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post lost shores

Are you that guy (or gal!) who all your guildmates come to in search of trait, stat, and weapon build advice? Do you consider yourself an expert on your profession and which builds to use when? Have you had experience writing up profession guides? How would you like to share that knowledge with thousands of viewers?

You might just be in luck. Guild Wars 2 Junkies is looking to add a few more enthusiastic, talented volunteer writers to our team. We’re specifically looking for profession experts this time around, but if something else is your area of expertise, you’re more than welcome to drop us a line! All that we ask is that you’re a true fan of Guild Wars 2 and can show us that you know a thing or two about writing. You’re more than welcome to set your own schedule and write whenever your feel inspired. If you do an awesome, consistent job, there may even be opportunities for this to become a paid position.

If you have any questions or would like to apply to become a writer for Junkies Nation and Guild Wars 2 Junkies, please feel free to contact Jason Dodge at or Laura Hardgrave at Make sure to have a writing sample handy when you contact us!

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wildstar news copy

Last Friday, talked with Mike Donatelli, Content Director, on all aspects of Wildstar. Here are a few choice quotes we pulled out of the interview.

MMG: Ok, now we have to ask, how does it tie into the crafting system?

MD: Well, I’m not saying anything, but let’s imagine for a minute – just for a minute.

Let’s imagine that you have three different paths, PvP, PvE, and then Group PvE. Now these paths will tie into crafting in a way that will allow you to do those activities but also get rewarded with items that compliment that style of play. We also had to come up with a system to allow you to move back and forth from one to the other. What we don’t want to do is say, ‘Oh you PvP? Well, then you can never raid.’, and vice versa.

So, if you’re level 40 and you’re decked out in PvP gear but you want to get into PvE content, we have a system in place that will allow you to essentially cross streams back and forth, without making you start over from zero.

We already know you won’t have to raid (PVE) for a trinket just so you can be your best at PVP. but here we get a hint that crafting will allow players to translate their PVP gear into PVE gear. We got hints about this in last weeks Econ Blog. How do you think this works? Will it have to do with the microchip system?

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mod vendorHey Junkies! We’ve accumulated some great information on vendors — including those that are HIDDEN!

Hidden Vendors

Hidden/triggered vendors are located throughout the Defiance game, while traveling be sure to keep an eye out for lonely shacks and strange abandoned areas. Chances are if there are enemies around an area and they don’t seem like the usual random bunch on the roads or if they look like they’re guarding something, they are, so go and investigate these derelict buildings and long dirt roads. Exploring does pay off. Hidden vendors have triggers that must be activated before the merchant will appear on the map. Successfully killing enemies around a building in the middle of nowhere is normally how they become activated. So once again, shoot strange enemies and explore strange areas. Why all this, you ask? Are they worth it? Well, it just so happens that these hidden vendors sell three specials simultaneously (on sale items) and unique rollers and quads. They also usually have decent colored gear, but it’s all up to the luck of the draw. 

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developer blog copy

Information is flowing out of Carbine Studios this week as we get another blog talking about crafting.

WildStar’s items are built on a system we internally call the Circuit Board Crafting System (CBC). This system is used for pretty much any piece of gear that you can equip. It is the basis for one of our two crafting systems, and is also used by non-crafters to modify their items. This post will focus on how we expect Modding to play out. Think of it as a teaser for crafting as well, which I know we are planning to talk more about in the coming months.

CBC consists of single Schematics per item that can be filled out with various Microchips that give stats and special abilities. Depending on the item’s level, it will have a base amount of Power that it can distribute between different stats and special abilities.

Keep reading to find out more.

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wildstar devtracker copy

Today on Wildstar-Central Jen Gordy, aka Bardic, clarified some misconception regarding Open World PVP.

Originally posted by Bardic (Source)

Hey everyone! One of our awesome devs noticed a bit of confusion about how we plan on implementing open world PvP in WildStar and brought it to our (our = your WildStar community team and the PvP dev team) attention this morning. Since we want to clear up any misconceptions quickly, Aether thought it would be best if I got my WildStar Central forum name registered so I can give you all some info today.

We intend to have two rulesets at WildStar’s launch, a PvE and PvP ruleset.

World PvP Opportunities on PvE Ruleset
On a PvE Ruleset server, you may voluntarily flag yourself for PvP. In WildStar, there are some zones which are shared by both factions, in terms of PvE content. If you’re flagged, you may run into opposing faction individuals who have also voluntarily flagged themselves for PvP. If you do, I hope you both have some fun.
If you try to go into an opposing faction’s city, you will be automatically flagged for PvP.

World PvP Opportunities on PvP Ruleset
On a PvP Ruleset server, PvP flagging is determined based on the zone your character is in. If you are in a zone that is affiliated with your faction, you’re not flagged…but you may voluntarily flag yourself. If you are in a zone that is affiliated with the opposing faction, you are flagged for PvP.
If you’re in a zone that is shared by both factions, you will be flagged for PvP. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to run into your enemy in a shared zone and slay the day away.
If you try to go into an opposing faction’s city, you are flagged for PvP (though, this is redundant on a PvP server, because you’re likely in that faction’s zone anyway).

