.

So we focus a lot on elder games. We’re trying to have innovative answer for each major playstyles:

Soloers PVE’ers (IMO under-served in most MMOs oddly as they are 65+% of the playerbase in most western MMOs) get more than rep grinds and dailies by having solo story dungeons released regularly, dynamic PQ content (most to be revealed down the road), big frequent updates, housing stuff, good tradeskilling, and more.

PVPers: Warplots (40v40 player built city v city combat) and arenas (to oversummarize)

Group PVE’ers: Dynamic raid content, weekly competitions for legendary gear, and more (some to be revealed later)

Some of that stuff (especially the group stuff) needs to be damn hard. We want the best guilds capturing raid bosses in challenging ways, and pinning them down on their warplots to go beat the out of the other fortresses. Many noobie players may never experience that – but hopefully they hear about it and aspire to it.

We’re trying to make everyone useful, so the major guilds will end up with raiders, warplotters, and soloers contributing to the overall guild’s success, in roughly the proportions they naturally exist in the playerbase. We’ll see if we succeed at that (beta’s all about finishing implementation, then tuning tuning tuning to make sure it all plays well individually and together).

Anyhoo, there’s tons more on the subject, especially as we do more reveals later this year on elder games, deeper dives on features, etc. Maybe we’ll muck up some of the execution (don’t believe so at the moment, but there’s lots to do still. I don’t expect or desire any “gimmes” from the MMO communities as a whole; there’s been enough hype in recent years in the biz that the proof HAS to be in the pudding for us and future games).

But strategically we have a set of goals that we feel passionate about. Opinions welcome.
Jeremy Gaffney

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FFXIV Title 6

Over at the Final Fantasy XIV Facebook page, some gorgeous looking screenshots showcasing the revamped starter nations of Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah have been posted, and they are chock-full of adorable Lalafell goodness! Check beyond the jump to see how these areas have fared in a post-Meteor world, and to catch a glimpse of some of the revamped UI elements.

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FFXIV Title 5

Veterans to FFXIV’s Version 1 have been chomping at the bit to finally get a hold of their old characters again and with the upcoming Beta 3, they will finally have that chance. However, there have also been many questions regarding not only how that will work, but also whether or not players would have a chance to re-customize their avatars, since there are several new customization options. Square-Enix, being the good guys they are, decided to let us in on what they have planned!

Robert “Hvinire” Peeler, FFXIV Community Manager, made an interesting announcement via the official FFXIV forums yesterday that shed some light on the question:

I know confirmation has been a long time coming on this one, and we’re glad to finally detail how this will work!

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In a recent video published by Bethesda and Zenimax, the Lead Loremaster and Lead Writer and finally delved into the main story line in The Elder Scrolls Online. TESO will follow the Elder Scrolls tradition of a “cosmic” threat against Tamriel. This time around, it is in the form of Molag Bal, the Harvester of Souls. This Daedric Prince is determined to merge his daedric realm (aka plane of Oblivion), Coldharbour with the world of Tamriel. We also learn that the player is a “Souless One” — one who has had their soul taken and enslaved by Molag Bal — and that it is prophesied in the Elder Scrolls that a Souless One will thwart the merging of realms.

The video has some really awesome shots of scenery, and some even more awesome shots of enslaved souls chained together moving through Coldharbour.

Click “Continue Reading” to view the full video.

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FFXIV Title 4

Recently translated information reveals some rather interesting information regarding not just the upcoming beta phase, but also plans for release and details on the new collector’s edition digital items! Additionally, there are a few rather interesting tidbits of information nestled in there regarding the PS4 version of the game and a new trailer being released soon. For full details, read on below:

General Info

  • All  pre-orders and legacy players will have early access to the game.
  • The target release and start of service date is slated for sometime in the Summer. “Sale during when it’s hot (weather)”
  • More information regarding Collector’s Edition and Pre-Order start dates will be announced post 5/20.
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We start off getting to see a guy who is getting ready to go for a jog. When everything we see is always dirty and gritty, this guy pulls out his pristine red running shoes. He obviously loves to run. Unfortunately, he’s about to die doing what he loves. All we can see is movement in the tall grass that keeps getting closer to him until he’s attacked and killed. For some reason I thought,  “if he was driving a Dodge, he might still be alive.” Trion’s advertising must be having an effect on me.

By on Apr 30, 2013 at 9:10 am, in Article, News  |  Comments: 3 comments

most wanted

Yesterday Trion announced the details for the contest the team is holding that will allow one player’s character to appear in the Defiance television show. The contest is called “Most Wanted” and requires players to own the game obviously, register for the contest, and take part in a couple of in-game pursuits. The contest will run from April 29th to May 12th.

Now, as to the actual competitive part of the contest. Players will have the time between the start and end of the contest to gather ark salvage. Not just any ark salvage, however. According to the official rules:

“Eligible Entries will be judged based on the amount of ark salvage earned, excluding any ark salvage earned in the Salvage Matrix, divided by the amount of time played during the Contest (the “ark salvage Per Hour”). The Entrant who earns the highest ark salvage Per Hour shall be the Winner.”

Two things to keep in mind here if you’re taking the contest seriously: Spend your time in-game wisely, and remember that salvage obtained in the Salvage Matrix does not count.

During last night’s post-episode Across the Badlands live stream, Sledgehammer and OverloadUT talked a little bit about the contest and mentioned the fact that despite there being only one true winner for the Most Wanted contest, the Trion team will be handing out exclusive caps to players who participate in the contest. They even previewed the cap, which can be seen here.

For more information, check out Trion’s Most Wanted announcement and list of official rules.

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