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By on Oct 9, 2014 at 8:11 am, in Gaming, MOBA, News  |  Comments: No comments yet

A couple days ago, Riot released an updated version of Sion in a new champion spotlight. It highlights a rework that has been in the pipeline for what seems like ages, and I have a few friends just waiting to get their hands on the new undead juggernaut. Riot is trying to reestablish Sion’s identity as a CC-heavy tank, as opposed to the… well, it’s hard to say what he was before.

Sion was a character that, due to his unique kit and notoriously-difficult-to-balance drain-tank niche, almost always seemed to be broken in some way. Not to mention how strange he was to itemize for.

By on Nov 5, 2013 at 8:00 pm, in Breaking, MOBA  |  Comments: No comments yet

We scour the internet to find the best sources for online gaming news, theorycrafting and speculation so you don’t have to. League of Legends is the hottest online game going on right now and if you are interested in learning the ins and outs of the League you have to pay attention to the guys of Trinity Force Podcast. Every episode is stacked with play tips and tricks along with up-to-date news and rumor of the pro-player scene.

Right now League of Legends is gearing up for Season 4 and professional teams are rearranging their rosters and what better place to learn who the latest mid-laner is for TSM? Trinity Force podcast breaks down the latest moves for you and what they mean for the rest of the league.

The latest show, Episode #111, we get into some pro-player discussion:

We’ve got the Hot Stove and PBE discussion you’ve been looking for! Ocelote is no longer on SK and some guy name Bjergsen kicked Reignald out of TSM’s mid lane. The excitement doesn’t stop as the crew jumps into pre-season ward, support, and trinket discussion. We’ll round out the podcast with a few listener questions about champions to play in a pinch!

Not only that, they are up for Best Gaming Podcast by so make sure you support the show and vote!

JunkiesNation is always on the look for dedicated gamers who know what their talking about, so we’ve decided to sponsor the show and to kick it off Trinity Force Podcast is giving away RP cards. In order to win, you have to listen to Episode #111 for the question and the answer is somewhere in this post. Download the latest episode here.

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We’ve gotten some hints over the last two weeks about who the new champion is going to be. We got our first visual with the pool party skin sales with a tattooed arm coming into a frame, and today we get a full preview with abilities descriptions.

Fire up your minigun and take aim with a massive death launcher as Jinx, the Loose Cannon. Packing major attitude and equipped with a cornucopia of carnage, Jinx is a marksman primed to leave your foes marked for demolition.

Jinx is going to be a new ADC coming to the Rift with a combination of AOE damage and single target destruction. Her ultimate, like Ashe or Ez, is a global attack that stops for nothing but other champions. Her interesting mechanic is her Q which changes up her basic attack from a long range aoe damager that consumes mana to an in your face minigun that stacks attack speed.

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warrior buzz 1

Ailion posted an update to the list of Warrior changes that are currently on the PTS and/or will be added shortly. Among this set of changes are adjustments to the Warlord, Champion, and Riftblade souls along with a few general balance shifts. Ailion also posted a convenient list of current goals he has in mind for improving Warrior soul synergy overall. Here are those goals:

Originally posted by Ailion (Source)

I have added more updates to the main list in the first page. A new build that includes all these updates isn’t ready on PTS yet. I believe it will be over the weekends.

Here are some of my goals with these updates:

1) Promote synergy between the individual souls.

2) Reduce the dependence on the Riftblade as the goto spec for most aspects of game play.

3) Make Warlord a competitive ST Melee DPS soul, but comes at a cost in survivability to reach that goal.

4) Make Champion a competitive AE DPS soul while being able to excel in encounters that require both ST and AE DPS capabilities.

Parses will be appreciated. You can post your parses in this thread or PM them to me.

For the detailed, complete list of changes (including past changes), see this forum post.

By on Mar 29, 2012 at 12:00 pm, in News, SWTOR  |  Comments: 10 comments

Dev Tracker, Star Wars: The Old Republic

On the 1.2 PTR Champion and Centurion gear is being phased out without any changes to their existing stats while Battlemaster gear is receiving an upgrade.  BM is going from being just 8% better than Champion to being 81% better than Champion regarding the Expertise stat.

Originally posted by David Hunt (Source)

Unlike Champion gear, Battlemaster gear does have stat changes. All current and future (1.2+) tier PvP gear is going through a stat transition to give it more expertise.

Are you wearing only Centurion or Champion gear?  Want to know how you’re being left behind without any compensation?  Click Continue Reading.

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A German guild named Nemesis has put together a list of Champion and Assassin talents and root abilities from their time spent at GamesCom this year. They have since been transcribed into the Telarapedia as well. A quick comment on each; the assassin shouldn’t surprise anyone being a poison based class with stealth and positional attacks. The champion seems to be your typical “arms” warrior from Warcraft, a charging, two-handed wielding warrior that’s bent on wrecking havoc.

Telarapedia links: Champion, Assassin

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<img src=""

“A Champion finds himself in the Shadowlands; home to many ghastly foes.”

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New screenshot from Jives on the official forums.