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By on Apr 30, 2013 at 9:00 am, in Article, Guides, Mage Corner, RIFT  |  Comments: 16 comments

chloro guide header 2

So you want to join the ranks of Mage healing.  I won’t kid you, it’s a tough job that’s made even more tough by only having a couple direct healing spells.  While you could be a good dungeon healer you will likely play a support healer in raids.  This isn’t a knock against Mage healers, we are very good at pumping out group heals, but keeping a tank up during massive pulse damage can be tricky with little to no margin for error.

So with all the challenges that a Mage has to overcome when healing what spec makes it easier and how can a Mage go from being a good healer to a great one?  Well, most of the time you will find that those Mages who are good at healing know all the fights like the back of their hand and, more importantly, they know how to manage their cooldowns and time their direct healing abilities properly.  While the timing and management of cooldowns are an art form that will take a fair bit of practice to master we can take a look at how you might want to spec out your Mage souls, what macros to have available, and a general rotation of some spells.

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RJ Dev Tracker

Chloromancer healers are in excellent shape right now as far as balance is concerned except for one little issue in groups that feature more than one Chloro– their veil abilities (Lifegiving Veil and Lifebound Veil) do not affect other Chloros if they, too, have a veil buff up. This generally isn’t an issue if a group has both Mage and Cleric healers, but for groups that end up stacking Chloros, this sometimes presents a challenge. Chloro healers have been popular in Storm Legion so far, and some players on the official forums are asking Trion to reconsider how veil abilities work for the soul.

Daglar issued the following response regarding the suggestion:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

I hate coming out and saying no, but that is what I’m going to do here.

There are no plans in to change the mechanic with Chloros where their veils do not affect other veil holders.

Trion’s stance on the matter is most likely due to a couple of reasons, one of which is probably to prevent groups from stacking Chloros in excessive numbers.

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After a recent update, Chloromancers received a nice little boost while tank healing that wasn’t entirely intentional. Kervik posted about the change in the Patch 2.1 Mage Bug Discussion forum on Friday. Here’s what he had to say:

Originally posted by Kervik (Source)

As an update for you all, the jump in healing from the update was unintentional (if you hadn’t guessed already). We’ve found the issue and are working on a fix. I don’t have an estimate at the moment for when it will hit the servers, but it should be some time next week at the latest.

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Just in case you were wondering, here are three abilities we picked up from the Gametrailers videos from today. They are all healing based spells, though we did see some single target spells in the video. We’ll have to keep guessing though if this mage soul could act as a Main Healer.

Wild Growth
No Cost
Castin Time: 2.5 seconds
Cooldown: 2 minutes

Bless the ground around the caster healing allies for 924 hit points over 12 seconds and slows any hostile targets in the vicinity. Consumes Charge while active.

Wild Abandon
Rank 1
Range: 25 meters
66 Mana
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Grants Immunity to the target from any movement impairing effects for 8 seconds.

Lifegiving Veil
Rank 1
145 Mana
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Nearby allies are healed by 10% of Life damage and 5% of all other spell damage dealt by the caster. Spells that damage more than one target have healing generated by Lifegiving Veil reduced by 80%. Only one Veil can be active at a time.

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There are a few new videos posted today. Adam Gershowitz talks in each video about the general ideas behind the game. In the Gametrailers video you get to watch some new mage souls. This video offers the most new information. We get to watch a mage in action. We see a Chloromancer fight a bit while Adam describes a Stormcaller (AOE soul) and a Dominator (control class). After, Adam redoes his Mage Calling and brings up a Pyromancer/Warlock/Elementalist and we get to see some Pyromancer (burst DPS soul) in action.

In the second set of videos, the team reveals an Earth Rift! Adam shows us how the rifts and invasion work. We’ll see map screens where we see the icons and invasion routes! Both Gametrailers videos are must sees for any Rift Fan.

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From the Official Forums:
(Press Release Version)

Originally posted by Abigale (Source)

Hi, Folks!

We have a decision to make around here and we thought we would ask for your input. We have bounced around a lot of ideas of our own but decided that it would be nice to hear your ideas as well!

We have a Mage soul that we’ve been calling a Chloromancer. But somehow, that just doesn’t seem like the best name we could give it. We’d like your help in making this important decision.

First, let us tell you a little bit about what this soul is and does.

Drawing on the vital energies of plants and nature, this mage finds a balance between life and death. Only [Soul]s can focus these life energies into a devastating force, or recycle destructive magic to heal their allies.


Their every destructive spell generates healing magic, so a [Soul] can survive situations that would kill most mages, and keep their allies alive even as they annihilate the enemy.

Invaluable allies though they are, [Souls] possess neither the destructive potential of their fellow mages, nor the restorative spells of most clerics, and their ability to heal is dependent on the damage they deal in combat. A [Soul] who cannot hurt her foes cannot effectively heal her allies.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas for what we should call this soul?

Post your ideas here in this thread. We will pick out the best of them and list them in a poll. You as a community will vote with us to decide which name it should be. Your vote carries the same weight as a developer’s!

The name that gets the most votes will be the name of this soul when Rift: Planes of Telara is released!

Let’s hear your suggestions and then watch for the poll in the coming days so you can cast your vote!

My opinion? I like Cholormancer