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The second expansion for Snail Games’ Age of Wushu releases today and adds new instanced content, skills, and PvP/PvE challenges to the free-to-play martial arts MMORPG. The expansion, which is called Ultimate Scrolls, is also available to download for free. Here’s some more information about the expansion and the game according to this morning’s press release:

“The iconic and innovative MMORPG brings an authentic presentation of Chinese martial arts; immerse in the recreation of Ming Dynasty with beautiful visuals and artistic renders. In this new chapter of Jianghu, the entrance to the forbidden grounds has emerged.”

Age of Wushu: Ultimate Scrolls includes:

  • Peerless Skill – Master the teachings of the treasured Helianthus Codex and Star Vortex.
  • Advanced School Skills – Dominate Jianghu with the newest tier of martial skills.
  • Marriage System – Lovebirds rejoice, for the heavenly union of romance has finally arrived.
  • Heart of The Devil – The eternal battle of good and evil rages in every hero’s heart.
  • Forbidden Instances – Face merciless adversaries and take on the ultimate challenge in your own school’s gauntlet run.
  • Mastercraft equipment – The newest tier is now available for refining and upgrade.
  • Big Jianghu – Enter the world of Slaughter with the morality-based PvP system.
  • Single Player Challenges – Participate in solo timed challenges to defeat regional bosses.

For more information about Age of Wushu: Ultimate Scrolls, check out this news post on the official site.

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On today, Sony gave us a little more incentive to pick up a PS4 next week.  Every retail unit in the US and Canada will include a voucher for 30 days of Playstation Plus and Music Unlimited, as well as a 10 dollar credit for the Playstation Store.

Since Playstation Plus is now required for online play on PS4 and includes 2 free downloadable games on launch day, this seems like a perfect way to get new users up to speed with Sony’s online offerings.

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teso mushrooms
The time has come! Zenimax has answered the questions form our Q&A. We didn’t get all of our questions answered, but Zenimax was tackled a lot of them, and I think you’ll find the information to be interesting. Because these questions came from our site, I’ll be providing some commentary!

First, let’s see how they tackled a question from the most cantankerous character over on rerolled:

Approximately how long has The Elder Scrolls Online been in development? What were some of your original concepts before landing on this one? – From Utnayan
ZeniMax Online Studios was founded in 2007, and from the very beginning we knew we wanted to create an epic online Elder Scrolls experience with three-alliance PVP. Though the project has gone through many changes over the years, as most games do, we have stayed our original course. The Elder Scrolls Online has been our singular focus all along.
While the core original concept has always been to make an online Elder Scrolls game, we have made quite a few changes and improvements to the game in the past couple years. Some examples include adding a first-person mode, an Elder Scrolls style compass, and refining the graphics and art style to give the game a more authentic Elder Scrolls look and feel.

Zenimax is sticking to their guns, here. I think Utnayan was trying to get at the rumors that say ZOS has changed their game design based on the success/failure of other recent MMO games. I think it’s understandable that ZOS would refine and improve their game vision based on outside factors, especially fan demand, so I’m not sure there is much of a story here.

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RJ Patch Notes

While we’re waiting for RIFT 2.5: Song of Dreams to patch on live shards, there’s one thing we can do to prepare ourselves for this pretty impressive update. We can take a look at the patch notes that were published yesterday on the forums. We’ll post the final version of the patch notes later in the day once the update has gone out, but for now, here’s one tidbit that we all have been curious about since Trion first announced that 2.5 would contain a fair amount of staggered content that will we will see added weekly– the release schedule:

Nov. 13 – Return To Deepstrike (60)
Nov. 20 – Hammerknell Chronicle (60)
Nov. 27 – Greenscale’s Blight Chronicle (60)
Dec. 4 – Drowned Halls (60)
Dec. 11 – Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath
Dec. 18 – River Of Souls Chronicle (60)

Unfortunately, this means we’ll have to wait a little while longer before testing out the live version of Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath as well as the new version of Drowned Halls. The good news? There’s still a fair amount of content to explore beginning today. Make sure to check out our preview if you haven’t already done so.

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The sixth annual Extra Life charity campaign took place this past Saturday. For those who are unfamiliar with Extra Life, it’s an event run by gamers to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. It’s similar to other charity events, like Relay for Life, but you play video games for 25 hours straight instead of walking around in circles for twelve. Participants are encouraged to play any games on any platforms, and to encourage their friends and families to donate to their profiles in order to raise money (here’s mine, in case you’re interested in seeing how this works).