We will have areas within zones or entire zones where PvP is forbidden. These areas, called Sanctuaries, will be present on both PvE and PvP rulesets.

Objective-Based Open World PvP
We understand the strong desire for this type of open world PvP and many of us here at Carbine enjoy it. That said, objective-based open world PvP is not currently a focus for WildStar’s launch. Our intent, as I’ve stated in our Reddit AMAA, is to see how our PvP players interact with the world of Nexus so we can focus on areas which may appeal to a Wildstar PvP player for objective play before we make a deeper investment on open world PvP.

(Also from the Reddit AMAA, but I will also restate it again)
You will be able to level via PvP. You can earn experience off of player kills in the Battlegrounds and through player kills in world PvP. So, there is a little bit of incentive to kill your enemy, outside of the enemy just being an opposing faction player, on either Ruleset, because he’s probably worth some XP. >

We’ll be monitoring this thread to respond to your feedback, which we welcome with open arms! Thanks for listening, everyone!

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RJ Dev Tracker

There are some interesting changes and additions coming in 2.3 including a new chronicle. When will we see new souls though? Hints and more hints.

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

More chronicles are in the works. You should expect one with 2.3.


In response to this question: Even if these new souls are not to be expected within the next weeks, I’m looking forward to that!
Anyway… the one new soul in SL was no reason for Trion to give us another role slot… will the second new soul now finally be reason enough for a few more???
THAT would be nice!

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)


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wildstar news copy

Wildstar’s biweekly twitter outreach event was posted today and they, ironically?, talked about healthy communities! MMORPGs are obviously about playing and being around other people, so what better way to create a healthy community by reaching out to it!

One of the biggest controversies in modern day MMORPG development is whether or not a LFG tool should be cross server or server only. The majority of players, in our own opinion, want it to be cross server so your time in queue is as short as possible. However there is a strong element of players out there that want to only group with people from their own server in order to foster their own small community within the game.

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developer blog copy

Time to find out about another slice of the pie today as Carbine gives us a look behind the curtain and tells us all about Arenas in Wildstar. So far we know that there are three forms of PVP in Wildstar: battlegrounds, warplots and arenas. We found out some bits and pieces at PAX this year on Warplots, but now it’s time to turn our attention to arenas.

Keep reading to find out more!

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RJ Dev Tracker

Originally posted by Ailion (Source)

Just a heads up, some Bladedancer and Ranger changes are already up on PTS. Patch notes haven’t been posted yet.

  1. Bladedancer: Dauntless Strike: No longer increases the Critical Hit chance of group members. It now applies a debuff to the target, increasing the target’s chance to be critically hit by 5%.
  2. Bladedancer: Blade Hustle: An additional effect has been added. You now gain Blade Hustle every 3s, increasing the damage of your next Quick Strike or Precision Strike 3-9%. Stacks up to 10 times.
  3. Bladedancer: Disengage: Can now be used anytime. Now on GCD.
  4. Bladedancer: Dancing Steel, Hundred Blades: Now on a 30s cooldown, down from 60s.
  5. Ranger: New ability added to the Blood Raptor. The Blood Raptor can now charge at the enemy, dealing physical damage.
  6. Ranger: Escape Artist: Cooldown has been reduced to 1 min, down from 2 min.
  7. Ranger: Fleeting Instinct: Effect can now be applied both in and out of combat.
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state of the game 1

Defiance’s Executive Producer, Nathan Richardsson, shared a message with the Defiance community yesterday evening regarding the current state of the game and the technical issues many players are experiencing. He talked about the priority list the team is using to fix any and all issues:

“This first day of launch of Defiance, a PC-PS3-XBOX360-massively-online-tv-show-connected-third-person-open-world-shooter, has been as awesome as we expected it to be. And by awesome, I mean we’re neck deep addressing all the issues that come up when you scale something up to a million people from a test environment of thousands.

And we expected to be doing that. All our team is here, 150 people, all on it and will be in the next weeks because that’s what you do with massive online games. Keep the team, update, patch, fix, improve. We notice, we listen, we honestly do. Of the issues that we are working on right now, these are an example of the highest priority for us.

  • Connectivity – Being able to connect, patch and play. This has a number of things that can be plaguing you depending on platform and what version of the game you have. We’re on it like a shark during winter solstice.
  • Pre-order items – WHERE ARE THEY?!?!? We have a number of cases where they aren’t being delivered to you. We know. They haven’t disappeared nor will they. They might pop up suddenly over the next hours, the next time you log on or tomorrow.
  • Bosses and Arkfalls – They might be very difficult as they scale and the rewards not in any sane correlation to what they should be, being this difficult. You’re right, it’s not right. On it.
  • Chat and VOIP – This isn’t broken, we just believe people should use their psychic abilities more. Can you hear what I’m saying to you right now? Yes, exactly. We’re working on it.

But one thing which you may or may not be accustomed to. We may take down our servers to deploy patches or improvements to them. We do this far more frequently than others. This may be frequent and annoying during the first days of launch but believe me when I say this, we’re doing it to make your experience better.”

Defiance had its first mini-patch last night, in fact, which fixed these issues. The good news? The server downtime only lasted for an hour, which isn’t too bad at all.

For the rest of the community letter, check it out on the official Defiance website.

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