This year, Extra Life raised over $3.8 million in support of sick kids, despite the fact that they had to work through three DDOS attacks on the fundraising site (everyone’s information remained safe and secure). But they’re not done yet. The official make-up day is this Saturday, November 9th. It’s not too late to join in, and give yourself a great excuse to game for a day straight. Here’s a link to the official wrap-up video from November 3rd.

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In an interesting development, Upheaval Arts has launched a kickstarter campaign to create a game called Stacraft Universe. Yes, you read that right, Starcraft. Not Starkraft or Suncraft or any other knockoff. Starcraft Universe is a fully sanctioned, fan made game that is played through

While Blizzard is not directly affiliated with this project’s production, we do communicate with them to submit bug reports and make technical requests. They have given their blessing/permission for us to launch this Kickstarter, and they are supporting our efforts by featuring SCU as an Arcade Highlight.

So what is Starcraft Universe? It’s a game set in an alternative reality where “the ending of StarCraft II:Wings of Liberty has a grim conclusion for Kerrigan.” It’s a game mod for Starcraft II that gives you a third person perspective and pits you and your friends through a series of challenges, raids and building your hero. You’ll find the game to have a familiar feeling compared to most MMORPGs with crafting, achievements, class systems, loot.

This is an interesting project that is worth paying attention to. MOBAs were launched from a Warcraft mod years ago, and perhaps this is the birth of something new. If your interested in learning more about the game, you can find their Kickstarter page here. As of September 10th they are fully funded, but they are currently attempting to reach for additional stretch goals.

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With Season 4 of League of Legends fast approaching we have more information coming to us everyday. First, FeralPony has a preview of the new mastery changes. There aren’t any significant changes, but we some some movement of existing masteries to different tiers or combining their effects. Most importantly, we see the cooldown reduction, at max rank, changed from 4% to 5%. This helps all of our OCD readers out there hit 40% CDR instead of 39%.

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arkbreaker dlc announcement DJ

Trion finally announced an approximate release date for the second DLC pack of Defiance yesterday. The DLC pack is named Arkbreaker and will be released in December for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. This DLC will add instanced arkfalls to Defiance as well as the ability to replay through all of the game’s story missions alongside other players co-op style. While we haven’t heard about all the new features included in Arkbreaker, the community team published a developer post where they stated more details would be revealed soon.

If you’ll remember back from when Defiance was released, the development team promised 5 DLC packs within the game’s first year. This number is beginning to look fairly unlikely for Trion to meet, unfortunately, but new content is new content– and definitely welcome.

Also, don’t forget to check out today’s Halloween-inspired plague sieges in Defiance!

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song of dreams announcement

Daglar said 2.5 was “right around the corner” during last Friday’s RIFT live stream. It turns out he was right! RIFT 2.5 is headed to live shards next Wednesday, November 6th. This update will add new underwater content to the waters near Ember Isle that will serve as a test of sorts for the upcoming expansion that’s all about water content. The new underwater content will consist of new story quests, daily quests, carnage quests, two new rifts, new goodies to obtain, and a new zone event.

2.5 will add in a level 60 version of the Drowned Halls sliver as well as a completely revamped level 60 version of Deepstrike Mines that features new encounters and a bunch of new achievements. Four new chronicles will also be accessible at level 60. Three of these are updated level 60 versions of the level 50 Hammerknell, Greenscale’s Blight, and River of Souls chronicles. These are labeled “Intrepid” chronicles. There will also be a new chronicle called Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath.

We’ll also be getting new Planar Attunement trees called Attunement of Cinder, Nature, and Storm. There’s also a bunch of smaller updates happening in 2.5 including major changes to the Warrior class, new achievements and artifacts to collect from level 60 Expert dungeons, PvP gear, The Infinity Gate dimension, and a whole lot more!

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If you haven’t already read the first compilation of dev tracker posts, be sure to check out some of the features planned for 2.1 and beyond. In addition to the list, we have some more in-detail information on housing and other implementations.

Though we still haven’t heard many details about instances other than primals and Crystal Tower, some searches through the dev tracker point to more details on upcoming features previously mentioned.  (It’s noted that some of these may be featured later than 2.1.)

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